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Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed. He who molds public sentiment goes deeper than he who enacts statutes or decisions possible or impossible to execute.
Abraham Lincoln

Visit notoconass.com for the manifesto
In the baby book of my daughter, Lauren, there is a blank space written there for current events on the day of her birth. You know how moms are. We want to document everything and reminisce on those good old days. I clearly remember scribbling down …Today, March 25, 1986, THE 1986 PROVISIONAL “FREEDOM” CONSTITUTION was proclaimed. What joy it was to whisper to my first-born that she is going to live in a democratic society. I stroked her chubby little fingers and told her that “A new government was installed through a direct exercise of the power of the Filipino people assisted by units of the New Armed Forces of the Philippines and the heroic action of the people was done in defiance of the provisions of the 1973 Constitution.” Oh yes, our country held so much hope for her future.

The following year on February 11, 1987, the 1987 Constituion of the Philippines was proclaimed and took effect, just six months before I gave birth to my second daughter, M. So full of hope and love of country, I threw the US immigration papers aside that my sister sent over to me, as I read the Preamble:

We, the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of Almighty God, in order to build a just and humane society and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.

And what happened just a few hours ago? It took only a few seconds for the House of Representatives to approve a resolution that would convene Congress into a constituent assembly to amend the 1987 Constitution. (click here to read Proposed Charter Amendments).

Perhaps, our country needs some change, whether it be a charter change or not. But at this time?

I strongly oppose this resolution to convene a Constituent Assembly that may practically extend their terms such as our dear President and her allies in power. Why couldn’t they amend the Constitution after the term of President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo? It sounds really suspicious.

The resolution gives us some measure of comfort.

The resolution states that its more than 170 co-authors are “resolved with finality” that the terms of the following will not be extended – the incumbent president and vice president, senators, representatives, governors, mayors, and other elected officials whose term of office will expire in 2010.

It also provides that the 12 senators who were elected in 2007 for a six-year term will be allowed to finish their terms, and that the 2010 elections should push through as scheduled.

I just don’t believe them.

The 2010 presidential elections is 11 months from now. Congress will not resume session until late July after President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address. I don’t see how they find the time to rewrite the Constitution with barely a year to go before the May 2010 elections.

I want to look back and think that the democracy I fought (together with our fellow countrymen) for my children was not in vain. I’d like to believe that the 1987 Constitution that established the Philippines continues to be a “democratic and republican State”, where “sovereignty resides in the people and all government authority emanates from them”

I don’t see any reason for this Constituent Assembly. I am sad and angry at their actions. How dare them? Sovereignty lies in us, the people. Shame on you, congressmen. Do you really know if the charter change is what we want at the present time? Do you represent the voice of your respective constituents?

Do I need to repeat it?

Our Congressmen signed a resolution to convene a Constituent Assembly that will practically extend their terms: OPPOSE ANY CHARTER CHANGE PERPETUATING GMA AND HER ALLIES IN POWER!

Matrix House Proposed Charter Amendments Matrix House Proposed Charter Amendments mlq3 Existing provisions and proposed changes to the Constitution, as drafted by the House of Representatives in 2006.

Philippine democracy, time of death: 11:32pm GMT +8, June 2, 2009.

Oppose The Constituent Assembly

1. Mobilization against ConAss Today! (June 3)

To protest against the passage of this patently unconstitutional law and the delay of the promulgation of more important bills, students from all over Metro Manila will congregate tomorrow at 1:00pm in front of the St. Peter’s Church along Commonwealth Ave.

2. Youth groups will protest today, 11:30 AM assembly at Bustillos Church, near LRT2 Legarda in Sampaloc, Manila then march to Mendiola to condemn railroading of Con-Ass resolution

UP students can converge earlier at AS (Palma Hall) Lobby at around 10 AM, then proceed together to the protest venues

3. visit Notoconass.com and if you agree, sign on and spread the word.

4. If you feel you’ve been conned. Join June 7/4pm/Baywalk

5. If you believe in preserving our Constitution, put these badges up in your blog: (Thanks Andrew)

(Please don’t hyperlink. Download to your desktop and upload to your photo site)

6. Read more on the Charter Change and decide your position. Be updated.

Matrix House Proposed Charter Amendments

House Resolution No. 1109

Also, read through other blogs and see below if your congressman approved the House Resolution No. 1109 , then ask them their reason for their approval.

