“The only title in our democracy superior to that of President is the title of citizen.” Justice Louis D. Brandeis

It is but inevitable that digital media is the future of media.  In Ellen Tordesillas’ commentary , she cited that “ internet-based media which includes social media and blogs have overtaken print media as source of information (over 40 percent). The rise of online media as source of information for the public is both good and a matter of concern. Good because of the accessibility of information. Being informed is being empowered. But empowerment comes only with being correctly informed.”

digital media survey

Our challenge in social media is to make sure that we disseminate credible information. What is most important is to be responsible in providing that information  in our commentaries, tweets and Facebook wall posts. Being responsible in posting information is part of being a citizen in a digital world. We can start teaching young people to be better citizens in a digital world. Start them young, and as early as kindergarten.

Digital citizenship

The elements of digital citizenship contain “the basic tenets of traditional citizenship: Be kind, respectful and responsible, and just do the right thing.”  It is not a matter of following online safety rules. There are nine elements of digital citizenship which define the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use.   . The Concept of Respect, Educate and Protect (REPs) is a way to “explain as well as teach the themes of digital citizenship.  Each area encompasses three topics which should be taught beginning at the kindergarten level.” What’s new for educators , parents as well as students — is learning how to apply these ideals to the digital age.

I am a digital citizen

While the concept of  “good digital citizen” is a hot topic these days, it gets quickly  lumped as “uncool” when  it is brought up at the dinner table. A parent suggested swapping the  term digital citizen (forever) with leader such as inserting leadership qualities—like  courage, consistency, knowledge, compassion, and respect—into conversations. Haven’t parents faced this challenge? Our kids understand the ‘why’ more than the ‘what’ sometimes.

Kinds of citizen

Make it cool to be a good digital citizen. A parent can pose some hypothetical situations that one work through together to sharpen their child’s online leadership skills. Another way is, to catch your child doing awesome things online. Catch them being a digital leader and praise them for it in person.

digital citizen

Steve Mouldey prefers to call it citizenship in the digital age which  “means how we actively participate in a society where digital technologies are prevalent.” He suggests that one can “start reframing the focus of digital citizenship so that people can begin taking positive action we need to see how to be a better citizen.”  The  kinds of citizens as defined by Westheimer and Kahne is one way to start.

kinds of citizen

Using the examples cited by Steve Mouldey, the digital citizenship version can be the following:

  • Personally Responsible Digital Citizen: contributes to online campaign by sharing links, signing online petitions such as in change.org or avaaz.org
  • Participatory Digital Citizen: uses digital technologies and social media to organise actions that benefit society. One example is SavePhilippineSeas.org that aims to protect the country’s rich but threatened marine and coastal resources through information, education, and communication campaigns and community-based projects.
  •  Justice Oriented Digital Citizen: uses digital technologies to critically assess society and seek out ways to effect systemic change.  Aside from the thrust of voters education  and other advocacies of Blog Watch, other online sites like Takebackthetech.net aims to take control of technology to end violence of women.

Being a good digital citizen is “the same as being a good citizen in the offline world, which means each one of us contributes to the whole when we learn to: Protect ourselves, respect others, obey the law, and be part of the solution, not the problem.”  The youth will soon be the future citizens and even leaders of this country. Responsibility is not a matter of teaching them the elements of Digital Citizenship.  Responsibility starts at home and setting the guidelines and responsible use of digital technologies.

Dahr Jamail says it well, that “an informed citizenry is the basis for a healthy democracy; independent, non-corporate media are more crucial today than ever before.”

Images from Steve Mouldey, EducatorsTechnology.com, Verafiles,org. Some rights reserved.

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expo mom

Now on its ninth year, Mommy Mundo brings you Expo Mom 2016, on April 29 and 30, Friday and Saturday, at the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati. Expo Mom 2016 is a celebration, not of motherhood but the journey of motherhood and the unique experience we go through on every stage. With this year’s theme, The Motherhood Journey, you’ll find both enlightenment and encouragement whether you’re an expectant mom or a new mom, a mom taking care of a toddler or a mom raising a child at Expo Mom.

Expo Mom: The Motherhood Journey is co-presented by Caltrate Plus, Pampers, and Belo Baby and supported by Sun Life, Clearascar, Mott’s 100% Apple Juice, Downy Baby Gentle, Fuji/Instax, Waters Philippines, and Stanley Ong Photography with Celebrity Mom, Working Mom, Diva Universal and Crossover as media sponsors, Glorietta and Ayala Malls as venue sponsor, and Creative Juice Communications as logistics partner.

