“The first step to teaching your kids how to handle money is being a good example.” – Dave Ramsey

first step in handling money

My children are adults , living away from home for the past  five years. I am so proud that they are independent. One of my greatest fears was dying young just like my mother. I wanted my children to be able to stand on their own even at a young age. I believe that setting an example was the key to teaching them about financial responsibility. Today, I can look back and reflect on the ways I brought them up.

I believe that kids need to learn how to manage their money in order to gain financial freedom no matter their chosen careers. So even if they will turn out to be writers or a chef, they will know how to manage their income and expenses. Money management started when they were little kids. It meant that they couldn’t demand to covet the latest gizmos and gadgets. They knew our priorities and often understood our reasons. My kids never acted like spoiled brats when I told them “no, we can’t buy that right now. Maybe some day. Or let me save for it first.”

Teaching my girls kids about financial responsibility meant setting a budget — and deciding what to do when they miss their own guidelines. When the girls were still in their high school and elementary years, I gave them  lunch allowance twice a week. I did this because I wanted them to know how to handle money. The rest of the week, I gave them packed lunch which also results to savings.

successful human beings

There was never a need to buy branded toys, gadgets or clothes. If they wanted something for Christmas, it was always within our budget. The best way to encourage sound spending habits was to exhibit them. When we went to the mall, it was mostly to buy books that I could afford. Books are so expensive. I recall the books I could only afford was the “Little Golden Book” , a popular series of children’s books. I discouraged impulse buying.

As college students, I gave a weekly allowance for food. I wanted them to learn budgeting for the week. Pretty soon, they graduated from college. As soon as they started earning, they bought their own clothes and saved the rest of their salary.  One daughter saved enough for a downpayment on a pre-selling condominium which she moved in two years ago. Today, she works for a financial comparison startup company and even wrote an article on 7 Money Saving Tips for the Very Lazy. My other daughter saved enough money for her plane fare to move to Australia for work and study.

money saving tips1

What students can do

It is only right that children learn about stretching their allowance and saving as much as they can. Learning to save money while they are still in school can help students become financially responsible by the time they join the workforce. I know my children did.

Check out ten  easy money saving tips for students.

  1. Set a weekly or monthly budget based on your allowance. Use an old notebook where you can record all your expenses.  Keeping track of where your money goes can help you understand your spending patterns.  It’s a good idea to keep all receipts of purchases for easier recording. You can analyze your spending behavior and find ways to cut down on necessary expensess
  2. Learn to differentiate wants from needs. Wants are things that you can live without while needs are basic necessities and vital things that can help you achieve your goals. Make needs your top priority.
  3. Bring your own snacks and lunch to school instead of buying from the school cafeteria.
  4. Buying ready meals on a regular basis can be quite expensive. If you’re staying in a dorm or an apartment that has cooking provisions, you can share the cost of buying groceries with your housemates. Cook your own food instead of eating at fast food joints and restaurants.
  5. Limit the number of times you go to the mall with your friends and classmates.  It’s alright to relax and unwind from time to time especially after a hectic week in school but take note that frequent mall visits can make you prone to impulse purchases.  When you’re at the mall, you are likely to spend money on food, movies and shopping.
  6. When you’re out shopping, make it a point to look around first and compare prices.  If you find products of the same quantity and similar quality, it is practical to go for the cheapest option.
  7. Set a limit to your mobile phone usage especially if you’re a prepaid user. Be conscious of your calls especially if you’re paying by the minute. Keep phone conversations brief by going straight to the point
  8. Be true to yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.  Avoid forming the bad habit of keeping up with your wealthy friends even though you’re on a very tight budget.  Real friends will not judge you based on your social status.
  9. Branded items may look cool but they can be quite expensive.  Don’t blow your allowance on a pair of branded shoes or a branded dress. No need to go to premium stores. You can still look trendy by wearing generic clothing. You can score inexpensive clothes in department stores and discount retail centers.
  10. Earn extra cash doing part time work that will not affect your studies. Many students make money filling out online surveys during their free time.  There are companies that pay people to answer surveys and test new products. Use your skills and talents to earn additional cash. If you’re good with children, you can consider babysitting for a relative, friend or neighbor. If you’re good in academics, you can offer tutorial services for other students. Perhaps you can apply as a research assistant for someone in the faculty. If you’re good in baking, you can accept orders of baked goodies from family and friends.   Put your good writing skills to use by writing paid articles for websites. If you’re an athlete or good in a certain sport, you can teach other kids how to play the sport. There are many possible jobs that you can do on the side. Explore your knowledge and special skills to determine what type of part time work you can apply for.  Just make sure that your studies remain your top priority.

A digital savings account that encourages a healthy savings mindset is now possible. ING Philippines redefine savings with the launch of its all-digital platform. Opening an ING digital savings account was seamless. I downloaded the ING mobile app and in 10 minutes, I was ready for mobile banking by depositing a check through the app.  How convenient that I need not go to the bank to deposit the check.