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Useless Congressmen who Signed HR 1109

Read the list of congressmen here who signed House Resolution No. 1109. (Those who voted “Aye” may not have signed this HR 1109.)

Feel free to copy and paste this list to your blog post or Facebook note or other social media sites and state

“I am ashamed of my Congressman (enter name if applicable, district) for supporting HR1109.”

ABLAN, ROQUE R. JR Ilocos Norte, 1st District
AGBAYANI, VICTOR AGUEDO E. Pangasinan, 2nd District
AGYAO, MANUEL, S Kalinga Province
ALBANO (III), RODOLFO T. Isabela, 1st District
ALFELOR, FELIX R. JR. 4th District, Camarines Sur
ALMARIO, THELMA Z. Davao Oriental, 2nd District
ALVAREZ, ANTONIO C. Palawan 1st District
ALVAREZ, GENARO RAFAEL M. JR. Negros Occidental, 6th District
AMANTE, EDELMIRO A. Agusan Del Norte, 2nd District
AMATONG, ROMMEL C. Compostela Valley, 2nd District
ANGPING, MARIA ZENAIDA B. Manila, 3rd District
ANTONINO, RODOLFO W. Nueva Ecija, 4th District
APOSTOL, TRINIDAD G. Leyte, 2nd District
AQUINO, JOSE S. (II) 1st District Agusan del Norte
ARAGO, MARIA EVITA R. 3rd district, Laguna
ARBISON, A MUNIR M. Sulu 2nd District
ARENAS, MA. RACHEL J. Pangasinan, 3rd District
ARROYO, DIOSDADO M. Camarines Sur, 1st District
ARROYO, IGNACIO T. 5th district Negros Occidental
ARROYO, JUAN MIGUEL M. 2nd District of Pampanga
BAGATSING, AMADO S. Manila 5th district
BALINDONG, PANGALIAN M. Lanao del Sur, 2nd District
BARZAGA, ELPIDIO F. JR. Cavite, 2nd District
BAUTISTA, FRANKLIN P. Davao Del Sur, 2nd District
BELMONTE, VICENTE F. JR. Lanao del Norte, 1st District
BICHARA, AL FRANCIS C. Albay, 2nd District
BIRON, FERJENEL G. Iloilo, 4th District
BONDOC, ANNA YORK P. Pampanga 4th District
BONOAN-DAVID, MA. THERESA B. Manila, 4th District
BRAVO, NARCISO R. JR. Masbate, 1st District
BUHAIN, EILEEN ERMITA Batangas, 1st District
BULUT, ELIAS C. JR. Apayao Lone District
CAGAS (IV), MARC DOUGLAS C. Davao Del Sur, 1st District
CAJAYON, MARY MITZI L. Caloocan, 2nd District
CAJES, ROBERTO C. Bohol, 2nd District
CARI, CARMEN L. Leyte, 5th District
CASTRO, FREDENIL H. Capiz, 2nd District
CELESTE, ARTHUR F. Pangasinan, 1st District
CERILLES, ANTONIO H. Zamboanga Del Sur, 2nd District
CHATTO, EDGARDO M. Bohol, 1st District
CHONG, GLENN A. Biliran, Lone District
CHUNG-LAO, SOLOMON R. Ifugai, Lone District
CLARETE, MARINA C. Misamis Occidental, 1st District
CODILLA, EUFROCINO M. SR. Leyte, 4th District
COJUANCO, MARK O. Pangasinan, 5th District
COQUILA, TEODULO M. Eastern Samar, Lone District
CRISOLOGO, VINCENT P. Quezon City, 1st District
CUA, JUNIE E. Quirino, Lone District
CUENCO, ANTONIO V. Cebu City, 2nd District
DANGWA, SAMUEL M. Benguet, Lone District
DATUMANONG, SIMEON A. Maguindanao, Lone District
Dayanghirang, Nelson L. Davao Oriental, 1st District
DAZA, NANETTE C. Quezon City, 4th District
DAZA, PAUL R. Northern Samar, 1st District
DE GUZMAN, DEL R. Marikina City, 2nd District
DEFENSOR, ARTHUR D. SR. Iloilo, 3rd District
DEFENSOR, MATIAS V. JR. Quezon City, 3rd District
DEL MAR, RAUL V. Cebu City, 1st District
DIASNES, CARLO OLIVER D. (MD) Batanes, Lone District
DIMAPORO, ABDULLAH D. Lanao Del Norte, 2nd District
DOMOGAN, MAURICIO G. Baguio, Lone District
DUAVIT, MICHAEL JOHN R. Rizal, 1st District
DUENAS, HENRY M. JR. Taguig, 2nd District (2nd Councilor District)
DUMARPA, FAYSAH MRP. Lanao del Sur, 1st District
DUMPIT, THOMAS L. JR. La Union, 2nd District
DURANO (IV), RAMON H. 5th District, Cebu
ECLEO, GLENDA B. Dinagat Islands, Lone District
EMANO, YEVGENY VICENTE B. Misamis Oriental, 2nd District
ENVERGA, WILFRIDO MARK M. Quezon, 1st District
ESTRELLA, CONRADO M. (III) Pangasinan, 6th District
FERRER, JEFFREY P. Negros Occidental, 4th District
GARAY, FLORENCIO C. Surigao Del Sur, 2nd District
GARCIA, ALBERT S. Bataan, 2nd District.
GARCIA, PABLO JOHN F. Cebu, 3rd District
GARCIA, PABLO P. Cebu, 2nd District
