Financial Responsibility

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Maybe I am just stressed. Perhaps the stress added greatly to the crankiness factor. The thing is I absolutely abhor statements like “You can afford it. You are rich anyway”

Duh. True I am not exactly poor but I am not rolling in dough either. What is it with a Makati based address that assumes I have lots of money? This morning I went to a custom made furniture shop because my two lovely daughters wanted white themed bed frames for their room.Aside from the beds, I wanted to have new upholstery for my couch , white writing tables and a sofa bed made. For the past weeks, I have been scouring the local furniture stores for white bed frames but it seems every furniture designer prefer zen themed bed frames or using natural wood stain.

daybed.jpgicottage bed

My ears started to get warm. Why should I be charged more just because I “can afford” it? Furniture isn’t exactly like medical treatment where one gets socialized pricing in professional fees or hospitalization. So excuse me, I told her… just charge me a fair price. I sat there in disbelief as the owner continued to tease me about my imagined “wealth”. Some people are just so tacky you know? Why is it her business to know how much I bought my new home? She’s not even my friend or anything. My aunt just recommended her since her shop is just so near the village. Her statements weren’t funny yet I managed to politely correct her and say that I am financially responsible.

And yes, financial responsibility is an attitude. I can be a billionaire but if I am not responsible, I will lose my money in a week’s time. Money goes out to pay necessities and luxuries. Money must come in, in order to go out. How much money needs to come in to equal that which is going out?

It was way out of my budget.

Sorry, I told the lady that her price quotation is not within my budget. I don’t relish haggling too much because they might scrimp on the quality. So I ended up choosing the two white bed frames for her to make. In two, weeks, I’ll see if the workmanship is worth the price. You get what you paid for, so she says. Hmmm…