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Filipino Culture

Manila Traffic Sights

junkIt’s common knowledge that driving around in Manila is stressful. Usually I play my CD of religious songs to keep me sane. I discovered that if I paid close attention to the traffic sights in Manila, it distracts me and even keeps me amused. Taking pictures added to the fun. So yesterday I took some pics using my [tag]Nokia 6680[/tag] (excuse me for the ugly resolution) while driving for my brother in law and my daughter. I was stuck at the Manila Domestic Airport Road after picking up my brother in law from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. This junk truck was right in front of me and I quickly took a shot.

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Shopping & the Balikbayan Box

balikbayan box
My daughter’s [tag]balikbayan box[/tag] which she left last summer in San Francisco arrived today. She went on a shopping frenzy after I praised her for her thriftiness and being a wise shopper. But I think she went overboard with the expense on her last week. haha. Inside the box, I discovered several crotchet books, crotchet threads, school supplies , books and catnip for her Siamese Cat. And Quilting and Craft books? That’s odd because Lauren doesn’t quilt. Hmm?

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Cellphone Thieves and Honest Filipinos

Some of you might know Zach Escudero, a 19 year-old boy who got killed as he fought it out with cellphone thieves. His parents were mutual friends and because of his death, we started a signature campaign to pressure the Senate to act on the prevalence of cellular phone theft . Even the IMEI marking initiated by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), did not deter cellphone thieves. In fact, there are many electronic technicians around who know how to unblock a blocked cellphone unit, which are then sold as ““used” or ““reconditioned” cellphones.

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