Last year, I wrote about “Social Media and Suicide.” The World Health Organization (WHO) states that close to 800,000 people kill themselves every year, which is one person every 40 seconds. Suicide among young people is increasing, and social media is pointed out as the cause due to documented research.

Research findings published in the medical journal JAMA on July 2019 found that “adolescents are of particular concern.“ Increase in screen time have been found to be associated with increases in depressive symptoms. More evidence also points out to social media use. The 2012 study on “Social Media and Suicide: A Public Health Perspective” (David D. Luxton, PhD, Jennifer D. June, BA, and Jonathan M. Fairall, BS) cited the role social media might have in suicide-related behavior. The rise of pro-suicide, social media sites may pose a new risk to vulnerable people who might not have been exposed to these potential hazards. Media also plays an influence on suicidal behavior and suicide methods used. Cyberbullying and cyber harassment are prevalent problems. An increase in publicized cases of suicide in 2011 involved social media.

Another paper came out, “Increases in Depressive Symptoms, Suicide-Related Outcomes, and Suicide Rates Among US Adolescents After 2010 and Links to Increased New Media Screen Time” (Jean M. Twenge, Thomas E. Joiner, Megan L. Rogers, Gabrielle N. Martin), in 2017. The study discovered that adolescents who devoted more time online were more likely to report mental health issues. Psychiatrist Dr. Dinah Nadera said “that sense of lack of social connectedness is very, very prevalent…. They’re connected, but they couldn’t seem to have a trusted person.”

The relationship between social media use and depression remains a controversial topic. A study in 2018 by San Francisco-based social innovation group called HopeLab did not find a correlation between use and self-reported depressive symptoms. Despite the lack of conclusive studies, I couldn’t stress enough that our digital well-being matters. It is best to disconnect when called for and create healthy habits for our family.

Suicide prevention is everybody’s business. Educate our community that suicide is a preventable public health problem in the Philippines. Suicide should no longer be considered a taboo topic, and that through raising awareness and educating the public, we could SAVE lives.

To prevent suicides, the whole community from the school, family, church, government, netizens and media are involved. WHO said responsible reporting of suicide in the media to decrease suicide rates. Responsible reporting include: avoiding detailed descriptions of suicidal acts, avoiding sensationalism and glamorization, using responsible language, minimizing the prominence of suicide reports, avoiding oversimplifications, educating the public about suicide and treatments, and providing information on where to seek help.  Every person, as a part of that community, need to take responsibility.

The Lancet published research on “What Works in Youth Suicide Prevention?” and the review identified many studies testing a broad range of interventions across multiple settings, which could reduce the frequency of self-harm and suicidal ideation, “although it is likely the size of these studies that is driving the effects.”

The question is are Facebook, Twitter and Google, the most popular platforms doing enough to prevent suicide?

Facebook announced during World Suicide Day on Sept. 10, 2019 that it is taking steps to fight the youth suicide epidemic, including sharing data about how its users talk about suicide and self-harm and hiring a safety policy manager focusing on health and well-being. Some changes in policy is Facebook’s decision to “no longer allow graphic cutting images.” Even Instagram which they own would also make “it harder to search for this type of content and [keep] it from being recommended in Explore.” Whether you’re worried about someone you know or you’re struggling on your own, Facebook provided a Suicide Prevention Page (

In Google’s Suicide Prevention page (, content that promotes self-harm or is intended to shock or disgust users is not allowed on YouTube. Google allows users to post content discussing their experiences with depression, self-harm, or other mental health issues. Instagram also has a page on those who spot content about suicide or self-injury ( ). Twitter’s approach to self-harm and suicide threats is explained in their “About self-harm and suicide” ( After Twitter assesses a report of self-harm or suicide, they will “contact the reported user and let him or her know that someone who cares about them identified that they might be at risk.” Twitter would also provide the reported user with available online and hotline resources and encourage them to seek help.

One couldn’t just rely on social media platforms to moderate the content. Let’s take time to understand the social media platforms and potential warning signs or indicators for self-harm or suicide.

First published at the Sunday Business & IT, Manila Times on October 6, 2019.

