Thursday Thirteen 129th Edition: 13 Things On My Table

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Thirteen Things On My Work Station

I am quite a minimalist. I abhor clutter and like to keep most of my envelopes and papers inside the drawers but it’s impossible to clear my work station totally. Here are the 13 things lying on on my table right now:

1. My desktop 21 inch monitor, of course.

2. My PLDT telephone

3. My Web Awards

4. Picture Frames standing on the desk

5. My Starbucks Planner

6. HP Office Desk Jet

7. A notepad

8. Calculator

9. Ants

10. Recipe Book

11. Beeges CD Cover (which is playing)

12. BPI Credit Card Bill which I have to pay online

13. My Macbook

And here is my work station

work station

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  • I’d love to have a web award trophy on my desk someday. Hehe 😀

    Btw, nice desk. Very neat and organized. I also like those multi-colored throw pillows. Have a nice day ate! 🙂

  • @Jaypee- Someday, yes! Actually this is an old photo. My macbook now is black but the table looks basically the same.

  • Your work station is so nice and neat! Mine is a wreck. Currently there are 2 – make that 1 cat on it.

    The Pink Flamingo

  • You’re way more organized than me. I’d be embarrassed to take a pic of my workspace right now LOL Happy T13!

  • I agree with the rest….your desk looks very neat and organized. I can’t even find the top of my desk.

  • Very neat and tidy work space!

  • No. 11 is a very cool thing to have. That’s a beautiful space.

  • Wow, how neat you are. I’m impressed. Have a great TT. 🙂

  • Your work space looks pretty organized. I wish I could get a blog trophy too. I think I will be a member of the Thursday club. Hope I remember for next Thurs.

  • Very nice work station!…………ants??? Have a great TT!

  • It looks nice and neat to me…but ants! Yikes! Get a trap, I hate those things.

  • @natalie- the ants love to eat the plastic parts of my printer and landline phone.

  • I love your workstation set up…except for the ants. I hate ants. A Lot.

    I need to clean off my desk now…

  • Your work station looks very organized. I am envious now. Oh, I love the colored throw pillows. My work station is always clutter-ful, no matter how hard I try to clean it. And I have a jar of candies nearby. I wonder where the ants are. Haha. Good day! 😀

  • Your workstation is kinda tidy. Mine’s really cluttered hehe… I alaways tried to keep it neat and clean but everytime I try to make it organized, it only stays that way for like a day… hehehe 🙂

  • I wondering what picture you put in the frame…Is it your photo with Butch? I know you love him so much and for sure I think you want to look at him every time even at work hours 🙂 …

  • @viona- Yes one of the photos is that of my husband. 🙂