GARCIA, VINCENT J. Davao City, 2nd District
GARIN, JANETTE L. Iloilo, 1st District
GATCHALIAN, REXLON T. Valenzuela City, 1st District
GATLABAYAN, ANGELITO C. Antipolo City, 2nd District
GO, ARNULFO F. Sultan Kudarat, 2nd District
GONZALES, AURELIO D. JR. Pampanga 3rd District
GONZALES, RAUL T. JR. Ilo ilo City
GULLAS, EDUARDO R. Cebu, 1st District
GUNIGUNDO, MAGTANGGOL T. Valenzuela City 2nd District
HOFER, DULCE ANN K. Zamboanga Sibugay, 2nd District
JAAFAR, NUR G. Tawi-Tawi, Lone District
JALA, ADAM RELSON L. Bohol, 3rd District
JALOSJOS, CESAR G. Zamboanga del Norte, 3rd District
JALOSJOS-CARREON, CECILIA G. Zamboanga del Norte, 1st District
JIKIRI, YUSOP H. Sulu, 1st District
KHO, ANTONIO T. Masbate, 2nd District
LABADLABAD, ROSENDO S. Zamboanga del Norte, 2nd District
LACSON, JOSE CARLOS V. Negros Occidental, 3rd District
LAGDAMEO, ANTONIO F. JR. Davao del Norte, 2nd District
LAPUS, JECI A. Tarlac, 3rd District
LAZATIN, CARMELO F. Pampanga, 1st District
LIM, RENO G. Albay, 3rd District
LOPEZ, JAIME C. Manila, 2nd District
MADRONA, ELEANORA JESUS F. Romblon, Lone District
MAGSAYSAY, MARIA MILAGROS H. Zambales, 1st District
MALAPITAN, OSCAR G. Caloocan, 1st District
MAMBA, MANUEL N. Cagayan, 3rd District
MARANON, ALFREDO D. III Negros Occidental, 2nd District
MATUGAS, FRANCISCO T. Surigao del Norte, 1st District
MENDOZA, MARK LEANDRO L. Batangas, 4th District
MERCADO, ROGER G. Southern Leyte, Lone District
NAVA, JOAQUIN CARLOS RAHMAN A. (MD) Guimaras, Lone District
NICOLAS, REYLINA G. Bulacan, 4th District
NOGRALES, PROSPERO C. Davao City, 1st District
OLAñO, ARREL R. Davao Del Norte, 1st District
ONG, EMIL L. Northern Samar, 2nd District
ORTEGA, VICTOR FRANCISCO C. La Union, 1st District
PANCHO, PEDRO M. Bulacan, 2nd District
PANCRUDO, CANDIDO P. JR. Bukidnon, 1st District
PICHAY, PHILIP A. Surigao Del Sur, 1st District
PIñOL, BERNARDO F. JR. North Cotabato, 2nd District
PUNO, ROBERTO V. Antipolo City, 1st District
RAMIRO, HERMINIA M. Misamis Occidental, 2nd District
REMULLA, JESUS CRISPIN C. Cavite, 3rd District
REYES, CARMENCITA O. Marinduque, Lone District
REYES, VICTORIA H. Batangas, 3rd District
ROBES, ARTURO G. San Jose Del Monte City, Lone District
Rodriguez-Zaldarriaga, Adelina Rizal, 2nd District
ROMAN, HERMINIA B. Bataan, 1st District
ROMARATE, GUILLERMO A. JR. Surigao del Norte, 2nd District
ROMUALDO, PEDRO Camiguin, Lone District
ROMULO, ROMAN T. Pasig City, Lone District
SALIMBANGON, BENHUR L. Cebu, 4th District
SALVACION JR., ANDRES D. Leyte, 3rd District
SAN LUIS, EDGAR S. Laguna, 4th District
SANDOVAL, ALVIN S. Malabon-Navotas, Lone District
SANTIAGO, JOSEPH A. Catanduanes, Lone District
SEACHON-LANETE, RIZALINA L. 3rd district of Masbate
SEARES-LUNA, CECILIA M. Abra, Lone District
SILVERIO, LORNA C. Bulacan, 3rd District
SINGSON, ERIC D. Ilocos Sur, 2nd District
SINGSON, RONALD V. Ilocos Sur, 1st District
SOLIS, JOSE G. Sorsogon, 2nd District
SUAREZ, DANILO E. Quezon, 3rd District
SUSANO, MARY ANN L. Quezon City, 2nd District
SY-ALVARADO, MA. VICTORIA R. Bulacan, 1st District
SYJUCO, JUDY J. 2nd Dsitrict, Iloilo
TALINO-MENDOZA, EMMYLOU J. North Cotabato, 1st District
TAN, SHAREE ANN T. Samar, 2nd District
TEODORO, MARCELINO R. Marikina City, 1st District
TEVES, PRYDE HENRY A. Negros Oriental, 3rd District
TUPAS, NEIL C. JR. Iloilo, 5th District
UNGAB, ISIDRO T. Davao City, 3rd District
UY, EDWIN C. Isabela, 2nd District
UY, REYNALDO S. Samar, 1st District
UY, ROLANDO A. Cagayan De Oro City, Lone District
VALENCIA, RODOLFO G. Oriental Mindoro, 1st District
VARGAS, FLORENCIO L. Cagayan, 2nd District
VILLAFUERTE, LUIS R. Camarines Sur, 2nd District
VILLAROSA, MA. AMELITA C. Occidental Mindoro, Lone District
VIOLAGO, JOSEPH GILBERT F. Nueva Ecija, 2nd District
YAP, JOSE V. Tarlac, 2nd District
YU, VICTOR J. Zamboanga Del Sur, 1st District
ZAMORA, MANUEL E. 1st District, Compostela Valley
ZIALCITA, EDUARDO C. Parañaque, 1st District