“VR combined with music improves exercise retention, study shows” was first published on Sunday Business &; IT, June 28, 2020

I wouldn’t have been a member of Fitness First for the last 15 years if not for my daughter who insisted on attending yoga classes. Too bad the gym closed temporarily since the coronavirus pandemic.  Fitness gyms would probably open soon, but with a lot of limitations such as the number of members allowed inside. Booking a class through the app would be required. Sauna and steam rooms would be closed. I would say goodbye to my membership and continue with alternative workouts I have been doing at home since the pandemic.

Some of my friends watch YouTube videos to dance along with the group instructor. Others attend online classes on Pilates and yoga. Home gyms will be the future of fitness. There are pros and cons. I waste less time in getting to and from the gym, not to mention the additional expense of parking fees. Savings in membership fees are significant. A home gym would take some investment to get it built. Not everyone has space for a gym at his or her house. The only equipment I own is a stationary bike, and some weights and a yoga mat. Walking outdoors is an ideal exercise if only I didn’t have to wear a mask.

READ: A virtual workout on my stationary bike, using VZfit with the Oculus GO.

Biking in physical reality

In the past, I watched TV, or videos while biking so I would not get too bored. Discovering VZfit means goodbye to my boring workout. Developed by Virzoom, VZfit allows any stationary bike to be connected to an Oculus Quest or Oculus Go Virtual Reality (VR) headset when paired with a compatible BlueTooth 4.0 cadence or speed sensor. MageneS3+ Speed/cadence Dual sensor was one of the compatible devices, which I attached to the crank arm on my stationary bike. Since I am not paying for a gym membership, I subscribed to the VZfit Premium membership for $9.95 a month or about P500 a month after the free 7-day trial. The upgrade of my stationary bike to Virtual Reality has made my workout so much fun and exciting. Oh, the places I’ve been. Every day, I ride for 30 to 60 minutes anywhere I fancy in the world, like in the Yosemite National Park, Westfjords, Iceland or the Magallanes y la Antartica, Chile. With real-world scenery using Google street view imaging, this app takes the monotony out of using my stationary bike. The drawback is Google street view imaging could be glitchy and distorted. Time flies by so fast that I don’t realize I am getting a cardio workout as I ride my bike and listen to the music in my headset.

LOOK: VZFit album of snapshots taken during my virtual rides

Findings in a recent study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology on the “Ready Exerciser One: Effects of music and virtual reality on cycle ergometer exercise” validates my experience. Yes, VR makes exercise more enjoyable and less tiring. Professor Costas Karageorghis from Brunel University said their findings show the abundant potential for the use of virtual reality combined with music to get people more physically active in their own homes. “The exerciser’s mental bandwidth to process fatigue is reduced by the virtual world and soundscape provided by the immersive technology,” explains Dr. Jonathan Bird from the University of Exeter Business School. “Participants appeared to thoroughly enjoy the virtual reality exercise, and enjoyment makes people more likely to stick to a routine.”  In the past, I could never ride the bike, even for 10 minutes. I usually take breaks, but for the past weeks, I could even go over 30 minutes.

A range of VR fitness apps and games is available for other VR headsets that are not available in the Oculus Go. The rhythm VR game Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR apps. BoxVR is another virtual reality app that provides players with a high-impact workout. Then, there is Sprint Vector, Holodance, Dance Central, Thrill of the Night, Sprint Vector and Creed: Rise to Glory. With the coronavirus pandemic keeping me at home, my virtual reality exercise would go on. If you haven’t tried the VR fitness revolution, perhaps now is the time to get started.

I see so many people on the streets in the light of a modified enhanced community quarantine. This is an opportune time to be proactive.  You can’t rely on the government to protect you. Aside from the current recommendations that emphasize regular hand washing, social distancing, stopping non-essential travel, and getting tested if you develop symptoms are integrative strategies to augment public health measures to prevent COVID-19 infection and associated pneumonia.  Let me share this  “Integrative Considerations during the COVID-19 pandemic” by Lise Alschuler ND, Professor of Clinical Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine.