Expo Mom is also the most mom and baby friendly event with a mom lounge for breastfeeding and diaper changing area sponsored by Pampers and a play area for kids sponsored by Mott’s 100% Apple Juice. Entrance at Expo Mom is free of charge but a donation of any amount will be accepted for the Mommy Mundo MOMSHARE fund. Proceeds of the fund goes to literacy projects for the street children of Childhope Asia and public School kids under the Alpabasa programs. MomShare also supports needs of underprivileged moms and kids. Mommy Mundo Passport holders get an Expo Mom tote bag.

Expo Mom, running since 2008, is the banner event of Mommy Mundo, an organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and empowering moms with useful, relevant, and up-to- date information.

MM On the Go Updated 0413 (1)

At Expo Mom 2016, moms will find answers and solutions to challenges and concerns of her particular stage of motherhood as we feature mom groups and influencers who will share their experiences and learning’s during the onstage talks. Expert resource persons will also be present to impart tips and tools that moms and dads can use to be better in their parenting. Finally, Expo Mom 2016 will also showcase practical and effective products and services for every stage of motherhood. The event hopes to be a sharing of stories, a coming together of moms and dads who strive to be active in their babies and children’s lives.

Expo Mom The Journey: We are reaching out to moms all over the Philippines!

June 18 Expo Mom Cebu

June 25 Expo Mom Negros

July 2 Expo Mom South (Alabang)

July 16-17 Expo Mom North Quezon City

August 27 Expo Mom Davao

October 15 Expo Mom CDO

November 4-6 Expo Mom Holiday (Glorietta Makati)

When I think of Huawei, I remember my first portable modem wifi in 2010, the Huawei E585. For the past three years, my  Smart LTE pocket WIFI has seen better days but serves me well in getting connected to the world with the help of my two telcos and other gadgets.

huawei portable wifi

My next encounter with Huawei was during a launch of Globe’s rollout of its biggest network modernization program with the help of Huawei in 2011,  that pretty much boosted its network quality . That  launch broadened my knowledge that Huawei is not just a manufacturer of portable Wifis. Still, the image of Huawei imprinted in my mind is geeky and high-tech.

welcome to huawei1
A visit to Huawei Headquarters in Shenzhen, China widened my perspective on its array of products, services and their  innovation in building a better connected world .

Huawei Philippine delegation

I was invited to be part  of the Philippine media and blogger delegation that toured the Huawei campus and exhibit hall on April 8 .  We had an interesting mix of writers from the print and magazine, to lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers, and even mom bloggers like myself.

Huwaei Philippine delegation

The biggest discovery for me as a mom,  is that Huawei offers other products and solutions which are just as  practical as my trusty old portable wifi.

Let me share the top ten things that fascinated me during my visit to the Huawei campus which by the way is huge and even bigger than the Ateneo de Manila Campus.

1. The wearable devices including the Huawei Watch

huawei wearable device

The line-up of wearable device is fascinating.  Who would have thought that Huawei would come out with something so pretty for the ladies?  Huawei included 10 feminine-designed watch faces available on the Jewel and Elegant. There is the fitness tracker , of course.

huawei watch

I am looking forward to the smartwatch/fitness tracker hybrid, the Huawei TalkBand B3. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see this at the Shenzhen showcase.

2. Huawei smartphones

huawei smart phones

The first time I heard of a Huawei smartphone was from a fellow tech blogger. I wanted to know more of smartphones that are not Apple or Samsung.  My blogger friend told me the camera takes great photos. I didn’t believe him since I always associated Huawei with high-tech solutions. I am looking forward to the new Huawei P9 Dual-Lens designed in partnership with German camera producer Leica.

Another tidbit I learned is that  Huawei is now  in the top three in smartphone sales. Huawei is the third-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world at the moment.

Huawei has made a “bold prediction, saying it plans to surpass Apple as the second-biggest smartphone player in the world in three years.”huawei selfies

3.  The 4.5G, Next Step Toward Mobile Broadband (MBB) 2020

Our children and even young at hearts (like myself) are fascinated with virtual reality which by the way,  need fast internet connection. A great number of 4.5G networks will be under construction in 2016, making 1Gbps a new benchmark rate for mobile broadband networks.

huawei 4 point 5 G

Huawei will continue to help telecom operators construct ultra-broadband (UBB) mobile networks to expand their business opportunities and to build a fully connected world.

huawei occulus 1

4. Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices

huwaei internet of things

With an increasing rise of Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, I will soon use my smartphone to check on the person ringing my doorbell.

huawei internet of things

Huawei will leverage multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) to boost mobile coverage to “4.5G” prior to the introduction of 5G, in addition to attaining gigabit-speed fixed broadband through DOCSIS 3.1 and 10 GPON.”

