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January 2008

WikiPilipinas Filipina Stories, A Contest

Awarding of the Winners of the WikiPilipinas Filipina Stories

Date: March 28, 2008
Time: 11-12:00 Noon
Venue: SMX Convention Hall # 3, SMX Convention Center, beside SM Mall of Asia, Manila
Map: Click on thumbnail


This is our tentative program for the March 28 event, 11-12nn

1. Opening Remarks
2. About Vibal Foundation
3. Empowering Women Through Internet
4. Walkthroughs: and and
5. Raffle iPod Nano
6. Announcement of Winners
7. Closing

Wikipilipinas will host lunch in a restaurant in Mall of Asia after the program.

wikipilipinas.jpgDine, Gus Vibal, founder of WikiPilipinas, his staff and I met up last week to discuss ways to support their first online Encyclopedia of Philippine Women that they started in I believe Gus is truly sincere in his WikiPilipinas’ vision to be ““the largest Philippine knowledge database”. I mean, Gus pratically invested a lot on WikiPilipinas. (A few sponsors helped though).

Dine, Lorna, myself and most of you will agree that we all want to raise the profile of the Filipinas, and be part of a larger movement in uplifting the status of Philippine women. I believe that WikiPilipinas is sincere in their mission as we all are. Here is our collaborative project which I hope you will be a part of:

230px-Filstories1.jpgIn line with the principle of honoring the diverse, beautiful, and powerful image of a Filipina, WikiPilipinas will launch a special portal Encyclopedia of Philippine Women inside the site which will compile and detail the achievements and triumphs of Filipinas everywhere. Its sister site will also have a Philippine Women Microsite containing documents discussing Filipino women, as well as selected texts from the oeuvres of Filipina writers. Through a combined effort for advocacy, WikiPilipinas partnered with Filipina Images to help promote a more empowering image of the Filipina. By having an online platform to showcase Filipina intelligence and talent, surely the goal will be closer.

To promulgate the advocacy, WikiPilipinas and Filipina Images websites will launch ““Filipina Stories,” a writing contest with the mission of uplifting the image of the Filipina.

Check the prizes and mechanics of this contest.

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Happy Slip Peelings Video and My Dad

The other night, my husband and I slept at 2:00 AM because we enjoyed watching Happy Slip’s YouTube videos. You know, we needed our endorphin fix. The Peelings video hits close to my heart for many reasons because of my dad. The quirky characters played by Happy Slip as the “aunt” and “mom” display so many similarities to my dad’s Filipino personality. Is it old-school now?

(gasp), I see myself in them too.

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Love Struck Writing Contest


Top 3 Winners

1. Mnel- First Kiss

Lauren says This story is captivating because it focuses on just one aspect of the love story – the first kiss. Other events and details were written in such a way as to emphasize the magic of that moment.

2. Lady Cess- The Promise of a Fairy Godmother

Lauren says that Her love story has a great hook and an interesting twist. I love how the ending leaves a lot to the imagination.

3. KingDaddyRich- Siya

Lauren says It was a bit of a struggle to read his entry because it’s written in Tagalog, but I love how he made poetic use of the language to create imagery that stays.


1. Kongkong – The End of Friendship

2. Fitz- A Valentine’s Date to Remember

3. Mr. Z- Strange Times My Dear

As a couple, Butch and I celebrate three anniversaries: the day we met, the day we became steadies and the day we got married. See, that’s how big I am with celebrations and anniversary dates. Celebration is a high form of praise of gratitude. To celebrate is to delight in the gift, to show gratitude. And that’s what I intend to do today. Celebrate the day that Butch and I first met each other 30 years ago.

diary.jpgI sifted through the yellowed pages of my diary to that day when I first met my ex-boyfriend at the UP Campus Shopping Center. I laughed at my entry because apparently, I was in love with another guy that day I met Butch. I simply forgot about it and it explains why I did not fall for Butch right away.

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Thursday Thirteen 129th Edition: 13 Things On My Table

Thirteen Things On My Work Station

I am quite a minimalist. I abhor clutter and like to keep most of my envelopes and papers inside the drawers but it’s impossible to clear my work station totally. Here are the 13 things lying on on my table right now:

1. My desktop 21 inch monitor, of course.

2. My PLDT telephone

3. My Web Awards

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Internet Marketing Opportunities in Philippines Job Market

Need a job? Well, read on…if not, skip to the end of this post for that Funky Pasig Scandal video.

internet marketingIf I were a fresh college graduate in this time and age, I don’t think I’d have a problem getting a job. Of course, not just any job. These days, there are so many call center jobs and business processing outsourcing to choose from. I bet it’s just confusing for our college graduates to pick the right firm. My first job was in Marketing. Though I graduated BS Food Technology, my boss thought I was an asset for their Marketing department. What did I know about marketing then? I learned everything on the job.