Here is another list of the members of the House of Representatives whose names are on House Resolution 1109, broken down by regions.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

You may contact Noemi (noemidado @ gmail.com) for speaking and consultancy services in the following areas: Parenting in the Digital Age (includes pro-active parenting on cyber-bullying and bullying) ; Social Business ; Reinventing One’s Life; and social media engagement. Our parenting workshop is called "Prep to Prime (P2P): Parenting in the Digital Age (An Un­Workshop)" P2P Un­Workshops are conducted by two golden women in their prime, Noemi and Jane, who have a century’s worth of experience between them. They are both accomplished professionals who chose to become homemakers. This 180­degree turn also put them on a different life course which includes blogging, social media engagement and citizen advocacy. They call their un­workshops Prep to Prime or P2P, for short, to emphasize the breadth of their parenting experience. They tackle different aspects and issues of parenting ­­ from managing pregnancies, prepping for the school years of children, dealing with househelp, managing the household budget, to maximizing one’s prime life and staying healthy through the senior years.

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  • Youth groups will protest today, 11:30 AM assembly at Bustillos Church, near LRT2 Legarda in Sampaloc, Manila then march to Mendiola to condemn railroading of Con-Ass resolution

    UP students can converge earlier at AS (Palma Hall) Lobby at around 10 AM, then proceed together to the protest venues

    bikoys last blog post..The Tragedy of Philippine Education

    • I hope the weather cooperates.

  • If the Pinoy Blogosphere wants to test its mettle –


    Exercise people’s power to recall USELESS CONGRESSMEN – RECALL and REPLACE, NOW!

    BongVs last blog post..Tanong ng Bayan: Serye #1

    • Yes I am disgusted, dismayed over these congressmen. Tama ka. We need to act on these useless congressmen.