The paper stressed that there is no clinically evidence-based integrative prevention or treatment strategies for COVID-19 infection. Among some of the strategies for risk reduction are adequate sleep, Zinc, vegetables and fruits, Vitamin C, Vitamin D.

Integrative Considerations … by Noemi Lardizabal-Dado on Scribd

Aside from the integrative considerations, I also gargle with salt solution. See the ELVIS study on how to prepare hypertonic saline. ELVIS is short for Edinburgh & Lothians Viral Intervention Study. The title of their study is “Edinburgh & Lothians Viral Intervention Study (ELVIS): A pilot randomised control trial of hypertonic saline nasal irrigation and gargling on individuals with the common cold to assess recruitment, retention, side effects and effectiveness.”

Dr Srinath Reddy, president of the Public Health Foundation of India, noted that there is no scientifically proven evidence yet that such measures work against the virus. “However, this is a respiratory virus that works through the nose to the sinuses and into the throat and into airways and lungs. So basically, apart from handwashing and not carrying the virus to the face, there is nothing wrong in drinking warm water or trying steam inhalation. There is no immediate proof, but potentially there may be some benefit and, anyway, there is no harm in trying it,” Dr Reddy said.

Gargling is a common hygiene measures in several countries and is routinely encouraged with other practices like handwashing and social distancing during the regular flu season.

Exercise is also important. Have enough sunshine every day.


 Do you have tips you want to share?

Just because everyone else is swooning over each other under the moonlit night or cuddling like lovebirds in every movie theater in town doesn’t mean you can neglect the most important person in your life—yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re happily single or blissfully in a relationship—you need to love your own body before anything or anyone else.

Imagine the stress you put your body through every single day. Isn’t it time to give it a well-deserved and pampered break on this very special day?

1.Commit to a proper and regular exercise routine.

Everyone knows that engaging in a regular workout sesh is good for the body. Whatever your chosen physical activity may be—whether it’s smashing your way through the tennis courts or exhaling your stress away with Vinyasa yoga flows—exercise boosts your bodily functions and keeps the good vibes coming. Don’t you want to give off some loving energy as well? Go ahead; give those exercise endorphins a warm welcome this month.

2. Eat healthy food.

It may be tempting to go on a binge-eating spree on heart-shaped chocolates or to stuff yourself with romantically pink cupcakes this season of hearts, but as usual, you are what you eat, and what you need to be is healthy. The best way to ensure your body stays in tip-top shape is to be gentle with what you feed it. Resist the urge to upsize your sodas and fries, and lay off on all the sisig and beer. Say no to junk food and cut back on the dessert buffets. Instead, why not replace too-sweet treats with some healthy fruit slices? And to make everything more festive in keeping up with the theme for this Valentine’s Day, dip those fruit slices in delicious dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually good for your heart, so it’s literally taking care of your heart this month of love. Fondues are simply the best, aren’t they?

3. Look at yourself in the mirror first thing in the morning and affirm your beauty.

No, we’re not just talking about your physical appearance. Sure, there’s nothing wrong about celebrating what other people find attractive in you, like perhaps your glorious long hair, your deep and soulful eyes, and your smile that’s as bright as the sun. But when you look at yourself in the mirror, strive to not only compliment your good looks but also your inner beauty. What do your friends say about you? Are you funny, confident, smart, trustworthy, or dependable? Are you always available for a quick rant or a shoulder to cry on? Are you the go-to guy for all things techie? Do you know exactly what to say and exactly what to do when someone needs a good laugh or a comforting hug? Find out why your family, friends, and significant other love you so very much, and use those same reasons to love your own self.

4. Soak in all the nature and head outdoors.

Instead of keeping yourself cooped up in your house in front of the computer or being a couch potato all day, why not go out for a change? And no, going out doesn’t mean lining up for movie tickets or vying for a good table in a fancy restaurant. Going out, really going out, means looking for some nature. Take a walk in your local park, take out your old bike that’s rusting in your garage and go for a spin, or jog around your old campus for some much needed sunlight and fresh air. If running is not your thing, you can settle down on a park bench with your favorite book (and secretly watch cute guys or gals passing by). You can even invite your pals or your nieces and nephews and go on a picnic. Make a day of it—pack some lunches and set up some outdoor activities that the whole family will enjoy. Nothing says “love me” better than some peaceful “me time” with the cool and soft breeze caressing your face.

