The year of the Fire Rooster begins January 28, 2017. It happens once every 60 years. The last time was in 1957.

Trustworthy, with a strong sense of timekeeping and responsibility at work 

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I was born on the Year of the Fire Rooster. I have always known that I was born on the Year of the Rooster and it is one reason, I collect a few rooster knick knacks . What I didn’t expect was that 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster. I don’t normally believe in Zodiac signs but hey, I don’t get to celebrate the Fire Rooster every decade. It takes 60 years and the next time it will occur, I will be 120 years old.

Let me list down the Fire Rooster characteristics that I think are so ME and those that are NOT me . This site says

Under the passionate influence of the Fire Element, the Fire Rooster becomes the most dramatic and energized of all the Rooster signs. The Fire Rooster lives life in enthusiastic, dynamic bursts, which explains why they are so comfortable taking risks. At times, the strong will of the Fire Rooster can make them seem dominating, but this is only a result of their genuine interest in doing the best for themselves and others. Nevertheless, the Fire Rooster can make a very successful leader in the right situation.

So far so good. I think I am a leader in some ways and other times, I just want to be a follower.

The Fire Rooster Personality 

Let me refer you to this gotohoroscope website.

Roosters are quick witted and have a great sense of humor, although it can be rather sharp and brutal at times.

I sometimes think I am funny but yes, I can be brutal and sharp especially when I was a mother to my young children.  The Fire Rooster personality further adds that “Friends of Rooster people have to get used to the fact that they do not hold back on anything, and that their brand of honesty can be unsettling. ” Yes, I tend to be tactless but I have learned to be more gentle. with my words.

I can afford to be offensive on social media when I deliver commentary on corrupt people or criticize the government. I know  such commentaries are offensive but the truth has to be told. They say “Roosters expect everyone to have the same blunt nature and become quite frustrated if you waste their time by talking around a subject (in order to avoid hurt feelings) when it would be faster to just say thing straight out. ” Yes, I hate beating around in circles. Go straight to the point please.

Most Roosters are meticulous people who never miss an appointment. Not only that, but they are never late!

Yes, this is so true . I hate being late so I tend to arrive early for an appointment. I also don’t  like it if people are habitually late. I agree that “To a Rooster, the deadliest insult is when you do not keep an appointment, so write down meetings with Roosters in red ink! ”

This part is not true for me about Roosters having  tremendous amount of mental and physical energy, and that they never sit still. I can sit still for hours when it comes to writing or engaging in social media.  The part on “Nor do they ever stop multi-tasking” is true though but I learned to take breaks by walking 10,000 steps a day.

While most Roosters prefer to work alone (believing no one can match their level of perfection or diligence) Fire Rooster make great team leaders.

This is so true. I  learned to be a team leader in my early twenties when I had to deal with projects. I don’t really know what my team members think of me because for me, a team’s

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success lies in bringing the deliverables.  The Fire Rooster personality adds that “they inspire others through their organization and work ethic, and use their sharp eye to discover what will most bring people together”.  I hope I did or I hope I continue to do so.

Of all the Roosters, the Fire Rooster is the most concerned about his appearance.

I admit I am vain but I think I got that from my mother. I tend to look at the mirror all the time to check on my hair, makeup and clothes.  They say the Fire Roosters will spend as much time as necessary to look their absolute best at all times. I only do so when I go out but at home, I just wear my house clothes and not bother with how I look.  My husband thinks I am too vain. I tell him, I like to look good in photos.  Perhaps this personality is true : “Friends and coworkers often feel that the Fire Rooster is too vain. He or she is preoccupied with clothing, accessories, and the perfect hair style. ”

Roosters always seem to have a notebook or scraps of paper with them, they are constantly writing notes and reminders.

Based on this , I found this characteristic so true but I use digital paper or One Note to take down notes or do checklists.

The Chinese sign of the Fire Rooster is also a bit bossy.

