““I would rather die a meaningful death than to live a meaningless life.” Corazon C. Aquino That photo above is a screen capture of me taken from the Laban ni Cory documentary. I feel honored to be part of the memorable documentary. I had no idea that video was taken until someone told me. It Read More →

I feel ambivalent towards Erap. I neither like nor dislike him. My feelings has something to do with the memories of my little boy. My 6 year old son adored Erap. Luijoe thought the world of the former president. Luijoe yelled at the top of his voice that Erap was the smartest president in the Read More →

To the Noynoy supporters Take time to read carefully from beginning to end including citations from columnists. This is about the grief and sense of loss (then road to acceptance) as the title suggest. This is not about you. Be happy your candidate won instead of making fun of people’s pain. Of course, you are Read More →

I should be busy puttering here and there, excitedly preparing for our 25th wedding anniversary celebration that will happen three days before election day. Here I am in bed with a laptop on my belly, shaking my head, stupefied, trying to comprehend the negativity and hope of the campaign season. There are more important matters Read More →

A mention of my twitter name @momblogger alerted me . “Is it true that you have chosen Villar?” , someone tweeted. I replied that I will neither confirm nor deny that as I have stated in my entry, My presidential candidate It does not matter who my candidate is. As project editor of Blogwatch.ph, it Read More →