One wish I have for my family is to travel together this year. It is a work in progress. It can be a bit of a challenge because my second daughter will be leaving for Australia next month to pursue her post graduate studies. Now if plans don’t push through for everyone of us to travel together, it is not a big deal. I can adjust. Maybe three out of four can travel at certain points in time.

Like I told you before, my SUPERWISH for my family is simple: good health and happiness. It is important for us to be connected. No matter where we are, communication is always there. Safety is my number one concern and I need to know how my family members are whether they are in or out of the Philippines.

What’s better than owning a BlackBerry especially since it has the BB Pin. Owning a BlackBerry powered by Globe Telecom’s My Super Plan, a nifty new offering that lets you build your own plan so you can enjoy unlimited calls, text messages, and mobile data! Three of my family members own Blackberry units bought at different times of the year . All I can say it is quite convenient with its QWERTY tactile keypad and BB Pin.

You too can take advantage of My Super Plan Family Combo because it is the perfect family postpaid plan. Imagine three devices under one bill.

How to get My Super Plan Family Combo?

Getting a My Super Plan on the BlackBerry is super easy. First, select from a range of ““unli” services – unlimited text messaging to all networks or unlimited calls to landline numbers, to name a few. Then pick your BlackBerry data service, which starts at only P99 for unlimited access to BlackBerry Messenger, or P299 for unlimited access to Twitter, Facebook, and instant messaging, and unlimited surfing with access to your social networks for P599 a month. The combinations of unli plans are endless, so you can design one that suits your digital needs. When you’re done choosing, you get a BlackBerry Curve 8520 for free!

You can still enjoy the My Super Plan and BlackBerry promo with the My Super Plan 499 and Family Combo. Simply add the P99/month BlackBerry service to your My Super Plan 499, and you get the BlackBerry Curve 8520 for free! The same goes for the Family Combo, Globe’s customizable group post-paid plan. Just add the BlackBerry service to your three lines and three unli services, and everyone in the family can enjoy their new free BlackBerry Curve 8520 devices.

The great thing about the My Super Plan is that it’s very flexible. You can change the unli services each month to suit your needs. So if you find the BlackBerry more useful for Twitter and Facebook rather than surfing, you can downgrade from paying P599 a month to just P299.

As a postpaid user of Globe Telecom for the past thirteen years, this is the first time I am seeing such a great plan for the family and Blackberry at that. With My Super Plan Family Combo, I feel it is is the perfect plan that suits my wish to communicate good health and happiness 24/7.

Let me tell you how convenient it is to wear tampons over napkins. In the olden days my mom told me they didn’t use disposable napkins. I couldn’t imagine how that could be possible. Women often referred to their menstrual period as ““I’m having my rags” because pieces of old cloth were actually used to soak up menstrual fluids. Not only that, women washed the soaked blood after every change. Messy indeed. I didn’t have to use rags because in my generation, I got to use disposable sanitary napkins and a few years later, tampons came along. The sanitary napkins in the early seventies looked like a bunch of disposable cotton wrapped around a rectangular gauze that needed a belt or safety pin to tie the napkins in place. It was embarrassing to have those leak accidents. I still remember when the sanitary napkins in 1975 came out with adhesive to keep napkins in place. Though adhesives felt a bit more convenient, it left an unsightly mark on the underwear that refused to wash out.

When tampons came into my life in the early eighties, I realized how liberating it was to shift from napkins to tampons. At the beach outing with friends, I felt confidence as I wore my swimsuit.

Advantage of tampons over napkins

The main reason is of course feeling confident. Tampons offer better protection and help keep a period private. I can wear tampons confidently under shorts, a fitted skirt or my swim wear without showing unnecessary bulk. Wearing a tampon gave me the freedom to shower, play badminton, and even swim while on my period. This freedom is probably one of tampon’s biggest advantage over the napkin, making it the best option during a summer getaway.

Consider how a napkin leaks much more than a tampon can. When inserted properly, a tampon minimizes the chance of leakage because a tampon fits to the wall of the vagina and soaks up blood for a period of several hours. When one replaces it frequently, a tampon is so much more reliable than a napkin. It leaves me feeling much cleaner and fresher than using a napkin.

Facts of using tampons

Like I said earlier, myths surrounding tampons made me initially resistant in giving it a try. Some of these myths are explained below.

1. A tampon will not move beyond the vagina and get lost inside a woman’s body

It just isn’t possible for the tampon to get lost or pushed far back because the opening of the cervix found at the end of the vagina is too small to allow a tampon to pass through.The walls of the vagina also hold the tampon in place and it will stay put until you take it out.