I definitely think I am bossy. Even my husband says so. The Fire Rooster Personality has an explanation : “Since Fire Roosters are very smart and talented, they assume that their way is always the best way, and that everyone else should follow their way exactly. Of course, Fire Roosters have the usual Rooster honesty, which means they have no problem telling people exactly what they are doing wrong and why they should be doing it the Fire Rooster way. If they are not careful, this can lose them friends. “

I often wonder what my high school classmates think. Most of us were born in 1957. Come to think of it, we all tend to be bossy during our reunions. In this situation, I just wither in the background so things can move smoothly.

I am certainly look forward to 2017.  I didn’t know it would be my year until I saw the Chinese Rooster images in the markets here in Singapore. Most of all, I didn’t know I am a Fire Rooster. There is much to be hopeful for, and the crowing of the rooster will soon be heard as the Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day takes place on January 28, 2017.

Cheers to health , love, prosperity this 2017.

Time-Card-225x300I’m sure that most people reading this article has either been exasperated that someone is avoiding giving you time for something you want them to do, or have themselves avoided doing something for someone else, citing time issues. Among Filipinos, this habit can reach epic proportions, and may, in fact, be the root cause of many social issues today.

The inability to say “No”
The first facet of this habit of finding ways to avoid doing something is rooted in the Filipino inability to directly say “no.” That’s because for the Pinoy, that can be tantamount to admitting that they are lacking in some sort of skill. It’s so deeply ingrained that there isn’t really a true word for “no” in the Filipino language – “hindi” comes close, but it has so many shades and nuances that it usually has to be expounded on.

This sometimes works to the Pinoy’s advantage, in that if they don’t want to do something, it’s easy to come up with an ambiguous way of saying that there is no time, it can’t be done, or that it shouldn’t be done, even.

And yet, when a Pinoy wants to do something… you don’t even have to finish your sentence. “Sige” is great, “oo” even better, and if the person simply asks what the requirements and deadline is in an enthusiastic manner, you know that stuff will be done.

System and structure
When dealing with “can/can’t do” situations in the Philippines, you should also check if your request may actually have an issue with the overall situation.

On the most objective level, Pinoys don’t like rocking the boat. And if that means that your request may cause them to do things that may raise eyebrows, or at the very least isn’t what they normally do, there’s a good chance that they may put up excuses to the effect that it can’t be done, it needs clearance, or it needs much more time than your request requires. Depending on how strict or traditional the structure or system in place is, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you have to go through some clearance hoops and formal letters of request (triple-approved, no doubt), before something will be done.

And if it’s on a personal level, the same thing applies: anything out of the comfort zone is usually met with some sort of excuse. If you’re thinking that this may in part be the “indolence of the Filipinos,” then you would be right. Pinoys aren’t necessarily lazy as they calculate if it’s worth doing something.

However, if you think that that is the dark side, then you would be very wrong.Money Hand

The dark side of system and structure issues is that Pinoys easily fall into corrupt practices, given this mindset. In other words: you want them to move? Then all you have to do is grease the wheels. Preferably with cash and gifts.

It all starts, again, with that Pinoy thing about not rocking the boat. However, some Pinoys, being, ahem, enterprising, will make it profitable for them to accede to certain requests. The sad part is, they probably won’t find a shortage of people wanting to take advantage of the shortcut they offer.

Of course, some people will ask: why not change the system? Well, the answer to that is that it’s a bit of a closed loop, in the sense that since the system or structure is traditional… cultural inertia makes changes difficult. And given that some (all right, many) people in the system are profiting from the use of shortcuts, it will be even more difficult to institute changes.

Another reason why Pinoys can and will find ways to not do something is the simple matter of avoiding responsibility. It is becoming more common in local culture that people who just keep their heads down will usually have reasonably quiet lives. So again, why rock the boat? This makes people strict about what they will do or not do. After all, there are many stories of people who stuck their neck out for someone, only to find themselves in more trouble, be it figurative in the sense of more administrative paperwork to do, or in a literal sense, as their jobs or even their lives may be at risk.