5.Be charitable and give, give, give.

Here’s a little secret to loving your body and yourself, no matter what time of the year it is—random acts of kindness. Giving to charity feeds the mind and the soul, and if your spirit is at peace, then you can be sure your body is, too. Go ahead and sign up for some charitable events in your area, or donate to a worthy cause. You can go on a mission brigade at your local church, or volunteer to spend some quality time with special children in your alma mater’s organization. Using that money for someone else is better than splurging on a designer bag for yourself or pampering yourself with an overpriced spa massage, isn’t it? Trust us—there’s no greater feeling that will surround your heart and body than serving other people without expecting anything in return.

6.Get some good night’s sleep every night.

With all the scheduled appointments that come with the season (you may be booking dates with your family, friends, and coworkers left and right), it’s a well-known fact that sleep is the last thing on our ever-growing to-do list. Some of us may not even have had the chance to recover from the hectic holidays. Still, make it a point to get six to eight hours of sleep every day. No, you are not a genetically enhanced superhuman. You need all the rest you can get, and sleep is your body’s opportunity to recharge and get you pumped for a brand new day ahead. That’s what nighttime is for, ladies and gentlemen—it is not for stalking your ex on Facebook or chatting with your BFF until the sun goes up. For goodness’ sake, hit the sack. Fluff up those pillows, and if you need more motivation to get some proper shut-eye, invest in a good mattress and some quality sheets. Doing so may make you never want to leave your bed again ever. Dream away!

*Images: Push Ups, Yorkshire, Bed, Mirror from Used under Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

Written by Cathy Dellosa-Lo, as originally posted , Ways to Love Yourself and Your Body This Valentine’s , on the Philippines Online Chronicles

Did you know that starting 40 years old, adults start losing muscle mass? I wished I knew that.

Research shows that 9 out of 10 aging adults aren’t meeting the daily recommended amounts of key nutrients for a healthy and active life. From the ages of 40 to 70+ years of age, adults can lose up to 33% of muscle mass. Muscle loss may not always be visible, but it can manifest through symptoms such as weakness, slower walking speed, unintentional weight loss, exhaustion, low physical activity, body pain and cramps. 

I had my strength tested with the free hand grip strength and my strength is till within normal range. 

I have heard of Ensure Gold from my parents-in-law because they drink it so I always associate this brand with elderly adults. Not anymore.

The new Ensure Gold® is an adult nutrition supplement, scientifically formulated with high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D and 28 vitamins and minerals to help build muscle mass and help adults Stay Strong®. A unique nutritional ingredient in Ensure Gold® is HMB, a metabolite of the essential amino acid leucine. HMB is naturally found in small amounts in some foods and in your body, but levels may decline with age. HMB has been shown to support muscle health.

Dr. Jun Dimaano, medical director for Abbott Nutrition Asia Pacific said, “Abbott helps people live their best life by providing nutritional support for Filipinos’ ageing loved ones. We believe nutrition is the foundation of good health and we are excited to bring the new Ensure Gold ® with HMB as a gift of strength to adults in the Philippines, so they can continue doing the things they love.

Remember that we need 600 muscles to stand up, 200 muscles to take a single step down the stairs and 133 muscles to dance?

Consult your family doctor if chiropractic care is needed  under the supervision of a chiropractor or Spinal Care Chiropractic. 

spinal care chiropractic

I recently attended an event at the Spinal Care Chiropratic to learn more about chiropractic care. I have always wanted to get the services of a chiropractor because I am scoliotic but I am also aware that chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine.  Not all doctors are supportive of alternative medicine so it is my intention to research on the best chiropractic care.

