Ban on billboards

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Edit- October 2, 2006– Read Total Ban of Billboards in congested areas in the Philippines.

It says in the news that “FOLLOWING complaints from motorists, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has finally drafted a circular which would ban billboards from being displayed alongside major roads nationwide.” Larger-than-life billboards like Bayantel Ad and scantily-clad models in Bench ads are a distraction to motorists. Not only that, these billboards destroy the landscape of Metro Manila. Once approved, it would prohibit the putting up of advertising billboards or signs within a 100-meter radius of the center of national roads as well as transmission lines. It also calls for the removal within six months of existing display boards within the 100-meter radius. Now, I wonder when this will be implemented.

Speaking of Bayantel, I’ve been getting so many hits from them and probably comments from their staff or their PR guys. (check the latest comments in this entry: Bayantel Ad:Sex in Advertising )