2. A tampon does not get stuck inside a woman’s body

It is not possible for a tampon to get stuck inside you. There might be problems taking it out if you are feeling tense. Just try to relax if you feel some resistance when you pull out the withdrawal cord. Leaving the tampon a little bit longer will allow the tampon to absorb enough menstrual fluid and make it soft enough for easy removal.

3. Tampons do not block menstruation.

The tampon sits in the middle third of the vagina and won’t block the menstrual flow. It absorbs the menstrual fluid into its inner holding layers until fully saturated. When the tampon is saturated, the excess fluid just flows out of the vagina either through the tampon or outside of it.

4. A virgin can use tampons and it will not affect her virginity.

Many young girls worry about using a tampon because of an old myth that one can lose their virginity by the tampon breaking their hymen. This is not possible. Tampons are small and cylindrical and they do not go so deep as to break your hymen.

Whether one chooses to wear sanitary napkins or tampons is definitely a personal choice. It is really important to stay informed and weigh options in using tampons. Over the years, the use of tampons allowed women to be more active and have fuss-free menstrual periods. Women these days have come a long way since their grandmothers. Imagine the freedom and discretion to do whatever you like while menstruating including swimming and sports.

In the corner of my room, lies a chest full of photo albums. Feeling sentimental over the celebration of our 26th wedding anniversary on the first week of May, I decided to unearth the baby albums of my three children.

The years passed by so quickly but these photos brings back precious memories of those impish smiles, the snuggle hugs, the peek-a-boo moments and plane trips to Cebu to visit my dad. I cannot help but smile and tear at the same time as I catch a photo where I held their soft body close to my chest. The best part is when my babies want no one else to comfort them but their mommy. Oh yes, I had the best job of all because I am their mommy. And we all know how it feels to just want Mommy and no one else will do. Yes, that is me, their mommy.

A favorite place that offered a lot of fun and comfort was the park . They could frolic and run around without being afraid of getting hurt when they trip. Oh, how they twirled and romped around here, screaming at the top of their voices. The best part of being a mom is hearing ““I love you” which came along with a bunch of wild flowers from the park. These treasured memories are always in my heart..

The park is quite a distance from the house and I didn’t want these precious moments interrupted. I made sure I used the best protection from Pampers Active Baby. I only want to give my little ones the best comfort outside of their usual home routine so they can continue playing without interruption. I know they are happy because the greatest sounds on earth ring in the air. Those giggles captured by these photographs bring me down to memory lane. These memories also affirm my role as a mother . The best part of being a mom is that my children brought out the best in me just by learning about unconditional love from them. I learned love I never could have imagined, patience I didn’t know I had, and strength when I didn’t think I could take it any longer.

Through their growing years, I watched my children bloom and at times stumble. I held their hands and let go when the time was right. I helped them find their passions in life. Truly, I am blessed to give and receive love…just because I am their mommy.
Today, Pampers salutes moms this Mother’s day with a video celebrating the uninterrupted moments of love. Hundreds of Moms shared photos and videos of their Best Fun and Play Moments, Best Giggles and Laughter Moments, Best Sleep and Dreams Moments, and Best Hugs and Kisses Moments. The chosen photos and videos have been picked and featured in the Mother’s Day Video which will be aired on TV and will also win prizes from Pampers.

Mothers around the world are celebrating in their own way. You can also celebrate Mother’s Day with Pampers by watching the special tribute video featuring Filipino Moms and Babies. Visit to watch the video today .

What a joy-filled place we have as mommies. Happy Mother’s day Everyone!


Don’t we just love family meals together? It’s the perfect time and place to reconnect and to show my girls that they are our priority. Sitting across the table is where and when I find out more about my children’s likes, dislikes, and daily life. Now that they are adults, it is the place where I discover their career plans or frustrations at work. It is actually the family conversations that are important — they are one of the few times parents can find out what their children are up to (and vice versa). As my daughters’ social lives get even busier, it becomes a challenge to get the family to sit down. During these special meals, I make it a point that I dish up something new on the dinner table.

Happy family meals together are long-time tradition that is timeless.

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Do you know that when I just want to relax, I watch funny or entertaining youtube videos? It takes my mind off work, gives me a lot of laughter to just be and let worries go away for the moment. Even just the expectation of a mirthful laughter involved in watching funny videos has some very surprising and significant neuroendocrine/hormone effect. Experiments showed that viewing a favorite funny video can offset symptoms of chronic stress, which can suppress various components of the immune responses, particularly those related to anti-viral and anti-tumor defenses. See, that’s why I look forward to my entertainment breaks.

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