There are many misconceptions of what a chiropractor is. For one, the “manghihilot” is not the same as a chiropractor. Secondly, chiropractic care or being under the supervision of a chiropractor is not mainly for back and spinal problems.

spinal care chiropractic

Unknown to many, optimizing one’s overall health and wellbeing is something obtainable by chiropractic care. Did you know that one’s spine  affects everything regarding sickness and disease? It is not a specific treatment for any disease or condition but instead, chiropractic care focuses on the inherent ability of the human body to heal itself.

spinal care chiropractic

I am not a medical professional but I believe that the curvature of the spine like my scoliosis have an effect on my body . Perhaps the pain in my lower back after walking is one?

spinal care chiropractic

Chiropractic care has become the 3rd largest healthcare profession and the number one alternative healthcare approach in the world. Its benefit extends beyond managing back issues and is more about the important practice to regularly maintain a healthy lifestyle.

My visit to the Spinal Care Chiropractic  opened my eyes to the Gonstead Technique– which claims to be one of the safest and most effective in the world. Less than 1% of chiropractors worldwide specialize in Gonstead due to its complexity. In the Philippines, the only Gonstead practitioner is Spinal Care Chiropractic’s Dr. Daniel Su. A Taiwan-born Australian, Dr. Su graduated with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science Degree. He earned his Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie University in Sydney and has also completed the 3-module Gonstead Ambassador Program.

spinal care chiropractic

The only Gonstead practitioner in the Philippines is Spinal Care Chiropractic’s Dr. Daniel Su.

Check how Dr. Su helped his 19-year old patient suffering from extreme kyphosis by using Gonstead Chiropractic.

Gonstead Technique 

The Gonstead technique is conducted with a thorough analysis of the whole spine to detect the presence of spinal misalignments or subluxations. They will even check your walk or gait.   A customized treatment plan is then created for patients with the goal to correct these subluxations, which will assist and restore the body’s natural healing process.

spinal care chiropractic

The Gonstead Chiropractor goes beyond what many chiropractors consider a spinal assessment by conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using five criteria to detect the presence of the vertebral subluxation complex.

Visualization — Visualization is a way to cross reference all the other findings. Your chiropractor is an expert in looking for subtle changes in your posture and movement which could indicate any problems.

Instrumentation — The instrument of choice in the Gonstead System is the Nervoscope. The Nervoscope detects uneven distributions of heat along the spine which can be indicative of inflammation and nerve pressure. This instrument is guided down the length of your back and feels like two fingers gliding down each side of your spine.

spinal care chiropractic

the Nervoscope detects uneven distributions of heat along the spine which can be indicative of inflammation and nerve pressure.

Static Palpation — This is simply the process of feeling (or palpating) your spine in a stationary (or static) position. Your chiropractor will feel for the presence of swelling (or edema), tenderness and any abnormal texture or tightness in the muscles and other tissues of your back.

Motion Palpation — This process involves feeling the spine while moving and bending it at various angles. This enables the chiropractor to determine how easily or difficult each segment in your spine moves in different directions.

X-Ray Analysis — X-ray films enable your doctor to visualize the entire structure of your spine. This is helpful in evaluating posture, joint and disc integrity, vertebral misalignments and ruling out any pathologies, or recent fractures that may be present or contributing to the patient’s condition. These full-spine radiographs are taken in the standing, weight-bearing position to fully substantiate the examination findings.

The ability to recognize and correct these misalignments forms an integral part of the Gonstead Concept. For example: When the lower portion of the spinal column has misaligned vertebra, the body tries to keep itself and its skeleton upright and straight. Often it compensates by causing a vertebra above to become misaligned. This is the body’s way of attempting to re-establish the normal perpendicular position of the body.

The Gonstead technique also addresses other areas such as the hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and foot. It can even delve into cases related to pregnancy and childbirth, children’s development, improving posture, scoliosis and increasing mobility. It can likewise help a patient deal with sleeping disorders, reducing the occurrence of common colds and cough, and strengthening one’s immune system.

spinal care chiropractic

Spinal Care’s results-focused wellness approach also covers managing stress and will extend its services with sound advice on living a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and nutrition.

spinal care chiropractic

It is the goal of a Gonstead doctor to restore and maintain optimal health by locating and correcting any interference to the nervous system caused by vertebral subluxation.