ING’s country manager in the Philippines Hans Sicat described this as an opportune moment for ING to expand its presence in the country with a retail banking service anchored on a digital platform.  With a universal bank license in the Philippines, ING has been active in the country since 1990. “ING wants to encourage more Filipinos to save by giving an attractive interest rate of 2.5 percent per annum (p. a.) with no minimum amount and no lock-in period,” Sicat said.

READ: The ING app, an all digital savings account

There are six reasons ING digital savings account is worth looking at.

1. It is the first bank savings product where all bank transactions are conducted through the ING mobile app. 

It is the first bank authorized by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to allow end-to-end electronic onboarding of the customers via the mobile phone by using the latest in facial recognition technology.

2. A higher interest rate of 2.5 percent p.a. on savings balance of up to P10 million would be offered to ING users starting June 1, 2019. Any amount over P10 million would earn an interest rate of 1 percent p.a.

If you compare the interest rates with other banks, ING offers even higher than time deposit rates. Most savings accounts from major banks in the Philippines grow funds at 0.10 percent to 0.25 percent p.a..  A few high-interest savings accounts give up to 1.56 percent p.a. depending on the amount. All these banks require a minimum amount to earn interest. What’s the catch? One gets better rates because ING has lower operating costs since they do not have physical branches.Advertisements

3. No minimum amount or holding period.

The ING Savings Account offers high interest rate with no minimum amount. If one wants to withdraw the money from their ING Savings Account, transfer of funds is free to any bank in the Philippines in just a few clicks via the ING app. There is no holding period to enjoy the 2.5 percent interest rate p.a.

4. Deposit anytime, anywhere.

You could deposit money into your ING Savings Account through your mobile phone, either via check deposit or money transfers from other banks’ online banking channels. Your bank must have the PESONet or InstaPay system which lists “ING” as one of the receiving banks. Using the ING app, a customer could deposit to his account by taking a picture of any check issued by any bank based in the Philippines. The check image goes to the same interbank check clearing system. This game-changing feature is the first ever approved by the Philippine Clearing House Corp. Deputy Governor Fonacier of  BSP says “ING is one of the first few banks to adopt PESONet, and now, they are also connected to the Instapay platform. Both are initiatives by the BSP to promote digital fund transfers.”

5. Convenience is a primary consideration.

Whenever I visit the nearest branch of my bank, I need to park and pay at least P50 for parking then queue to deposit my check. I end up spending too since I am already at the mall. Even looking for a parking space in branches outside the mall is a challenge. Those working close to the banks don’t face the same challenge as a work-at-home mom like myself.  Since it’s all digital, you need not take a day off to take care of your banking needs. They could answer questions through the 24/7 customer chat support on the app.

6. Compliant with ING’s global standards and BSP’s standards.

ING mobile-only business model in the Philippines was built from the ground up. As a global bank with over 20 years expertise in branchless banking, they use the latest security

features under ING’s global standards. Since ING is a member of Philippine Deposit Insurance Corp. (PDIC), the maximum deposit insurance for each depositor is P500,000.

The ING savings account is its first product. More products would be rolled out soon, focusing not just on the features but also how the product would be delivered. ING is not just another digital banking product. With its high interest rate, it allows Filipinos to achieve their savings goals faster such as building an emergency fund. I could see myself saving more with the ING app.

Originally published at “A savings mindset with the ING full-digital savings account” on Sunday Business & IT, May 26, 2019.

I love the convenience of my Coins.ph all-in-one mobile wallet especially when buying cellphone load. Try it yourself. Create a Coins.ph account with my promo code “momblogger” and get an exclusive 100% rebate on your first load purchase (up to Php 50).

Communication is important in my household especially if I am away on business or events.  It used to frustrate me whenever my helpers give me the following reasons for not communicating with me on important matters that needed my attention:

Me: So why didn’t you send a text?
Helper: Ma’am, I ran out of load.
Me: Then why didn’t you buy load?
Helper: Ma’am, I don’t have money anymore.

Or the following conversation:

Helper: Ma’am, I will just go out to buy load.
Me: It’s 9:00 PM. Why didn’t you buy earlier?
Helper: This is an emergency.

Communication is also important among my loved ones.  Whenever my balikbayan sister or my daughters visit the Philippines, I always have to google the syntax to get the text/call or internet bundled package.

All these challenges are a thing of the past now that I can buy load using my Coins.ph all-in-one mobile wallet. I was aware that Coins.ph allowed me to send or receive money, pay 80+ bills online, or load a Beep card, but the first useful thing I did was give load to my helpers, all from my phone. No need to step out of the house to buy load or queue at a loading station.

Let me share the same convenience I experienced by giving you an exclusive rebate during your first load, just so you can see it for yourself.