However, even if it sounds like Pinoys really just don’t want to do anything, there’s a flip side to the Filipino story of “pag may time.”

Asking too much
The problem, on the other hand, is that Pinoys do tend to ask rather big favors. On one hand, a misplaced sense of Pinoy pride will also prevent some people from asking help until the favor will become something that’s very big, and will entail a lot of issues on the side of the person being asked a favor from. On another point, it’s also about how Pinoys love to “lean” on people whom they know they can ask favors from, so much so that for many Pinoys, a request is a balance between authority of the one asking and the amount of work and hassle it will entail from the one to whom the request is directed.

Business is personal
In Filipino culture, there is no such thing as an impersonal request. All requests are, on some level, personal in nature. To request something implies that you either have authority over the other person, or that you know the person – and for Pinoys, authority is very much related to knowing the other person, if only on a perfunctory basis.

What to do
As you can see, the act of asking something from someone in the Philippines can become rather complicated. At the shallowest, a refusal can certainly be borne out of laziness and not wanting to do something that can raise eyebrows.

However, as the request becomes more important and larger in scope, it’s a good idea to look, also, at the situation as it relates to the person you are making a request to. If you can figure out how to phrase your request properly, then you should have minimal issues that you can negotiate or even handwave with what you are asking from someone else.

So if you get hit by the “pag may time” term while asking a favor from someone, all you have to do is find a way to make the request more acceptable – and if you really think that it’s all just about being lazy, then at least you know whom not to ask a favor from next time.

A fool and his money
“Time Card,” by Matti Mattila, c/o Flickr.Com
“Money Hand,” by Neubie, c/o Flickr.Com
“A Fool and His Money.” by David Goehring, c/o Flickr.Com


By Richard Leo Ramos Philippine Online Chronicles.


Christmas stockings is a cherished tradition? What do you put inside the stockings?


There’s an old Merry Melodies cartoon my sisters and I loved watching when we were kids. It’s a story of seven kids and how they can’t for Christmas morning. Santa Claus drops by on Christmas Eve, filling their living room with toys as they sleep. One scene that stands out a lot for me is when Santa stuffs one of the children’s old socks with a toy, then adds one more toy, and another, until the whole ratty sock is practically bursting with playful trinkets. Santa would then give off his hearty laugh and off he’d go to the next stocking. I love that scene because of all the possibilities that can fill a little old sock. If this happened in real life, one can imagine the joy a little boy would have as he digs out toy after toy on Christmas morning. Who knew how much magic digging through an old sock could bring?

Perhaps that’s one of the reasons why hanging stockings up for Christmas is a cherished tradition. A stocking can’t fill much, so what surprises can one find the next morning? Will the toy train one requested for fit into that sock (and if so, how did Santa manage do that!)? Will the stocking be filled with wondrous delights, from sugary treats to savory indulgences? How generous can you be with such limited stocking space? That is the stocking stuffer’s challenge. It’s easy to stuff stockings. What’s difficult is not knowing when to stop!

A little boy would surely go nuts over a stocking filled with his favourite toys. Stuff his stocking with action figures from his favourite movie or cartoon. The more complete the set, the better! If the little boy is into cars, stuff his stocking with as many Matchbox cars as you can. He’ll surely spend Christmas morning racing around the living room with a smile plastered on his face. For boys who are into creepy crawlies, rubber insects and animals are sold in toy stores. Fill his stocking to the brim with these creatures.

A little girl on the other hand may delight in a stocking full of accessories. Bracelets and headbands and ribbons, oh my! If she’s into Barbie dolls, why not fill her stocking with new clothes for Barbie? Don’t forget the matching shoes!