Subluxation Degeneration

I plan to talk to my doctor soon and seek advise if I need chiropractic care for my back.


Check with your doctor before you visit the Spinal Care Chiropractic . Chiropractic care is alternative medicine and may not be endorsed by some doctors.

Spinal Care Chiropractic is located at 9th floor of Menarco Tower 32nd Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. For inquiries, please call 816.3982, 0917 842.6160 or email [email protected]. You may also visit and Spinal Care Chiropractic on Facebook.


World Cancer Day gives us a chance to reflect on what we can do, make a pledge and take action.

No matter who you are – a cancer survivor, a co-worker, a carer, a friend, or a student – and no matter what you choose to do, ‘We can. I can.’ make a difference in the fight against cancer.

Here are the facts about cancer:

  • Cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries and has, or will, affect us all either directly or indirectly during our lifetime.
  • Actions taken by every person, organisation and government will help reduce the burden of cancer to achieve the goal of a 25% reduction in premature deaths from NCDs by 2025.
  • Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for 8.8 million deaths per year. However, we know that more than one third of these deaths are preventable, and if detected early enough, many cancers are curable.
  • Until cancer awareness is improved globally and actions are taken to prevent and treat the disease, millions of people around the world will die unnecessarily every year.
  • We must act now because the global cancer epidemic is enormous and set to rise. It is predicted to increase from 14.1 million in 2012 to 19.3 million cases per year in 2025.

Here is what we can and I can do.

  1. Early detection saves lives. Be aware on Childhood cancer warning signs

world cancer day

Image via

Diagnosing cancer isn’t always easy – not all cancers show early signs and symptoms and other warning signs can appear quite late when the cancer is advanced. However, increasing awareness of signs and symptoms and the importance of timely treatment has been shown to improve survival from cancer. This is because finding cancer early almost always makes it easier to treat or even cure.

2. Everyone can take steps to reduce their risk of cancer by choosing healthy options including quitting smoking, keeping physically active and choosing healthy food and drinks.

Reducing exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and other sources, such as solariums, also greatly reduces the risk of many skin cancers.

Everyone can make healthy lifestyle choices to reduce their risk of cancer.

“We must all work together if we are to free the world from the pain and suffering of cancer. The American Cancer Society has made significant contributions to the remarkable progress we’ve seen in the U.S. In addition, as a global leader, we continue to share our expertise in cancer prevention and treatment to help save more lives. On this World Cancer Day, we can make a difference for millions of people everywhere by committing to actions that will reduce the global threat of the disease.”
Gary Reedy, CEO American Cancer Society

I admire the courage of TJ Manotoc for sharing his story, his struggle and journey with depression . My heart is full of admiration as I watched him speak from the heart and his willingness to help others that there is hope.

TJ manotoc

TJ Manotoc shared a significant part of his life through a video. It was a time when he went through depression and anxiety disorders. It took hinm about a year to put this project together with the help of some very close friends and family. He realized it was a bit of a risk to do this because reliving all the horrors might re-open some wounds. The so-called “Social Stigma” may also change the way some people see him.

TJ Manotoc story

I don’t think so. As I tweeted and shared on Facebook, I saw interest sparked from my friends. They wanted to know more about this project.

Let’s hear  TJ Manotoc’s story first.

27 years ago when I went through my first episode I met a man named Max. He went through hell much worse than I did and yet he survived and eventually lived a happy and normal life.

Max made it part of his life’s mission to share his story and counsel those who were in the dark like he once

As a journalist, I have lost count of how many stories of suicide and depression I have reported. I feel it’s about time it’s talked about not just in the context of someone dying but also in the context of giving hope.
Max gave me hope that I, too, one day could be like him, alive and well. This time, it’s my turn to pay it forward. Sharing my story in a very visual and dramatic manner may seem a bit much for some but I know in
my heart my story can touch some lives.

If I save a life or two in the process, it will be all worth it.

To sum it up, his message is clear, YOU WILL BE ALRIGHT.

