What is the Worst Pain Ever?

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You think any pain is worse than the pain of losing a child? Whatever words you hurl at me mean nothing to me. Be grateful, you are alive…that your family is intact. Don’t waste your energy on me. Life is so beautiful to waste it on negative energies.

I’ve known pain worse than you’ll ever imagine. So eat your words out. They are trivial and foolish.

One of the ambiguous gifts of pain (and they are ambiguous: they are gifts and I would never have chosen them) is that it enlarges our perspective. Petty complaints, internet trolls and the mean-spirited are fleeting annoyances. They are not something to dwell for a long time. People with whom I thought I had nothing in common are now my special friends. Vocational prowess drops down on the list of life’s priorities. Relationships are what matter.

I feel profoundly and gratefully connected to friends and family. I have a sense that all of us dwell in mystery, that we are connected to the earth and sky and to the rhythm of the universe.

I trust all will be well.


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  • thanks for the headsup on the show. Brian is really on the news these days.

  • There are so many blogger events. The prize is quite generous. I will try my luck

  • @manny- Brian totally raised the awareness of the diversity of blogs

    @susan- write your story. who knows you will win!

  • Sabi nga ng great grandmother ko, losing a child (even if the “child” is already 60 yo and the mother is 90+) is the most painful of all. She said that after her two (old) sons died in a span of 6 months. She is a widow, an orphan and the last among the siblings to pass away… It is enough for me to know that fact. Ayoko nang patunayan pa. 🙂

    Anyway, on pain, tama kayo, there is life after pain. In my experience, I was able to “filter ’em out” and only maintain friendships with those who stood by me. I thank God for the healing, because I still remember the pain, but the hatred is slowly fading. I hope we all get to “heal”.

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  • Jim

    Thanks for this post. 🙂

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  • 2bout

    I guess there’s nothing more painful than losing a child. Children should bury their parents. But if it’s the other way around things are lot more different and the pain is not easy to bear. Sometimes I feel it’s a kind of pain that will never heal. A hole in the heart that will never be patched ever again.

  • @lisaflor- That’s good to know. The bitterness softens through time. We all heal in our time.

    @2bout- Yes there is a hole. It patches up in time. the wound will always be there like a scar. Sometimes we scratch it and it gets sore again. Such is grief

  • well, for a moment i was speechless… i realized like how sometimes i tell my friends when we talk about fears and pain, i tell ’em gusto ko mauna akong mamatay kesa sa nanay ko. i say it because, i’m too dependent on my mum and i love her so much… that i dont know what i’ll do when she’s gone. i guess saying that is very selfish of me…. ‘never realized that till now. =(

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  • bakit ako hindi ko parin makalimutan ang baby ko. nawala sya after a month i gave birth to her. i blame myself and i blame all the doctors and nurses who diagnose her. its been 3 years and yet i still cry for it. i’m able to temporary forget about it by diverting my mind into other things. i hope i ‘ll be heal too…

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  • @venice- just hug your mom. We go through crisis now and then and we learn from it.

    @scart- blame is part of the grief process. No matter how long ago the death took place, we never forget the love for our child. The pain eases but it does not go away. We learn to live with the pain. Love never goes away. We hurt because we loved deeply. Healing is find that new normal without our child.

  • true Noemi, i have seen and i have felt how painful it was and is still–seeing my son and DIL. losing a grandchild is painful enough, and i know that the pain does not compare with that of my son and DIL.

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  • Just the thought of being separated from my babies is enough to make me cry. I don’t even want to imagine how I would feel when I lose them. True, life is such a wonderful blessing and, no matter what pain or challenges it hurls our way, we should focus on the good things and always be grateful. 🙂

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  • Yes it’s true a baby is the biggest step in our life… can change people and make miracles. I’m new to this blog but your posts are rare good 😉 Keep it up!

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  • Noemi, just thinking how I love my son I just can’t imagine it is to lose a child. It would be the worst pain ever, I agree. You are an inspiration to moms and parents who are experiencing what you have been through.

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  • jhelo143

    I agree with you guys. I witnessed how my mom still mourns for my 33-year old bro after he died 1 yr.ago, aside from the fact that he was the eldest among us 3sibs, and being a blue baby we consider him special. I couldn’t just stand seeing her pretending to be happy when obviously she’s not. I wish i could do something to ease her pain… totally.

  • imie

    alam nyo po ma’m, nagbuntis po ate ko 9 months nya dinala c baby, but unfortunately hindi pala cya para sa amin.. nun nanganak ang ate ko, papunta palang sila sa hospital dinugo na siya, pagdating sa hospital nun inilabas na ang baby patay na.. up to know alam ko nasasaktan ang ate ko sa nangyari. namatay ang baby niya because of pre eclampsia daw sabi ng OB niya. Gusto ko tulungn ang ate ko para kahit papano makalimot o mabawasan un pain na hanggang ngayon dinadala niya, kaso hindi ko alam kung pano siya matulungan eh.