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What Is A Blog? How do I Start a Blog?

If you’re a regular visitor of my blog, you already know what a blog is. But some people I meet don’t know. I’m sure some of you faced a similar situation below.

For instance, when I take a photo in a restaurant, I am sometimes asked by the owner: are you a journalist?

Me: No, I’m a blogger.

Owner: What is a blogger?

Me: I write for my blog.

Owner: What is a blog?

Often, I take the word blog for granted that I don’t really bother to explain myself clearly. I found this video through Juned that explains what a blog is in plain English. Watch it.

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Photo Hunt: Important

Photo Hunters theme this week is Important. I chose this photo of my daughter resting on a hammock by the beach during a recent trip to Boracay. Before this photo was taken, I was using the hammock. I called my daughter to try it out because the swaying motion of the hammock brought me to lala-land. It felt so good. The photo shows the Importance of Rest and Relaxation.

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Hit by Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Bug

The travel and photography bug hit me after my latest adventure with the young and vibrant Pinoy Travel bloggers. The trip awakened a few wants and needs.

1. I want to travel the hidden paradise islands in the Philippines. I am 50 years old and I have yet to travel most parts of the Philippines. After taking the quiz below, my lakbayan score is only a C. There is room for improvement, I know. I want to earn a grade of B by the end of 2008.

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Traveling with the Eugenius who turned out to be a whiz identifying places from a ““satellite view” was an added bonus. From my SeAir plane window, he pointed Mindoro. I didn’t recognize it from above. When I used to travel the boat from Cebu to Manila, I memorized the islands along the way. What was there to do while traveling for 36 hours? I knew the location of shark infested areas in the Philippine seas. I could tell if the ship passed the islands wof Romblon, Masbate or Mindoro. But that’s over 40 years ago. I want to travel the Philippine islands once again.

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Boracay and The Dream

A dream about a late loved one is often a gift. “Don’t overanalyze it. Accept it with gratitude.” But what happens when a friend dreams about your blog entry? Here is a story which is one for the books.

I apologized to Cathy that I was unable to attend the Grief Share meeting last Saturday. Here are parts of our chat a few hours ago.

Cathy: okay lang. I read it in your blog.

Me: I haven’t blogged yet about boracay. Where did you read it? in my blog?

Cathy: yes. about my recovery

Me: No I haven’t blogged about it yet. The wi-fi was so slow in the hotel.

Feeling rather surprised, I checked my blog if I accidentally posted an entry. I knew that Abe blogged about it so maybe that’s where she found out.

Cathy insisted that she only reads my blog.

Cathy: I saw a photo of you in front of Microtel with Butch and Lauren.

Me:: Only Lauren went with me.

Then Cathy narrated all the photos she saw in the entry I never posted (until now):

Cathy: There’s a nice shot of palm trees at dusk. You have a photo with Abe.

boracay duskabe_me__boracay.jpg

I pointed Anton Diaz Boracay Escape with Pinoy Travel Bloggers and Ivan Henares Microtel Boracay in Diniwid Beach entries but Cathy did not read those entries either.

Me:: Maybe you accidentally saw my Boracay Photo Gallery?

Cathy: Ah No. It was a collage of photos. (Cathy takes a look at my gallery) There is that picture in the boat and I thought the man in stripes beside you was Butch


Me: How did you know then? I have not shown my photos yet to my readers because I have 500 photos to upload. Besides I cannot make a collage because my macbook does not have Photoshop.

Cathy: If you didn’t post, then how else did I see it? Psychic powers?

Me: then no other way unless you read the 12 other bloggers’ entry.

Cathy insisted again that she only reads my blog from the the list of Pinoy Travel bloggers I mentioned.

Cathy: You even wrote thanks to SeAir and Microtel and there was one other sponsor I cannot remember. And you added that you were glad that Lauren was able to join you on the trip.

The sponsorship and Lauren were the clincher. One can conjure dream images of the beach and my travelling companions. But the sponsors? There are a gazillion hotels in Boracay. And airlines? There are around 5 airlines that fly to Boracay. Also, how would she know that Lauren nearly didn’t make it to Boracay? Her dream is almost accurate.

How can one explain my blog entry that Cathy read but which I have not posted yet (or still drafting as I write this)?

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