But who says only kids can enjoy super stuffed stockings? Grown-ups can also find fun in these packaged surprises. For the foodie grown-up, fill her stocking with savory snacks she can take with her everywhere she goes! Biscuits, crackers and cookies would surely delight. For coffee lovers, a stash of their favourite coffee mixes, beans and maybe even a mug (if it fits!) can be jammed into a stocking. Have bookworms in the family? Jam as many books as you can into a stocking. Bookmarks and book lights can also join in the fun. The travel lover may enjoy a stocking stuffed with trail mix, anti-bacterial gel, even a small, folding umbrella for those sudden downpours. Nature-loving friends will enjoy stockings filled with packs of seeds, perhaps a gardening tool set with matching gloves too. Interests as themes for stocking stuffers is a fun and easy way to begin the thought process for when you want to fill someone’s stocking but don’t know where to start!

What if you’re a little scrimped for cash? Can you still fill up someone else’s stocking? Definitely. A coupon-filled stocking is one way to go! Create coupons for a free massage’ or a free drive to the mall’ and pile up these coupons into your loved one’s stocking. This stocking of favors will surely come in handy for them and they’d be much appreciated. How about a stocking full of promises? Grab a bunch of calling-card sized board paper and write a promise on each one to. It could be something silly like ““I promise to wear the polka-dot tie you gave me whenever you ask me to” or something grand ““I promise to take you to Manila Ocean Park.” Don’t forget to follow through on those promises!

Socks and stockings may look like they can’t hold much, and that’s precisely why stuffing them is so much fun. How far can a loved one’s stocking stretch with your generosity? Why not go and find out!


This is by Toni Tiu, a repost from Philippine Online Chronicles .

“A food tour at the Farmers’ market in Cubao”?

“Resource person”?

My mind could not wrap itself to the idea of being a food tour guide. I was thinking, hmm…I rarely get invited  as a resource person when it comes to food. To think that I have a large and organic reach at my Pinoy Food Community on facebook.  I am usually invited as resource person for political commentaries, social media and digital parenting .  This was different.

Yes, food tour guide for the US embassy staff.

Oh no, I thought again. That means, I need to know the English translation for the Tagalog ingredients. Google is my savior.

Two days before the food tour, I received a call that the US embassy staff included the US Ambassador Sung Kim and Emma Nagy, the Deputy Press Attaché . How exciting , I thought.  I had wanted to meet the new ambassador two weeks ago when he addressed the YSEALI youth leaders but I couldn’t make it .

Sunday , the day at the Farmers’ market.  I arrived ahead of time to check out the market. It’s  been awhile since I last bought my ingredients in this wet market.  It is not as stinky as most public markets are  . Thank goodness .  I love the wide aisles, the variety of goods sold by the vendors and how organized each section was. The goods sold at the farmers’ market here are so much cheaper than the Sunday markets or at my local grocer.

What greets you by the entrance across the flower market are the fruit vendors.  You can source your  12 round fruits for New Year’s eve here. There is so much variety like the honeydew melons, watermelons, longgans, guava, orange varieties, grapes, apple varieties, chico, pears, and not so round fruits like papaya, pineapple, and mangoes.

A centralized weighing scale reassures me that I get the right weight for my purchases.

Shortly before 9:30 AM,the Deputy Press Attaché and  Ambassador Sung Kim arrived with his wife, two daughters and a friend. It’s great to see their enthusiasm.  The market is the best place to understand the culture of any country.

Everyone was eager to shop. First stop was the kakanin area where the suman, rice cakes, and leche flan were sold. The ambassador was convinced to buy the Leche flan when Emma told him that she also bought one.

I told the ambassador that leche flan is similar to the Crème brûlée . I explained that the ideal leche flan  has very little syneresis, that is, no weeping (or lots of holes in it!).

Then we  passed by the vegetable section. One of the daughters spotted the “sitaw” (string beans). She remembers eating adobong sitaw when she visited the Philippines. It happens to be the favorite veggie dish of my daughter.  The ambassador proudly announced that he plans to cook  adobong sitaw that night.

Mrs. Kim was amused at the fresh “suahe”(moderately sized shrimps) …so fresh that they literally jumped off the basin.  The ambassador shows off his purchase of a kilo of “Suahe”.

The next stop was the rice section. She wanted to buy Japanese rice ..The light, fluffy, and slightly sticky when cooked is ideal for rice toppings and even for Paella (if you like your rice to have some stickiness).

