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I recall a conversation with a friend of my daughter who spent an weekend with us. While having breakfast, the discussion turned to money matters. She gushed over Lauren’s responsible spending habits despite her financial independence. But of course, I instilled money management early on in their lives. Mind you, my daughters are thrifty but Read More →

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I  smile as I flick through the photos from my little red wooden box. As I gaze at the photos of my children, the laughter springs to life in my memory bank. Life has not always been nice and dandy but that is not to say it remained sad or lonely. Life is  about making Read More →

blog and social media entrepreneur

I am excited about 2014 for the possible opportunities that will come my way.  The start of the new year offers a wonderful opportunity for me to reflect on 2013 and to set goals for the months ahead. I took concrete steps on the direction of this blog ever since I started in 2006.   Yesterday, I blogged about Read More →

I often correct myself whenever the kids used to ask me “mom can we afford to buy _______?”. See, my standard reply is always ” I don’t have money” and true enough, money was always tight. I changed my words—from limiting ones to those with a positive energy vibration. I say ” I don’t have Read More →

I was too complacent during the years I grieved for the loss of my son. I left all the financial burden to my husband. Today, taking responsibility for our financial affairs improved my self-esteem and lessened my anxiety. Each of us has a financial future. There are few future aspects of my life I can’t Read More →

I am no stranger to death and dying. Let me count the ways: 1976- My mother succumbed to breast cancer 1990- My 28 year old brother, Reuben died from Fulminant Hepatitis A 1999- Oscar, my 40 year old brother died of leukemia (AML- 6) 2000- Luijoe died from accidental drowning at a beach resort in Cebu 2003- Dad died of diabetes complications after being bedridden for 4 years. Two of Read More →

When you retire, think and act as if you were still working; when you’re still working, think and act a bit as if you were already retired. ~Author Unknown (Photo Credit) “If I can provide a good future for my children they will look after me during my old age.” This has been referred by Read More →

Are you having problems with debt? Are you afraid of answering the phone because it may be an angry creditor calling? Do you have problems getting from one paycheck to another? The simple answer is you need to budget. But for that budget to work, your entire family needs to be involved. With her years Read More →

A “Think Rich Pinoy” with a tagline Creating One Million Pinoy Millionaires by 2020 event flashed on my facebook. Clicking the link, I discover it is a Think Rich Pinoy Seminar to be hosted by Larry Gamboa (best selling author of “Think Rich, Pinoy”) at Philamlife, Manila on February 16 and 17. I reserve my Read More →

Ever since I could remember, dad often brought me and my siblings to any [tag]real estate investment[/tag] he acquired. Trudging by the tall weeds and mud, I wrinkled my nose and retort “But there is nothing here. No houses. ” Dad would often chuckle and remind me “Think of the future. what will it be Read More →

The green landscape just took my breath away as we drove on to the countryside. The gust of wind sent a shiver down my spine. I love this place, I thought as we inspected the Sta. Rosa property in Laguna. The fresh countryside air is the best gift that I can ever give my family. Read More →

I make pretty decent income online through Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, Direct Ads and my webhosting. That’s all I know about making money online. I never looked for other ways to earn money online because I don’t want to depend on it as my sole source of income. Because of my last entry on Read More →

Do you believe in luck and chance especially in financial success? When our only son was born in 1993, our life changed dramatically. My husband and I believed that our son was our lucky charm which brought us good fortune and lots of happiness. In fact, among all the kids, Luijoe had the grandest Baptismal Read More →

What does being broke mean? Does it mean being down to the last million peso? or down to the last 100,000 pesos or the last 1,000 pesos? There was a time, we only had 1,000 pesos in our savings/checking account way below the minimum bank requirement. We even had a negative balance due to a Read More →

Buying our new home was a little off our budget . I wasn’t too confident in getting another [tag]housing loan[/tag] as we had an existing housing loan for 6 years now. I have no idea how the banking sector works or how credit scores are attained. All I know is we have an excellent credit Read More →

Financial institutions seem to be very liquid these days. They are giving out credit cards as if it is a bank brochure. The other day, BPI Express Credit sent me two [tag]credit cards[/tag]. I don’t understand why they have to send me a credit card when I already have a BPI Express Credit card since Read More →

My husband’s text message cracked me up: The buyer offered ______ pesos for the land. Is it a deal or no deal? Haha, we were deciding on whether to accept a buyer’s offer on my husband’s property in Baguio. The proceeds will be used as equity to our new home. Almost every night when my Read More →

My purpose for attending the Sulong Negosyo at Market! Market! was to meet Lynn, the owner of Crazy Choco. She sells Chocolate Fountain and fondue set and I’ve been meaning to buy the latter. See, I took photos of her Crazy Choco booth in Fil-Negosyo Expo 2006 last month. Fortunately for her, two customers surfed Read More →

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