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My beautiful girl turned 24 years old, three days ago and I didn’t get to share it with you. I should have written about it but I was too preoccupied with my surgery the following day. Every time I go to the hospital, I always prepare a notebook that lists passwords and the location of Read More →

““Because I think the Filipino is worth crying for”. David Briscoe, February 25, 1986 I felt my baby tumble with joy inside my belly as the announcement from the radio blasted out that indeed Cory Aquino was our new president. My baby is now a 23 year old lady turning 24 next month. It’s been Read More →

A flurry of activities, eye bags, and a dire lack of sleep is a daily fare the past two weeks. I thought to myself “The husband is not pleased with my busy schedule”. As you might know now, I am the project editor of, a new media initiative for May 2010 elections. To add Read More →

“Do you have rose petals?” The florist sounded a bit too excited when he asked “For your bed?”. I could have smacked the nosy florist but I took everything in stride. “No, it’s for my daughter’s hoity-toity grown-up party”. The nosy florist continued ” Oh she is scattering petals on the stairs”. Maybe this florist Read More →

Lauren gave me a couple of her [tag]yearbook photos[/tag]. Tomorrow is her [tag]graduation day[/tag]. All week long, she has been wailing… “I can’t believe I am graduating!” I assure her that we are just as shocked. Shocked that another milestone marks her parent’s lives. Shocked that we are getting older. The other day, Butch turned Read More →

Half a million pesos or so later, my husband finally gets to visit Ateneo de Manila campus today. Can you imagine that? Sure he has seen the campus through the windshield as he drops Lauren to school but to actually step down and take a stroll…err no. My daughter’s college came up with this “Congratulatory Read More →

Six years ago on May 27, 2000

For one hour, the fountains stared at me or rather, I stared at the fountains of Ayala Tower 1. Out of boredom, I took a picture. Click. ” I felt like a stage mother all over again. Waiting for my daughter as always.

According to this article, on Childhood obesity problem: “Global fattening” poses an equal threat to global warming, according to [tag]obesity[/tag] specialists. Overeating has resulted in 20,000 children suffering from so called “adult onset” or type-2 [tag]diabetes[/tag], not previously seen in children, while more than 400,000 have impaired glucose tolerance, a pre-diabetic stage which puts them Read More →

I woke up in tears this morning. I dreamt that I was kissing and embracing my son, Luijoe. In my dream, he smiled and smirked as I smacked him on the lips and cheeks. Waves of happiness filled me. Joy lifted my heart. I felt like a white balloon, floating in bliss. Then “POP POP”

After being online for the past 10 years, I felt it was time to start a blog. Not that blogs are commonplace but I felt I have a lot to share especially with regards to my grief journey and the transformation that has taken place in the past year. I chose joy over sadness. It Read More →

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