The we dropped by “Itlog ni Tikya” . The owner recognized the ambassador and wanted a photo op with him. She plans to put the photo in her facebook page. The ambassador bought the quail eggs. Great for side dishes. I usually add quail eggs on my sauteed veggies.

The last stop was the fruit stalls. I told the ambassador that we get a lot of fruit imports from China, and America.  I pointed him to the Sagada Oranges  which are in season from September-February . The best ones are picked fresh in December. What great timing! Sagada oranges cost 50 pesos per orange. These oranges are really sweet.

It was time to say our goodbyes . It was a pretty short food tour but I am glad I was able to talk to him about a universal theme : food.  Maybe we will meet again in a social media event.

What a productive day. I got to meet the friendly US ambassador and his family and I ended up shopping for my weekly menu. There are so  many reasons to love Farmers’ market in Cubao.   This mini food tour allowed me to rediscover the variety of produce at the Farmers’ market . I will buy the Curacha (red frog crab) from Zamboanga  and the ube (purple yam) so I could prepare Ube Halaya.

Till my next visit.



Simbang Gabi is an “Aguinaldo Mass that literally means “Gift Mass.”

misa de gallo
Three thirty in the morning
Wake up, he said.
Let’s go.

Bells tolling
In the distance
Calling us.

Walking briskly
in the dark
With my chattering sisters
And brothers
I pulled my coat close to me
Against the chilly air.

Four a.m.
Struggling to keep my eyes open
In a church
smelling of candles
packed with people
Praying fervently
in Cebuano

This is torture, I thought
Let this be over soon.
Sacrifice, my father whispered
Preparing for Jesus’s birth.

The choir’s voices
swelled into song
Kasadya ning Taknaa.

At the parish hall door
Handing brown bags
of pan de sal
my mother had baked
to a jostling crowd
of the poor outside
who smelled of sweat and dust

Smiles from my neighbors inside
Sipping steaming cups of tsokolate
Munching sweet bread
Amid red and green parols
swaying by the windows.

I sighed.
It will be Christmas.


The poem was written by my younger sister five years ago. Now living in the US, she came up with the poem for her community paper after we reminisced on our childhood Christmas memories. Those were the days when we dreaded waking up at 3:30 AM yet we feared our dad’s anger if we didn’t obey him.

My sister asked “what was the word we used for simbang gabi?”

I know it as misa de gallo.

Oh yes, my sister recalled now. Misa de Gallo (Rooster’s Mass) is a more fitting word than simbang gabi (Night Mass) because we can literally hear roosters during the mass. I couldn’t understand why dad had to wake us up at such an ungodly hour. Going to mass this early for nine consecutive days is meant to show the churchgoer’s devotion to his faith and heighten anticipation for the Nativity of the Lord. In traditional Filipino belief, however, completing the novena is also supposed to mean that God would grant the devotee’s special wish or favor. I don’t think my dad was after granting of his wishes. He was a successful business man and a loving husband and father to seven children. He just wanted to follow Filipino tradition.

Despite the discomfort of waking up early, my sisters and I look back to these memories with nostalgia. Misa de Gallo was a test of our willpower to get up early and stay awake during mass. Of course, we were all wide awake for the free breakfast that our community prepared during the nine days. Many years later, I struggled to wake up at 4:00 AM and I succeeded only once since my teen years. That’s only because my two girls sang at the church choir.

misa de galloMaybe it was the Misa de Gallo memories with my family or my dad, but today I finally woke up to the sound of Christmas carols pealing in the air. No church bells ringing , just the soothing Christmas carols which actually woke me up. Unfortunately, Butch begged off and the two girls refused to wake up. So I walked across the street just ten minutes before the mass started and what do I see?! A jumpacked church. I should have brought a stool. For once, I liked the sermon of our parish priest as it speaks of the divinity of Jesus Christ, that Jesus Christ is the main reason for the celebration of the season!