Watch his video here:

Located at the 28th floor of Centuria Medical Makati, Pinnacle Performance delivers athletic development for professional and amateur athletes, and recreational fitness enthusiasts alike.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” says Mahatma Gandhi . I try to lead a healthy lifestyle ever since I encountered a coronary issue in 2004 due to my borderline obesity.

Pinnacle Performance

Thirteen years later, I achieved my weight loss goal but I discovered that hitting the gym and losing weight is not the ultimate goal. I sorely lack balance. See, fitness training balances five elements of good health. I have to make  sure my routine includes aerobic fitness, strength training, core exercises, balance training, flexibility and stretching.

Pinnacle Performance

When the opportunity to visit Pinnacle Performance came, I was excited to learn more.  Well, I am sure you want to know more about  athletic development for professional and amateur athletes, and recreational fitness enthusiasts like myself.  I am very impressed with the way Pinnacle Performance delivers an environment geared to empower clients to achieve every level of performance.

Pinnacle Performance

Pinnacle Performance

Led by owner and Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Tom Summers, who holds vast experience carefully creating the complete athletic development of elite sports men and women, the members-only facility combines world-class facilities and instruction, with cutting edge technology and methodology, to ensure every member has all the tools required to reach their desired performance goals.

Pinnacle Performance

Using the unique Pinnacle Global Rating (PGR), a member’s speed, power are agility, strength, body composition, and energy system’s capacity, measured and tracked to provide an objective picture of progress.

Pinnacle Performance

Pinnacle also offers members access to physiotherapy services (ProHealth Sports & Spinal Philippines), such as treatment of spinal pain and dysfunction, running assessments, and injury prevention — ensuring all aspects of physical development are covered. The secret to Pinnacle’s success is in their 3-part customized mission:

1. PLAN – Whether to simply get back into shape, or to train for a triathlon, and everything in between, Pinnacle builds a program structured around a member’s goal. – The Pinnacle Global Rating (PGR) is used to profile and measure a member’s baseline.

2. PURSUE – Specific sessions are then designed for individual training, strength and power, metabolic loading, and mobility, among others. – A member’s PGR will be tracked per session in order to easily provide an objective picture of progress.

3. PERFORM – Pinnacle promises that at the end of every program, a member will be able to perform at the level initially targeted during the planning stage. – A member’s program changes every four weeks, with individual and complete reviews of every members’ previous month of training.

You might want to get the  Full memberships starting at P6,995, with Youth Memberships beginning at P4,995. Members are provided full access to Unique Program Tracking, and the facility’s Athletic Track, Performance Suite, Conditioning Equipment, and the Suspension and Body Weight Area.

ProHealth Sports & Spinal Philippines

Like I told you earlier, Pinnacle Performance also has physiotherapy services through ProHealth Sports & Spinal Philippines on the same floor.  Partnered with Pinnacle Performance, both high-level professional athletes and recreational fitness enthusiasts alike, can make use of the  physiotherapy clinic for injury recovery and prevention, for muscle function and flexibility improvement, and for spinal manipulation and rehabilitation.

ProHealth utilizes vast experience with professional and international sports teams to ensure cutting edge care is provided to all its clients, regardless whether engaged in high level competition or not.

The spacious facility on the 28th floor of Centuria Medical Makati is armed with physio gyms with reformers, seven physio rooms, shower areas, a pantry, and a lounge area. The clinic also boasts of real-time ultrasound to better assess and treat patients.  Owned and operated by Prohealth Asia Ltd objectively measured progress in its one-one-one sessions.

Physiotherapists are willing to conduct 45-minute assessments of new patients so check out if you need any of the specialization that  ProHealth Sports & Spinal offers.

  1. Manual Therapy
  2. Sports Physiotherapy
  3.  Muscle Therapy
  4. Spinal Manipulation
  5. Spinal Rehabilitation
  6. Post-Operative Rehabilitation
  7. Endurance Sports Injury
  8. Exercise Prescription
  9. Sports Physiotherapy
  10. Sports Medicine Management

I love how there is physiotherapy services within the same floor of the Pinnacle Performance. Sometimes after a rough workout, there are all these aches and pains which need to be checked on . One time, I think I used the weights at my gym wrongly and for months, I had a frozen arm. Therapy could have fixed it right away.

