Unacceptable SMART WiFi Customer support

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I have three internet connections at home: SMART WiFi, Destiny Cable and a pre-paid dial up connection. See I need to be redundant with my internet connection in case one fails. I overheard my daughter complaining to SMART Wi Fi Customer Care over her slow connection. I insisted on talking to them after she filed her complaint. Ever since the [tag]SMART WiFi[/tag] was installed in October 2005, we didn’t encounter internet connection problems.

Being used to Destiny Cable Technical Support expertise for the past 7 years, I was horrified to discover that their customer care is Level 1 meaning all they do is report it to the next level. No wonder a lot of angry SMART WiFi Subscribers flood Ambot AH!. In the first place, their LEVEL 1 support should be able to troubleshoot right there and then. Imagine waiting 24 hours for some technician to call us up and then what happens next? Level 3 technician? This long wait is an unacceptable Service Agreement. In the meantime. I told my daughter to run the CMD and when the DOS box pops up to type, ipconfig /release followed by ipconfig /renew and restart if possible.

I hope SMART WiFi issue does reach Congress.

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  • I got this email from SMART one hour ago:


    Please be informed that we are continuing to upgrade our SMART WIFI
    network in order to provide you with a better wireless broadband
    service. Try using the internet now with your SMART WIFI service, and
    you will notice that connecting to your favorite website is now improved.

    Although we aim to give you the best connection for your money, please
    be informed that internet speed can also be affected by other factors,
    such as: website traffic, especially in popular websites, as well as
    connecting to the internet during peak-hours.

    We hope that signing up for SMART WIFI service will be a good experience
    for you. For any problems or concerns please dial *1888 toll-free from
    your Smart Cellphone.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Your SMART WIFI Customer Care

  • Hi Noemi!

    My cousin found your blog when he read a blog I had set up to “spread the bad word” about Smart Bro. Just wanted to ask if I could link to your blog as a further testament to the iritating DIS-service of the company.

    Check out the blog I created: http://badbadcustomerservice.blogspot.com/


  • Service is a GREAT issue for internet providers and they should take great care of giving service to their customers to be in the race, otherwise it will be difficult for them to survive in such a big market.

  • dsl

    Wifi in certain areas has alot of problems. If you have cable dsl that would be the one i stick with. Backup dial up is not a bad idea if the cost is low.

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