Just like tradition, I dropped by to buy suman and puto bumbong to feed the sleepyheads at home.


Here I am unable to sleep so I am blogging about the Misa de Gallo in my parish church.

Do you follow this tradition?

This planner became known among buyers and bloggers as The Change Journal.

2017 planner

If you are in the lookout for a 2017 planner, I highly recommend “This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life 2017!” It will not only change someone’s life but yours as well.  Remember my 2016 Change Journal?

2017 planner

In 2008, FreeSpeech Publications started publishing a planner called “This Journal Will Actually Change Your Life.” They peppered it with interesting facts, unusual holidays, action blurbs, mood charts, reminders for quarterly check-ups, self-empowerment tips, expense trackers, life-changing coupons, bucket lists and a whole lot more—knowing that daily planners could actually help people keep track of their days, and their lives. They also published organizers that would keep you…well, organized. But their planner has a difference. It doesn’t just change your life by helping you, but, proceeds from the sales of this planner goes towards the education initiatives of Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.

And CHANGE is exactly the theme of the 2017 Journal.

“Change is HERE, change is NOW. Life is HERE, life is NOW.”

From the back cover

“This year is your year to believe the truth that Life is in the here and now. 2017 is the year to stop waiting for circumstances to be perfect before you begin to LIVE the LIFE you choose. The 2017 Change Journal affirms that we human beings are far more powerful than we realize everyday. It will help you to begin living now, by changing the things that need to be changed, by starting the things that need starting—whether you take tiny steps or monumental leaps, the time is now. The operative, energy-filled, dynamic word is NOW. Life is now here. Believe in your own power.

This planner also changes other people’s lives. Proceeds from this journal go to Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc, whose initiatives include helping scholars get an excellent education, organizing medical missions to remote and underserved areas, and a whole lot more. Be part of the change! Visit them at

You can purchase the planner at Free Speech Publications,

The Christmas carols sung out loud, brings happiness and bliss all the year round! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The last Christmas with my mom in 1975 was spent singing Christmas songs in our dining room . How we crooned to my mom’s delight as all the 7 siblings from 19 to 10 years old gathered around my brother who played the melody in the Yamaha organ. At times, mom accompanied the songs in the piano and even sang with her beautiful soprano voice . Each sibling sang a carol or played a Christmas piece in the piano. I can’t remember now if this was an unwritten family rule that Santa Claus won’t bring a present or we just loved to sing carols as a family. A tinge of sadness overcomes me now as I long to go back to that last Christmas when my family of origin was still complete. Those wonderful memories remain alive in my heart. I thought of reviving the singing tradition when I soon had children. Unfortunately, mom’s singing voice is not in my genes.. the only musical talent I probably got is having an ear for music. I can tell when someone is off-key, pitchy or just tone dead. I play the piano, guitar and the organ . That’s about it. In the seventies, the Yamaha organ was the most groovy way to play music aside from the guitar.

I soon discovered that my two daughters could carry a tune. I bought sing-along Christmas songs tape where they could follow the music along with the lyrics. Pretty soon, my daughters were singing all the carols. Allow me certain bragging rights here but they sang beautifully at ages 4 and 3 respectively. They weren’t shy to sing in front of me back then so I recorded their singing voices in a tape which was then converted to digital format years later.

Along with the fragrant aroma of baking gingerbread cookies, you will hear Christmas carols streaming in every nook and corner which includes the recorded songs of my two girls. There’s nothing like setting the mood for my baking chores or working on articles at my laptop. The festive carols allow me to glamorize the house a little bit for Christmas without noticing the great tasks ahead. The melody and the simple lyrics will never cease to mesmerize and attune me to the holiday mood. I get so sentimental hearing my two girls singing as toddlers. There is something about Christmas carols sang by children. Their innocence and enthusiastic spirit reminds me of angel voices.

These days, I fill my home with Christmas carols by playing the piano.

