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Earthquake in Manila

A strong earthquake hit Manila at around 12:27 PM, November 27, 2007. It lasted around 5 seconds or so but it was strong. At the second floor of my home, I could see the hanging lights sway. Feeling like the world was going to collapse, I yelled at Lauren who happened to be at the phone oblivious to the earth rocking to and fro. I kept yelling “earthquake” but no she ignored me and continued yakking on the phone. Oh and as I was getting dizzy, I could hear a barrage of text message alerts spewing out of my cellphone . AJ Matela , Jeff , Marhgil and others were twittering (Aka micro-blogging) live as the earthquake shook Metro Manila.

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Yehey ! Krispy Kreme, Taste Asia

Just a short update about me and my other blog entries :

Stay-at-home dad

Here’s an ABS-CBN Insider interview of J. Angelo, a stay-at-home dad and a professional blogger (Problogger) whom I met in the iBlog summit 2.