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  • Nakikiisa ako sa pagkondena sa ginawang paghalay ng mga miyembro ng Kamara sa ating Konstitusyon.

    I may not be able to attend all these rallies but I will keep watch with you. Vigilance and prayers are very much called for as we face a bleak tomorrow. May we not be in the mercy of these tyrants.

    I don’t have much traffic on my blog but I still would like to participate by posting schedules of protest rallies and such.

    • The weather today might deter large numbers but it won’t stop us from future actions. Just do what you can and it all adds up

  • Hi Noemi,

    I’m one with you in expressing my rage and frustration over what happened last night. I was glued to the television set all evening watching what I think is one of the worst display of politics in the history of this country. They literally spat at the face of democracy and it’s so disheartening to see our Congressmen act like foot soldiers blindly following the orders of their general.

    By the way, it was very interesting last night on Facebook. Several congressmen were microblogging and replying to the comments of their constituents via the status bar. Wrote about it at http://www.newmedia.com.ph/solons-express-their-disappointment-through-facebook/

    The only problem that mass demonstration faces today is the weather. I don’t think people will march if it’s raining hard (lol).

    Oh well.

    All the best,

    New Media Philippiness last blog post..Solons Express their Disappointment through Facebook

    • I was so angry I cried. I never imagined they would agree to this tyrnanny.

  • kristine0019

    talaga pong hindi na nahiya yang mga kongresista na yan…

  • DJB

    I guess the reason they could get away with a viva voce vote last night is that some 171 of them had already signed HR 1109. the thing to watch is Villafuerte. Think he will file the SCoRP case himself? hehe!

    DJBs last blog post..The Pronoun ‘ITS’ in Con-Ass Rez

    • Yeah I just realized it was viva voce vote. STill the list of 171 useless congressmen is a start.

  • ivy

    Our congressman is on the list. Shame on him and the rest who participated.

    I had goosebumps when they voted last night. I don’t always give much attention to Congress these days because of too much politics but this time I’m break the apathy. I hope the rest of the nations joins to the call for vigilance on this issue.

    ivys last blog post..Frugal Living Project: Priorities

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  • Buti naman at wala sa list and aming Rep from the lone dist. of Camarines Norte.

    Runway2Realitys last blog post..Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2009 | Robin Tomas

    • Good for you! My hometown province has a lot listed like Raul Del Mar (friend of my dad pa), Eduardo Gullas, Pablo Garcia but of course. pro-GMA eh.

  • I agree that charter change should be strongly opposed. I believe that it’s not the “representatives of the people” who will decide if change is necessary or not. It should be the people not them who will decide. Why? Because obviously majority of politicians wanted to become politicians because of money. List one not getting his honorarium or not taking kick-backs and P.I. will sink in the Pacific. Politicians should stop being politicians and start becoming people’s servants and change will happen in this country I’m sure. Thank you for this intrepid post Noemi.

    sideshow76s last blog post..Twitter in Plain English (Subtitled)

  • Bong

    Shame on those congressman… ang kakapal ng mukha nila.. pinaglalaruan nila ang ating konstitusyon para lang palawigin ang panunungkulan ng kanilang among gloria macapagal arroyo.. nakikiisa at nakikisimpatya ako sa mga sambayanang pilipino para sa pakikipaglaban sa ating demokrasya. kung kinakailangan bumalik sa kalye, gawin natin para sa ating mga anak at para sa hinaharap.
    God bless the Philippines!!!

  • The point is that the P.I. is a small country and it is too represented by politicians who are actually businessmen. Everybody also wants to be a congressman – see how many party list are represented in the house of corruption. One can participate in a government without being a politician and I guess that is almost impossible in the Philippines. The people also are to be blamed – if nobody took those money for vote buying I guess it’s a different story really. It’s a matter of educating the mass, the people, the voters.

    Amors last blog post..Twitter in Plain English (Subtitled)

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  • Miej

    Hi Noemi!

    I hope it’s alright, I lifted the badge and the list of Congressmen and posted them on my FB wall. Salamat!

    • sure the list is meant to be shared as well as the badge.

  • Hi Noemi,
    Saw the updated list 🙂 Nice.
    Hope its ok to copy, I will just attrib to you and thepoc.net.

    • sure please share and make it known who Conass supporters are

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  • Our Congressman (Aurora Province) is not on the list but I want to make sure if he voter for or against the Bill. Is there an online list of those who voted Aye or Nay on the Bill?