I like to imagine Christmas carols the way it should be sung. Christmas carols depict the story of Christ’s birth. Angels sang various songs to tell the good news of Jesus’ birth when they encountered shepherds. The practice followed from then on and slowly became a tradition to sing carols on Christmas. These traditional Christmas carols embody the essence of truly Christmas-themed songs and espouse the sacredness and joyousness of the season of the Nativity.

Singing or playing Christmas carols is another family tradition that I continue on. It is my hope that my children will also pass it as well. Whether to lift my family’s spirit during the Christmas season, or for wishing each other well , the Christmas Carols like ““We Wish you a Merry Christmas” or Jingle Bells” will never fail to spark the true meaning of Christmas, the hope of the world.

Te  Amo Floristeria prides itself in being the pioneer luxury floral boutique in the Philippines. They have a flagship store in Bonifacio Global City (G/F Active Fun Bldg, 9th Ave, Bonifacio Global City) 

Running out of ideas on what to give a special someone? I got a wreath for my mother-in-law because I thought it would look good in her nice, cozy country home up in the mountains.


Handmade from scratch , this beautiful and festive wreath is made with traditional pinecones and snowy fragrant wax flowers . The wreath base is made from real and aromatic Evergreens. It’s going to remain  as charming even when dried. I love the idea of keeping the dried wreath , serving as a home decor for the rest of the year or just keeping it for the next Christmas season.


If you are in the lookout of charming gift ideas, I recommend flowers  that will surely touch the heart of  your loved one. Sending a delightful arrangement to complete a Christmas table or holiday display of your loved one’s home will surely warm their hearts.

The Te Amo Floristeria’s Holiday Collection is a good place to start.


Dear Santa Naughty or nice, everybody deserves to be in the festive mood. Let Santa’s traditional outfit take you on a nostalgic path with this scarlet and white fresh arrangement. For an extra seasonal touch, we’ve also added some berries to go with the roses & calla lilies. You can opt to have this bouquet in a glass vase for a yuletide display in your home.


Toast to the Holidays It’s the season to spoil those we love. Delight them with this lavish fresh flower box along with a fine bottle Grande Cuvée Sparkling Champagne. You may also customize your box with preserved blooms guaranteed to last up to three to five years. Now that’s an impressive gift


Send your warm greetings with this bottle Grande Cuvée adorned with Te Amo’s signature luxe blooms- perfect to give for those yearly gatherings with family and friends. You can also bring in your bottle of choice and let us customize your blooms and send it out with a thoughtful message from you.


All I Want Make your personal gifts exceptionally stand out. Let us spruce up your present by adorning it with fresh or preserved blooms of your choice. Simply bring your gift and leave it up to us to create an enchanting display that is sure to make a lasting impression.


December to Remember This festive arrangement is the epitome of chic. Sumptuous reds, rich burgundy and deep green tones make this fresh bouquet a sophisticated gift for someone special.You may also opt to have this arrangement in a box, in a vase, or hand-tied with a ribbon for maximum simplicity

Give them the gift of elegance & simplicity of a dreamy white Christmas with this fresh ox of white Ecuadorian Roses, Carnations, and Berries accented with pinecones in your box of choice. Let this classic box add that holiday charm to their home.

Give them the gift of elegance & simplicity of a dreamy white Christmas with this fresh ox of white Ecuadorian Roses, Carnations, and Berries accented with pinecones in your box of choice. Let this classic box add that holiday charm to their home.


Scarlet Snow: Handmade from scratch, impress your visitors with this beautiful and festive wreath of scarlet red Ecuadorian roses with traditional pinecones and snowy fragrant wax flowers. The wreath’s base is made from real and aromatic Evergreens and remains as charming even when dried. It’s the perfect way to extend a warm wel come this season.


Our Christmas arrangements are lovingly created by our team of florists and personally delivered with your hand-written Christmas notes. Thank you for letting us be a part of your holidays.

So yeah, have a Blooming Christmas from Te Amo Floristeria with these flowers.


Contact details:

Address: Ground Floor, Active Fun Building, 28th Avenue Corner 9th Avenue., Taguig, Global city, 1634 Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 886 6888