5. Ultra-broadband (UBB) 2020

UBB ultra broadband 2020

I am only aware of broadband so what is ultra-broadband? Huawei released its UBB 2020 vision which “intends to drive and lead the connectivity development goals in UBB the world over. The basis for realizing UBB 2020 is providing ultra broadband connectivity over all media. ” This is what  Gigaband mean .

6. Mixing the old and new 

huawei telephone booth wireless

Telephone booths are a thing of the past but there is no reason to discard these booths.  One innovative approach is to convert these booths into a wifi hotspot. See that contraption at the top of the booth. That is the wifi hotspot.

7. Safe city solution

Mothers always want their community to be safe for their children. Who does not want to live in a safe city? Yes, we have Close Circuit TVs (CCTVs)  but these are not efficient especially if no one is even monitoring  it. Watching a demo of the Safe City solution offered possibilities for incident prevention, emergency response, and evidence collection.

Huawei safe city solution report

Seated at the command center, it was like being there at the scene, as events unfolded in catching the suspect before the crime occurred.

command center at Huawei

Huawei’s Safe City Solution offers “cutting-edge E2E security with ubiquitous network access, a convergent command center, video surveillance cloud, and mobile policing.” It uses the same network of connected devices, or Internet of Things (IOT), to afford governments new tools to improve public services such as crime-fighting, and to keep an eye on what is going on.

Huawei safe city solution 4

Perhaps, our government can explore this essential yet innovative technology to ensure a smarter and safer city.

8. eLTE to provide voice and video dispatching,

Huawei disaster response

How useful this is for our disaster-prone country! LTE broadband trunking solution “provide voice and video dispatching, which greatly increases emergency centers’ efficiency.”

huawei technology

9. Video conferencing

huawei video conferencing 1

This video conferencing in a large conference room is simply amazing , made possible with Huawei’s cinematic-quality HD multimedia MAX PRESENCE system. huawei video conferencing 2 It makes use of “Huawei 3-in-1 panoramic cameras and patented image-splicing technology enable 10 x 70-inch HD displays to be combined into 1 ultra-wide display with superior Depth of Field (DoF) for cinema-quality, fully immersive experience.” This is quite useful for those with regional offices that require frequent meetings.

huawei video conferencing 3

With over 7,000 islands in the Philippines, the telemedicine solution needs to be established to make “care-at-a-distance a reality and extends the reach of quality healthcare to remote locations with remote expert consultation, remote medical education, and  remote monitoring”

10. Research and development comprise 45% of their total workforce worldwide

huawei orientationJoe Kelly, Vice President for International Media Affairs told us that Huawei has over 70,000 product and solution R&D employees, comprising more than 45% of their total workforce worldwide. It is in their value proposition that “Huawei continuously innovates to meet customer needs and advance our technological leadership.”

huawei Shenzhen Research and development

This building is devoted to research and development. Every company should devote resources to R&D. “Huawei’s R&D investment is comparable to Google, who spends 15%, while Facebook and Qualcomm spends even more, these two companies invest 22% and 21% in R&D, respectively.” The company is in the right path seeing that their biggest investment is into R&D.

Huawei released its latest wireless base station, GigaRadio, which sets a new benchmark for network construction with Gbps peak rate.

Huawei released its latest wireless base station, GigaRadio, which sets a new benchmark for network construction with Gbps peak rate.

It is this  cutting-edge technology that is changing the way families will soon conduct their lives and connect with the world around them. If only our internet  is stable and consistent, then the possibilities of connecting our islands will bring us progress.  In 2020, I hope to look back at this post and say “this really happened”. Wow.


The quote ‘health is wealth’ is common to us. I realized this when I was 46 years old and raring to get back to the corporate world. During the course of a pre-employment checkup , the cardiologist discovered some abnormal findings in my heart. Fortunately, I had a health maintenance organization (HMO) card that covered the diagnostics required to see if my heart had a blockage or not. This discovery would not have happened if I had bothered at to use my HMO for preventive health care. The good news was there was no blockage in my main arteries. I decided to live a healthy life by making it a choice.

The greatest wealth is health. Virgil How many Filipinos even have preventive health care? For overseas Filipinos, is there a way to ensure their family’s well being despite being far from them? Let me share  iRegalo.ph, a start-up that targets the health care of overseas Filipinos. I am quite excited about this new e-commerce player because of the value it provides to health care aside from other online products and services.

iregalo medical care

iRegalo assembles a comprehensive health care lineup that assures our kababayans their earnings are really spent on their family’s specific medical needs.

iRegalo introduces a new way of sending gifts, something that was not easy to do, nor even available online before. For the first time , there is a gift service offers healthcare choices for the overseas Filipino.

iRegalo’s health care

Health care packages cover dental, optical and general medical care.

eye care iregalo

One package helps keep their teeth and gums healthy for a whole year. Another provides a consultation with a licensed optometrist plus a new pair of glasses perfectly fitting the requirements of the patient.

medical exam iregalo

With iRegalo General Medical Exam (GME) packages, she could have her regular check-up done at any of the 350+ iRegalo partner clinics nationwide.

dental care iregalo

Though there are three areas that are covered for now, iRegalo will continue to add services, ensuring that their families in the Philippines get the healthcare coverage they need.

