March 2007

The Princess and her Bay window

bay windowsOnce upon a time a little girl imagined herself as a princess gazing out of her bay window twirling her heart shaped locket. Her dreams specified it had to be a bay window. Dreams do come true after all except the princess bit and the heart shaped locket.

M blissfully relaxes beside her bay window in her bedroom as I putter around our new home. It’s probably a strange coincidence but the last two houses we looked at all had bay windows. I don’t really like bay windows. Its irregular shape is a curtain design nightmare which can be costly. I like simple windows that open wide. Oh well, one can’t be choosy when buying a ready made house that meets the budget.

We haven’t moved yet. The move was to take place last sunday but unfortunately, the floors and the painting are not done yet. Oh and so much cleaning to do. I announced to the family members that we are officially moving on March 18 even if our things will be all brought in on March 19. M asks “What do you mean official?”

I go “Since you have classes on Monday, we can’t all move in as a family.”

M laughs “Oh mom, you and your ceremonies!!!”

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Financial Responsibility

Maybe I am just stressed. Perhaps the stress added greatly to the crankiness factor. The thing is I absolutely abhor statements like “You can afford it. You are rich anyway”

Duh. True I am not exactly poor but I am not rolling in dough either. What is it with a Makati based address that assumes I have lots of money? This morning I went to a custom made furniture shop because my two lovely daughters wanted white themed bed frames for their room.Aside from the beds, I wanted to have new upholstery for my couch , white writing tables and a sofa bed made. For the past weeks, I have been scouring the local furniture stores for white bed frames but it seems every furniture designer prefer zen themed bed frames or using natural wood stain.

daybed.jpgicottage bed

My ears started to get warm. Why should I be charged more just because I “can afford” it? Furniture isn’t exactly like medical treatment where one gets socialized pricing in professional fees or hospitalization. So excuse me, I told her… just charge me a fair price. I sat there in disbelief as the owner continued to tease me about my imagined “wealth”. Some people are just so tacky you know? Why is it her business to know how much I bought my new home? She’s not even my friend or anything. My aunt just recommended her since her shop is just so near the village. Her statements weren’t funny yet I managed to politely correct her and say that I am financially responsible.

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Heaven is a Real Place

heavenAlmost 7 years ago, my adorable son sat beside me while I worked on my computer.

With both hands planted firmly on my cheeks, he asked, ““Where is Heaven? Are the clouds heaven?”

Unsure of the answer, I mustered to say something based on what I learned from my Grade school [tag]Religion[/tag] subject…

““I’m not sure if the clouds are heaven, but it’s somewhere up there and hell is down there,” I said, kissing his fat cheeks.

Luijoe asked all of these questions two weeks before his untimely death.

What a lame answer! I wish I knew more what heaven is like.

Luijoe never tired of asking the same questions over and over again, as though reassuring himself that there were angels that protected him and that heaven was a beautiful place to go when someone died.

As I wrote in the book , Fallen Cradle, it seemed that my son was preparing himself for heaven even fearful he would go to hell because like any little boy, he could also be naughty.

““I don’t want to go to hell,” he hugged me.

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2007 Philippine Blog Awards

philblogawards.gifThe 2007 Philippine Blog Awards nominations is still open. Nominate your favorite blogs!.

The proponents of this project namely Abe, Jayvee and Gail assigned me the wonderful task (again!) as Committee Head for Venue and Food . I had been stressing out over the venue for the past 3 days because of Jayvee’s entry

Our most urgent requirement is a venue. Not that there are no venues – but we really want to get that ““sweet spot” between elegance, space and location. We’d love to hear suggestions from the community on where we can hold the venue. We are currently thinking of the mini theatres in Ayala Greenbelt 3 or Shangri-La Mall. Other known venues would be The Events Place and Teatrino at the Greenhills Promenade.

Without a venue, it is difficult for us to plan the logistics, the budget and the overall project planning. Our first choice was the Mall of Asia Music Lounge but the desired dates were unavailable. Besides the rental was in the 6 figures during weekends. Greenbelt was fully booked and so was Music Museum. With a limited budget given to me, I bit the bullet and went for this really swanky theater only because the desired date was available. Placing trust in the thought that “this is a sign that this place is for us”, I took my chances. Since Abe already mentioned it in the vidcast interview with as well as Jayvee, I might as well blow the trumpets too. Hear ye…

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