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I get many emails from readers after reading my Suicide Prevention page, saying they are depressed or feel hopeless. Sometimes I also get tweet mentions calling for help. One should remember there is a difference between depression and sadness. Watch this video: Depression in young kids may go unnoticed especially if one is hyperactive or Read More →

PEOPLE who smile a lot and say “have a nice day” are headed to an early grave while the grumpy stay fit. Psychologists at Frankfurt University cite flight attendants, sales personnel, call centre operators, waiters and others in contact with the public for extended periods of time as being at risk of seriously harming their Read More →

What a mouthful of a tongue twister! Chronic Calculous Cholecystitis with Choledocholithiasis simply means Inflammation of the gall bladder with dislodged gall stones. That was the diagnosis when I got my medical certificate after being discharged from Medical City. The operation itself called for Open Cholecystectomy with IOC, Common Biliary Duct (CBD) Exploration Tube drainage. Read More →