My friend Emma showed me the article of her beloved son, Ariel Llanto who passed away last December, 9 2005. Ariel had hepatosplenic gamma delta T-cell lymphoma, a rare and particularly aggressive disease and lived barely one month after the diagnosis. His April 27 article on the Inquirer’s Young Blood was about Leaving Manila. As Read More →

I’ve been dying to join a [tag]belly dancing[/tag] class ever since my daughter first introduced the idea to me four years ago. Finally after signing a petition, Fitness First The Fort launched “Belly Dancing” wednesday classes. I was late for the 10:00 AM class and ended up watching the women move their bodies to Egyptian Read More →

“You provoked me”, the wife-beater smugly said. “It is still no reason to hit me” protested the wife. This is a common conversation that occurs between the wife beater and the [tag]abused woman[/tag]. Wife beaters have a specific pattern that can be seen early in a relationship. Abusive men often are highly romantic, sweet and Read More →

Creatively-challenged me had a great time at our monthly Compassionate Friends meeting. Instead of our usual sharing sessions, we turned it into a family activity involving [tag]art therapy[/tag]. Cathy arranged a special session with Color Me Mine Philippines just for our group. For this meeting, I also invited my daughter, Lauren. My other daughter had Read More →

“Why are you sending her away?” Oh dear. Am I a bad mother? I thought. My husband called out from the dining room as I was busy fixing the food for my second daughter in the kitchen. Marielle planned to move in to her friend’s apartment near the UP campus. See, she’s taking summer classes Read More →

“I am the resurrection and the life; whoever believes in me, even if he dies, will live, and everyone who lives and believes in me will never die.” (John11:25,25) I’ve written this many times before. My 6 year old son placed so much faith in eternal life. A month before he died, he bounced up Read More →

Even just the expectation of a mirthful [tag]laughter[/tag] involved in watching your favorite funny movie has some very surprising and significant neuroendocrine/hormone effects. That’s what this paper “”Beta-Endorphin and HGH increase are associated with both the anticipation and experience of mirthful laughter,” stated. Earlier experiments showed that viewing a favorite funny video can offset symptoms Read More →

When a child dies, it’s not the natural order of things. For many years, I struggled to find the meaning of my son’s death. Five years and a lot of pain later, I finally found the answers. It all started with an email to Cathy after I invited her to join as co-founder for the Read More →

Candies are a no-no in the house except on Valentine’s day, Easter Holidays and Christmas Season. I only display them on the table because they are pretty and colorful. I know I shouldn’t tempt the kids with these goodies but that’s not a problem because they are conscious of the amount of food they eat. Read More →

“Fallen Cradle” is the title of the book which I am a part of. (View the book cover) Friends like Cathy Babao-Guballa, Alma Miclat, Agnes Prieto, Pia Cayetano are among the 22 parents who contributed to the literary anthology on their experiences of the loss of a child. Like Cathy said : “it promises to Read More →

Thanks Annalyn for the Blog-O-Rama interview of this blog. I received a few emails from readers who have lost a loved one and got directed to The Compassionate Friends website. I know I can’t take away their pain but by talking or writing about their grief, they can somehow ease their pain. I only got Read More →

I have three internet connections at home: SMART WiFi, Destiny Cable and a pre-paid dial up connection. See I need to be redundant with my internet connection in case one fails. I overheard my daughter complaining to SMART Wi Fi Customer Care over her slow connection. I insisted on talking to them after she filed Read More →

It’s common knowledge that driving around in Manila is stressful. Usually I play my CD of religious songs to keep me sane. I discovered that if I paid close attention to the traffic sights in Manila, it distracts me and even keeps me amused. Taking pictures added to the fun. So yesterday I took some Read More →

There is this mashing incident at Greenbelt 3… As Angela, the happy wife and mother of our story tells it, she was walking into the mall, trailing her mother and sister and holding two of her children by each hand, when the security guard suddenly appeared in front of her, leaned into her, reached for Read More →

This is my Home-office, Business-office (HOBO) or does Small-office Home-office[ (SOHO) sound better? Whatever you call it, I’ve been a work-at-home-mom since my daughter, Marielle was born in 1987. That’s my working station and right behind it is the kitchen which overlooks the front door of the house. It’s a small nook that allows me Read More →

““[tag]Poisoning[/tag] shocks best, brightest in science high school”. Upon reading the news, I could only shake my head at the cruelty of this sick joke. Kids create pranks now and then but this is just too much. My friend Cathy Babao-Guballa aka Nancy Drew , blogged about The Mystery of the Poisoned Water Jug , Read More →