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The most important political office is that of the private citizen. ~Louis Brandeis I love my children. I think of their future. I hope for a good leader. We all want that for our children, right? So listen up…we need to do our share in helping our country change for the better. Be part of Read More →

This is my #juanvote Blog Action day post: It is five days before May 13, 2013. I made a choice. I have only three in my list. You ask, ““So who are you voting?” It does not matter who my candidate is. As project editor of, it is prudent that I keep that choice Read More →

The election results are now official. My sister, Myrna emailed me a few minutes ago “I won second place (75 votes less than John Delgado). The important thing is I am elected! Now on to governing.” I am so happy for her, thrilled that I was there in the last two crucial weeks and helping Read More →

“I cannot do everything but I can do something. What I can do, I ought to do. And with the grace of God, I will do it” – Prof. Monsod Economics 11 is just one of my required subjects in my BS Food Technology course . The year 1976 was my Junior year in UP Read More →

I was supposed to post these photos in but for some reason , I can’t upload the photos. I was able to cover the Town hall meeting with the theme ““Isang Daang Araw sa Isang Daang Matuwid: Report Kay Boss,” where President Aquino presented his report on 100 days. I had no access inside Read More →

““I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.” Corazon C. Aquino That photo above is a screen capture of me taken from the Laban ni Cory documentary. I feel honored to be part of the memorable documentary. I had no idea that video was taken until someone told me. It Read More →

The presence of the Kamaganak Inc. in the Cory administration was a huge turn-off in the past and it is one of the other reason that I didn’t choose Noynoy as my presidential candidate. We all know that the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clans (and their extended network of cronies) arguably make up the single biggest oligarchic Read More →

I feel ambivalent towards Erap. I neither like nor dislike him. My feelings has something to do with the memories of my little boy. My 6 year old son adored Erap. Luijoe thought the world of the former president. Luijoe yelled at the top of his voice that Erap was the smartest president in the Read More →

To the Noynoy supporters Take time to read carefully from beginning to end including citations from columnists. This is about the grief and sense of loss (then road to acceptance) as the title suggest. This is not about you. Be happy your candidate won instead of making fun of people’s pain. Of course, you are Read More →

I should be busy puttering here and there, excitedly preparing for our 25th wedding anniversary celebration that will happen three days before election day. Here I am in bed with a laptop on my belly, shaking my head, stupefied, trying to comprehend the negativity and hope of the campaign season. There are more important matters Read More →

A mention of my twitter name @momblogger alerted me . “Is it true that you have chosen Villar?” , someone tweeted. I replied that I will neither confirm nor deny that as I have stated in my entry, My presidential candidate It does not matter who my candidate is. As project editor of, it Read More →

“I can’t believe Tita Pia is now Senator Pia”, my two daughters exclaimed in awe after we told them that she had won the senatorial race in 2004. My girls knew their Tita Pia and played with her toddlers way back the time my husband and her then husband started a law office in the Read More →

I am so sick of the negative campaigning and black propaganda. The latest is in reference to Manny Villar‘s ad where he says ““Nakaranas na ba kayong … mamatayan ng kapatid dahil wala kang pera pangpagamot” (Have you experienced losing a brother because you did not have the money to provide him proper medical care)? Read More →

It is two months before May 10, 2010, the Election day. The Day we vote for a president and the rest of the national and local posts. I made a choice. I have chosen my presidential candidate. I want my candidate to win. Yesterday, my husband and I decided to openly support our presidential candidate Read More →

I have been swamped lately with our interviews of presidential candidates in One of these candidates, JC de los Reyes of Ang Kapatiran party moved me so much. Let me make it clear. I am not supporting a presidential candidate as of the moment. But I like JC de los Reyes, the humble person Read More →

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us. Hal Borland Peace , love and prosperity is what I wished for 2009. Though Ondoy hit us and to this day, our cars are still in the shop, life is good. When Read More →

Our children are our most cherished possession. In their early years we must make sure they get a healthy start in life…President Gloria Arroyo, SONA 2009 It is 1984 and the Marcos regime is getting shakier as Anti-Marcos rallies are all over the place. This was my conversation with my then boyfriend (now husband) Me: Read More →

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