Security built-in

When I first shared iRegalo a few weeks back, the main question was “is online payment secure?” iRegalo took the necessary steps to secure the entire process, using encryption that has been rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs, an independent testing service.

“We made sure that not only are our packages compelling, but that the entire process is worry-free,” said Gilbert Paras, iRegalo CFO.

iRegalo also accepts the following secure payment options namely: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, UnionPay, and Discover Network.


With just a few clicks at their website at iregalo.ph, Filipinos can send healthcare packages to family and friends anywhere in the Philippines. These packages are honored at hundreds of medical, dental and optical clinics nationwide.
We must always keep our health in good condition because no matter how wealthy we are, if we are not in good physical condition, then all our wealth will only be in vain. Aside from health care packages, you can also send flowers and the latest smartphones and laptops, too.

iRegalo users will be able to send gifts from participating supermarkets and other merchant types all over the country. The various categories in iRegalo is a big step in providing choice and convenience, compared to what is currently available in the market.

my children

One of the biggest life-changing event in 2013 is when my two children left our home to live independently.  My new life as a blogger in 2006 came just when the kids were in college which then prepared me  to let go one year at a time.  Being alone at home with four cats give me some measure of comfort. It’s just the two of us now…my husband and I . There are many things we can do on our own that we never could do while the children were living with us like overseas travel or just sitting quietly reading a book.

my children

I get  flashbacks of my life as a mom to all the ‘first’ times  in their lives: the first time the girls left home for a high school retreat, the first time the girls commuted through public transportation, the first time they crossed the streets by themselves, the first time they flew abroad on their own, the first time they drove the car.  So many firsts and twenty something years later, the same feeling comes over me as I watched each daughter leave home, and watch her go.   A mingling of pride, a bit of tears and  mixed emotions overwhelm me as I reflect upon my empty nest. I get sentimental thinking of them as my forever little girls. My husband often worries about the girls and bugs me of updates. I don’t  normally ask for updates  because I would rather they volunteer that information. I tell my husband to just keep praying.

All I can do now is pray every day. I let go of worrying. It has been said that “worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.” Let go and Let God is my motto.

I came across “The Power of a Praying Parent” and it reminds me about how a  mother’s job is never done.  Let me share that quote from Stormie Omatian:

Being a mother is the greatest of all privileges. And it is also the biggest of all responsibilities. It is the best of all jobs, while at the same time it is the most difficult of all jobs. Being a mother can bring you the highest joy. It can also cause the deepest pain. It can make you feel like a huge success when everything is going well. And cause you to feel like a failure when something goes wrong. I know this because in my nearly thirty years of being a mother, I have experienced all those things many times over. When I brought my first child home from the hospital a few days after he was born, I was painfully aware that I didn’t know what I was doing. So I turned desperately to God for help. Every day. Sometimes on an hourly basis!

Through that time of depending on God to show me the way, I discovered that God doesn’t want us to raise our children without His help. Of course He wants us to do our part and “train up a child in the way he should go”, but He also wants us to look to Him to give us the wisdom, strength, and ability we need to do the job well. One of the most important parts of our job as a parent is to keep our children covered in prayer.

I believe that being a parent is becoming more and more difficult each year because of what our children are exposed to and bombarded with everywhere they turn. But we don’t have to be worried sick, dreading what is around the corner, or fearing the worst. We don’t have to be tossed to and fro by every new stage and age and trend and fad. We have the power to make a big difference in our children’s lives through prayer. That doesn’t mean we abdicate our responsibilities as parents. It means we partner with God to raise our children as we pray for every aspect of their lives. When we don’t pray for them, we leave our children’s lives up to chance.

Praying for our children doesn’t mean that nothing will ever go wrong in their lives. But when it does, we don’t have to beat ourselves up for not being perfect parents. Besides, it’s not being a perfect parent that makes the difference in a child’s life, for there are no perfect parents. It’s being a praying parent that makes a big difference. And that’s something we can all be.”

No one is a perfect parent but we can all be a praying parent. I am aware of my failures in the past and I pray my children will count the times I picked up myself from the rubble and never went back.

Our two daughters will always be home.

my daughters

And my Luijoe, of course. They live with us, in our hearts.


I will be constantly reminded that my children will always be in my heart because home is where the heart is . With the help of prayers, I know they will be safe , loved and full of energy to realize their goals in life.