The Couple that Blogs Together Stays Together

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bloggingThe couple that blogs together stays together. I’m just kidding of course. Aside from reading books, Butch and I surf the internet together, share sites of interest or we go blog-hopping before we call it a night. I think it’s really sweet that my ex-technophobe husband took an interest in my hobby turned business venture. Who would have thought he’d be blogging today? A few years ago, he snickered at the internet saying it was a waste of time. I’m beginning to think that people who scoff at it are just intimidated or clueless of technology. It took a lot of love and patience to teach him to turn on the computer, firing the browser, surfing the net and posting an entry. And today, we enjoy a common interest- blogging or reading blogs before we sleep. I know… how boring.

Oftentimes, it’s the little things that matter in a relationship. Let me count our simplest pleasures.

1. Sending email or chatting via Google talk at any time of day. I always close my email or chat with “your loving wife”, or “love and kisses” or “your sexy wife” “love you”. In turn he affirms my email with “Dear Loving Wife..” or ends our chat “see you , dear or I love you”. We never tire of saying sweet nothings to each other.

2. Gazing lovingly at each other. Someone told me that my daughter is so obvious with her crush because she kept staring at him. Guess where she got that quirkiness? From her dad! To this day, my husband gazes at me lovingly (on random moments) as if it’s the first time he met me. As if I am the most attractive woman in the world.

3. Buying me Flowers when there is no occassion. Butch rarely buys me flowers but there are those days when he buys a bouquet just because.

4. Saying affirmations to each other. There are those gloomy days that just get in the way of positive thinking . One way to empower the good in ourselves is through affirmations: the positive statements we make to each other : “I love you”, “You are good enough”, “Our life is good”, “I’m glad I have you”. Positive thinking doesn’t mean we think unrealistically or revert to denial. It’s just we don’t dwell on the negative parts of our experience.

5. Watching a movie and munching popcorn. Just being there , holding hands and acting as if we are on a date.

6. Calling me a punk as a form of endearment. I don’t know why he calls me punk but I find it such an original endearment. I admit I can be a punk and a bitch.

7. Reminiscing our love story and the ups and downs that came along in our marriage. We like to look back and laugh at our stupid mistakes.

8. Watching the sunset while holding hands along Manila Bay. M thinks the Manila Sunset is overrated. Maybe because she’s never been in love.

9. Listening to our song Beegees “How Deep is your Love?” or Kenny Rogers “Just the Way You Are” brings us back to our youth, the college sweetheart days.

10. Taking care of ourselves by way of Couple Spa , pampering ourselves with a massage, or a workout at the gym

11. Laughing together at the silliest things on TV. Butch grew up in a family where loud sounds are not well-tolerated. Whenever I laugh, I can be so loud. He enjoys hearing the sound of my shrill laughter.

12. The random display of affection in front of my horrified girls who often shriek “Dad,!” Their disgusted looks are priceless.

13. And most importantly, when we are in the midst of a crisis, we clasp our hands together , bow our heads to pray and lift our problems to God.

My list of simplest pleasures doesn’t mean we are exempted from our bad and moody days. Just like I said in number 4, I prefer to dwell on our positive and uplifting experiences.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated. Being together and spending simple pleasures can be pure bliss. Let’s count our simplest pleasures and be grateful to be living in the present.

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    12. The random display of affection in front of my horrified girls who often shriek “Dad,!” Their disgusted looks are priceless.

    everything on your list is important but I think some married couple forget #12 a lot. we should’nt be afraid to be lovey dovey in front of our kids. i’m not saying go at it in front of them but hugging, holding hands, reaching for each other, telling “i love yous”, etc.. when the kids are around shows them that their parents love each other and that it’s ok to show your love and affection to someone.

  • @dexie- they may appear horrified but they are secretly happy that we are loving to each other. hehe

  • “2. Gazing lovingly at each other”

    That is sweet! I love it when I catch my hubby looking at me adoringly.

  • Well, we’re not there yet but we’re getting there. Ever since I revived Ceskypooh’s World, my daughter’s blog, I’ve managed to get some relatives and friends hooked. This shortlist includes my wife, Joyce, and my mom, Ofelia. They haven’t started with their blogs because they’re still “preparing the content.” Hehehe. I’m just happy they’re taking an interest in Dada and Cesky’s “projects.”

  • Oh that’s sweet! I admire both of you, my parents have their own thing too but I thnk they have their own sweetnes. It’s a good thing to keep your relationship in harmony.

  • @auee- yes stolen glances are so cute.

    @Joel- that’s a good idea. Keep encouraging

    @xerendipity- to each their own sweetness right?

  • Hi, Noemi,
    I nominated you and Connie to The Thinking Blogger Awards. You can read it all in my post of today.


  • Noemi, that’s oh so sweet. yes, small pleasures doth really matter. many couples, after a number of years married, stop showing affection for each other just because they have become very familiar with each other or because of the many stresses in life. and who would say that we cannot be child/teen like, giggling, laughing, holding hands just because we are over 40? say hello to your sweet Butch for me!

  • I hope that my mom and dad would also blog. 🙂

  • @princess- I will look at it

    @dine- for a while there, I also sort of lost it but gained it back .

    @Jeric- did you try to show them what a blog is?

  • What can i saw but awwwwwww! Stay in love and gazing at each other and watching at El Sol and all those things that nurture your marriage.

  • awwww…
    so sweet of you guys… i didn’t see those gestures on my parents (honestly)

    one helluva couple, i say!

    keep the love alive… 🙂

  • @annamanila- one needs to just enjoy being together.

    @mats- let’s keep love alive.

  • Lee

    Affirmations are a very powerful! The extent of them doesn’t stop here! Check out bmindful’s affirmations for thousands of them! I originally used them to get over my social anxiety, and now they have become a part of my life – I consciously use them every day. As you have implied, everyone uses them regardless. It is much better to consciously program your mind, rather than let society manipulate it! 🙂

    Love the post btw 🙂

  • Awww… you guys are so sweet! You inspired me to look into the simple things too. Thank for sharing this!

  • Kakatuwa. Chris and I are the same. We enjoy some of the same things and blogging happens to be one of them. We have 2 computers (pc and laptop) and 2 separate ISPs. Hehe. 😉

    Cheers to you guys! I wish Chris and I would be granted the same blessing.

  • hope to see myself like you with your lovely family…
    cheers and let’s keep love alive!
    i can’t help but visit your site from time to time now.

  • @lee – thanks for the affirmation site. It’s really useful. I will use that with my girls

    @nyree- Simple things. stress free

    @apples- Oh for the love of blogging. Isn’t it fun? Oh chris and you are so blessed already.

    @mats- oh do drop by often. Let’s keep love alive always.