Do check it out especially those of you who live close to Pinnacle Performance at Centuria Medical Makati.

Contact information :

Pinnacle Performance
28th floor of Centuria Medical Makati, Century City
Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St.
Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
email: [email protected]
Phone: 02-793-8763.

ProHealth Sports & Spinal Philippines
28th floor of Centuria Medical Makati, Century City
Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St.
Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Phone: 02- 793-8762


Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram produces a 3-dimensional view of the breast that helps identify and characterize individual structures without confusion of overlapping tissue.


I can’t leave you yet. God, don’t let me die.

I cried in bed and my thoughts went to my mom during the days she suffered from the ravages of breast cancer. My first mammogram 20 years ago showed suspicious findings. After the surgery, I was overjoyed to know that the breast mass was benign.

It’s been 40 years since my mom died of breast cancer. Technology for early breast cancer detection is in place. Even the medications increase chances of survival. October is breast cancer awareness month and it is important that women educate and empower themselves with the right tools and knowledge to fight this disease.

A mammogram is used to check for signs of the disease in women who may or may not have any symptoms. Mammograms do not prevent breast cancer, but it can detect early signs and thus save lives.

I am grateful that I got to attend “Fight Like A Girl – Check & Protect with Health Cube ‘s  Breast Cancer Awareness Event.

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Through this event, I hope to share with you to be  aware of regularly monitoring themselves of potential risks such as Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis. It will be my first time to check out the 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram (the first of its kind here in Manila) and  the Whole Body Densitometry test.

Early detection is important. 

The only way you can fight this sickness is early detection by self-checking, monitoring, and having a regular check-up which includes a mammogram especially for those who are at risk (40 years old and up, with family history, had early menstruation, late menopause, smoking, alcohol, no children or no children before 35 etc).


The Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO) recommends that “women in their 20s and 30s should have a clinical breast exam (CBE) as part of regular health exams by a health-care professional about every three years for women in their 20s and 30s,  and every year for women 40 years of age and over.”

PSMO further adds that “women age 40 and older should have a screening mammogram every year and should continue to do so as long as they are in good health.”

The Health Cube 3d Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Health Cube, offers the latest in breast screening with its 3D Tomosynthesis Mammogram. This test produces a 3-dimensional view of the breast that helps identify and characterize individual structures without confusion of overlapping tissue.

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

Also called breast tomosynthesis, this new technology allows the physician to see thin mammography sections of the entire breast and gives a clearer image thus, decreasing the need for further examinations. 3D mammography is better at detecting changes earlier that regular 2D scans. It can help distinguish superimposed tissue from real abnormalities, leading to less anxiety for women whenever they are due for a breast examination.

I was able to try the breast tomosynthesis and it takes only 10 minutes or so. There is a bit of pain but nothing like the pain of giving birth.

A Health Cube 3d Tomosynthesis Mammogram is Php3,200

Bone Densitometry to measure the strength of your bones

The rate of bone loss speeds up after menopause when estrogen levels fall. Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone, a medical condition in which bones become brittle and fragile from loss of tissue or calcium and or Vitamin D deficiency. Since I am over 50 years old, it is important to check my bone density so I can can take steps early to slow its progress and prevent complications.


Bone Densitometry, also called dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA), is an enhanced x-ray technology that measures the strength of your bones. It can detect serious bone loss, otherwise known as osteoporosis, thus leading to prevention of fracture and disability. The procedure is completely painless and is easily performed with minimal radiation exposure. This procedure can identify problems early, enabling you to start treatment and prevent further bone loss.

The Health Cube Whole Body Densitometry  procedure takes 10minutes and costs Php5,000

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Remember breast cancer maybe cured if detected early. Surgeon and breast cancer advocate, Dr. Sherry Lee shared some things to remember:

  1. Not all lumps are breast cancer
  2. Early detection is the best prevention
  3. Breast cancer spares no one.

Health Cube Tomosynthesis Mammogram

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