    • I tried to get the list of those that said the “Aye” but since it was by Viva Voce voting , it is impossible to get the list.

  • Hi Mom Blogger,

    I hope it’s okay with you that I link your post to my NO TO CONASS post so my readers can also be updated on the latest.(actually already linked).. Saw that you’ve been constantly adding links that would be helpful to us OFWs. mabagal yung updates namin eh.


    NJ (Desert Aquaforce)s last blog post..NO TO CONASS!

    • Sure please share my link. Copy the links in the post too. Not many are aware of the Conass implications so it is good to be updated.

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  • Hi Ms. Noems,

    I was going to comment on this a long time ago but that was around the time this crashed, LOL. I was so mad when I heard about the railroading of 1109 that I sat down in the office and cried.

    Anyway, maybe those whose congressmen/women opposed con-ass can also put on their blogs:

    “I am PROUD of my Congressman/woman (name, district and province) for OPPOSING HR1109.”

    Just a thought. After all, my congresswoman did oppose con-ass XD

    Child of Earth |

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  • Our province of Rizal is doomed! Congressmen from both districts supported HR1109. 🙁

  • Charter Change has long been overdue. If it cannot happen today or after 2010; I don’t think there will be a charter change in the future, i.e. 2024 or 2030 because the people are not really open-minded with these things.

    Should we allow the familiar pattern of opposing progress, I would not be surprised if our elections will still not be automated by 2024 or 2030!

  • I don’t believe that changing the constitution is the key to good governance. Change must start from within our selves and from the politicians who aspire to serve the FIlipino people. They need to realize that their power came from God and not by their own might and strength.

    Shame on people who wants to prolong their term just for personal gain and gratification. We are people of democracy, we should live that way. This freedom was fought by our heroes and we will not just give it up with “selfish people” without a fight.

    joy robosas last blog post..A REMARKABLE RESUME

  • I do not believe that changing our constitution is the answer to good governance. Changes should start within ourselves and to those politician who are currently elected and those who aspire to serve the Filipino people. They must realized that the power they have now comes from God and not from their own strength and might.

    Shame on those people who wanted to extend their term for personal gain and gratification. We are people of democracy, we should live that way. Our heroes and ancestors fought for our freedom. We should not give it up without a fight.

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  • Yu Darvish

    Amf! Mitos Magsaysay is on the hate list! I’m from Olongapo and we are sandwiched with 2 clans (Magsaysay and Gordon) allied with Gloria. Naloko na. Few days before the voting, she distributed school supplies to those who attended Flores de Mayo in a parish in Subic.

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  • Juancho Lim

    i am not anti con-ass and the more i am not for con-ass, but don’t you all think this is just a waste of time? these bloggings and eyeballs, rallies etc. di pa rin nila tayo marinig, at kung naririnig man tayo ng mga tao dyan sa House, still they don’t give a “D”. Because kahit na dumarami na ang sumisigaw sa kalye para ibasura ang con-ass, still there are politicians who obviously will walk side by side with us shouting anti-con-ass slogans, nagbabalat-kayo lamang for their own benefits. Di man lang sila marunong mahiya. Nakakawalang gana kung iisipin, nakakaawa kung titingnan ang mga Pilipino, laging naniniwala sa mga dalang pangako ng mga pulitiko, na alam naman nating mapapako lamang iyon, at patuloy pa rin tayong magbulag-bulagan, umaasa sa mga pangako nilang PAGBABAGO. Dahil ang pagbabago ay dapat magsimula sa ating sarili. Magpapa-uto pa rin ba tayo sa mga taong niluklok natin sa gobyerno? Pilipino ay madaling makalimot at madaling magpatawad.

    • monale

      please give me an overview on what may happen to us if ever our consti turned into parliamentary one.

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  • jerome

    im happy that our congressman(Province Of Antique-JAVIER) is not on the list and at the same time proud for opposing CON-ASS?i don’t think revising the kind of governance that we have at present is the key for a more progressive state why?because it’s not the first time to amend the constitution as we all know it happened many times already.I think the problem is the government officials which is so greedy and selfish for which they always see to it that it is for their personal interest.

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    Gibo’s wife signed the con-ass cha-cha. That’s scary. No, that’s terrifying. If he gets elected, patay kang bata ka. Same old GMA.

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