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Hit by Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Bug

The travel and photography bug hit me after my latest adventure with the young and vibrant Pinoy Travel bloggers. The trip awakened a few wants and needs.

1. I want to travel the hidden paradise islands in the Philippines. I am 50 years old and I have yet to travel most parts of the Philippines. After taking the quiz below, my lakbayan score is only a C. There is room for improvement, I know. I want to earn a grade of B by the end of 2008.

My Lakbayan grade is C!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

Traveling with the Eugenius who turned out to be a whiz identifying places from a ““satellite view” was an added bonus. From my SeAir plane window, he pointed Mindoro. I didn’t recognize it from above. When I used to travel the boat from Cebu to Manila, I memorized the islands along the way. What was there to do while traveling for 36 hours? I knew the location of shark infested areas in the Philippine seas. I could tell if the ship passed the islands wof Romblon, Masbate or Mindoro. But that’s over 40 years ago. I want to travel the Philippine islands once again.

2. I want to revive my photography hobby.

My Canon Powershot A710 IS, a 7.1 megapixel camera with 6 X optical zoom and Image Stabilizer is convenient because it is not bulky. But after traveling with the photo bloggers, I am simply amazed at the beauty of their photographs. Take a look at Ferdz’ Boracay photos. It pales in comparison to my photos below:


Seven out of the thirteen travel bloggers were using digital single-lens reflex camera (digital SLR or DSLR), five used the digital cameras while Lauren preferred her LOMO camera. Lauren believes that the photos from her Lomo camera contain more soul than digital camera photos. I suppose that makes sense to her because one can’t afford to waste film when taking shots. I believe that a more professional camera than my point-and-sheet camera captures more beauty and depth of my subject. Though I didn’t take any formal photography classes, I got exposed to photography in my family of origin. One brother even had a dark room.

Watching these photo bloggers from afar, I couldn’t help but notice the appeal (the sexiness) of how they take their photos. Look at how they hold the camera. I can picture myself now.
(Photo credit for the bottom photo to Ferdz)

3. I want to own a Digital SLR.

“Violent reactions” from my family spewed out.

Mom, it’s expensive

Mom, you won’t be able to maximize the features.

Mom, it’s too heavy for you.

and so on and so forth. Perhaps, they are right but I fantasize myself with my future digital SLR.

  • I guess I should be ready with a heavier and bulky camera.
  • I guess I should be comfortable to have my face up against the back of the camera.
  • I guess I should be ready with the attention I will get compared to the point-n-shoot digicam.
  • I guess I should be ready for the steep learning curve what with the lot of features (and buttons) which can be very confusing to a beginner.
  • I guess I should be ready to travel with my DSLR complete with a hiking backpack that holds my camera with a lens attached, 3 additional lenses, lens hoods, a flash, filters, my tripod, remote shutter release!
  • You get the point.

4. I want a sturdy and waterproof backpack

If I am serious with the traveling all over the Philippines, I should be able to carry all my luggage, the heavy DSLR and myself. In Boracay, I brought along my handbag, laptop backpack and baggage with roller wheels. Thank goodness for the 9 men bloggers who offered to lift my baggage on the bangka. Wading in waist deep waters after docking from an island tour convinced me that I need a water proof bag to protect my personal belongings.

5. I need to be more physically fit.

The walking, the lifting and the running? Being the oldest among the 13 bloggers seemed to be no problem at all. I was able to keep in pace with everyone. I was able to balance myself, walking on that narrow plank inside the banca despite the turbulent waves that rocked the boat . Thank goodness, I didn’t have to be lifted bodily. haha.

I am going to lift more weights now, do more aerobic workout and lose that extra 10 pounds to take the place of the DLSR weight on my back.

No doubt about it, I need to achieve number five if I intend to catch the bug and fly from Aparri to Tawi-tawi. The rest will follow.

17 thoughts on “Hit by Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Bug”

  1. medyo mabigay nga ang DSLR pero mas maganda ang quality ng photos.

    its not really hard to learn an SLR. i myself didnt study formal lessons. i just bought a book and read it on my own. 😀

  2. I have several P & S cameras and a DSLR with extra lenses. I say sulit naman ang bigat ng mga ito especially if you find a good all weather sealed camera backpack ..
    I did not take any course, but by just shooting and shooting, doing experiments..some say ok naman daw pictures na kuha ko
    I wish I could join you and other Filipino bloggers-photographers..I think that’ll be fun!

    tc, Noemi!

  3. some photographer friends are telling me “wala yan sa pana, nasa indian yan.” true, but the feel and clarity and texture of images taken from a dslr’s really different from a p&s. i am using an old p&s camera and i am in a point where i thought i needed an upgrade BUT the price is what keeping me from buying one.

    that’s why i am saving for it. 🙂

  4. Seriously your 50?!! Honestly ha walang bola I thought at first you were around early to mid 40s.

    Anyways, thanks to advancement of technology and competitions from manufacturers, new DSLRs are lighter, more compact and user friendly now which you’ll find out. Even the lenses. Just buy a very good “All-around” walkabout lens (not the kit lens) and you’re all set. Just don’t be trapped with photo gear lust and all 😀

    As for Lomo, I think it’s a very creative and artistic system. I have film roots din but had to switch to Digital for practicality and fast file turnovers.

    I hope you recapture your photography passion again. It’s never too late. 😀

  5. We have a DSLR, Nikon D70s, but we still carry p&s for quick shots. I always wanted to travel with my hubby so somebody can carry our DSLR and take photos 🙂 But I think I also need to learn how to take photos so I will not be dependent with mu husband…

  6. Ah, the DSLR. It’s true that you can get clearer and crisper photos with a DSLR, but in the end, it’s the composition that matter. Then again, that’s coming from a frustrated wannabe photographer who can’t afford a DSLR! 😉

    As for the backpack, it does pay to invest on a good brand. I’m using a Victorinox backpack, and the best thing about it is that when you have both straps on your shoulder, it seems some of the weight have disappeared. I’m not sure if they have a camera bag, but I do know they have backpacks with laptop fittings.

    Good luck on your travel goal this year Ms. Noemi! Yan din ang goal ko this year 😀

  7. @zherwin- isn’t dlsr getting cheaper these days?

    @Ferdz- really now? 40? thanks. Now what brand would be selling light weight dlsr?

    @nina- lucky. my hubby is hopeless with gadgets.

    @laarni- sure will add you in my links page

    @nina- thanks for the backpack tip! I thought I saw you holding a DLSR. I don’t know if I can afford it too. I’ll see.

  8. Try a Nikon D40 po. It’s not too heavy, and it’s cheap too. Last time i checked, it’s 22K php nalang. (At least these address two of your family’s concerns. hehe). I’m loving mine. 🙂

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