How to get 100% rebate on your first load purchase at Coins.ph

When I buy load and load promos through Coins.ph, I receive it in seconds and get a 10% instant rebate. But for you my dear readers, you are getting an exclusive 100% rebate during your first load. Here are the steps.

1.Download the coins.ph app from Google Play store or iTunes, and create an account

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2. Once you create an account, get ID and selfie verified.

How? Watch this video:

Getting ID and selfie verified allows you to do more with your coins.ph wallet.

3.  You will receive a Php 75 referral bonus in your Coins.ph wallet once you are ID and selfie verified.

4. Make your first load purchase! The 100% load rebate is only valid for 7 days after you create your account. After that, the rebate is 10%.

Please see the terms and conditions:

  •  You must sign up for a Coins.ph account with the referral code “momblogger” to qualify for this promo
  • Your Coins account must be ID and Selfie verified before you can avail of this promo
  • Rebate is 100% (up to Php 50) of your 1st load purchase
  • To get the rebate, you need to make your 1st load purchase within 7 days of creating your account
  • Processing of ID verification may take up to 3 business days
  • Load promo is open to Philippine mobile numbers only
  • You may avail of the rebate only once
  • Rebate will be credited to your Peso wallet after your transaction has been successfully processed
  • Only one (1) Coins.ph account per person
  • Promo runs from May 25, 2018 until 11:59pm on June 8, 2018

Let me show you the “buy load” feature of the coins.ph wallet

1. Cash in to your Coins.ph wallet

coins.ph wallet

2.  Choose your cash in method. I prefer over the counter banking, but you can cash in at 7-Eleven, Gcash or M Lhuillier.

3. Once the cash is reflected in my Coins.ph wallet , I just select the “buy load” in the app menu.

Type the cellphone number.  After the load is sent, you will be able to save the number.

4. Choose the load or load promo  from GlobeSmartSunTalk ‘N Text, or Touch Mobile .

coins.ph wallet

I just love how the load promos are already set. There is no need to google for the right syntax or create a promo.

coins.ph wallet

5. Select the load amount and slide to send.

6. Coins.ph requires you to add a  verification code from Authy or Google Authenticator.

I use Authy for this extra layer of protection. Find out how to do the two-factor authentication through the 2FA tutorial video or through the step-by-step guides.

coins.ph wallet

I just click “open authy” to get the token

coins.ph wallet

7.  The load is sent within seconds, and the best part is getting an instant rebate. (But if you sign up with the “momblogger” promo code and buy load in 7 days, you get a 100% rebate up to 50 pesos on your first load purchase.)

coins.ph wallet

It is that simple, fast and convenient. You also get a history of yourtransactions as well as the rebate.coins.ph wallet

Now, isn’t that convenience?

Create your coins.ph wallet today. Just download the coins.ph app from Google Play store or iTunes.

RCBC is now in the final stages of upgrading its clients’ cards with EMV chip-enabled cards. Visit your branch of account during the recarding period which has been extended to November 15, 2017. Starting November 16, 2017, all remaining RCBC magstripe cards will be automatically deactivated 


The announcement for the availability of the new design for the RCBC MyDebit MasterCard will be at their Official Facebook Fan Page.

Nobody likes to think that their card is being secretly used by someone else.  I remember the time my other debit card still had this magnetic strip. Around 3,000 pesos was siphoned by someone buying software online. I only found out about the loss the following day. It is not easy recovering the money. It took over a month for the money to be redeposited back to my account. The skimming and cloning needs to stop.

It makes sense to upgrade to Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) chip enabled card.  BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas) mandated all banks to make the shift to Europay Mastercard Visa (EMV) chip enabled cards. EMV is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions whether debit, prepaid and credit card. It’s that small, metallic gold square you’ll see on new cards. It’s a computer chip, and it’s what sets it apart the new generation of cards.

Who doesn’t want to feel secure in their  transactions? It’s great to know  that shifting to EMV cards is part of RCBC’s thrust to ensure safe and secure transactions for its clients. Did you know magnetic stripes on cards contain unchanging data, which makes it easy for anyone to replicate the data?

It is one reason the old magnetic strip cards are prime targets for counterfeiters, who use stolen card data to withdraw or purchase. There is a level of comfort knowing it is difficult to counterfeit EMV cards. Unlike the magstripe technology, every time an EMV card is used for payment, the EMV chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again. It ensures safer transactions by authenticating each card and generating one-time codes for each payment. This makes it difficult for anyone to steal the cardholder’s account information.

To enjoy the new EMV technology and its enhanced security features, RCBC clients can easily upgrade by going to their branch of account during the recarding period which has been extended to November 15, 2017. The upgrade to the EMV chip enabled card is free. All you need to do is present only one (1) valid photo-bearing Government ID to upgrade their ATM Debit or their MyWallet cards completely, for free. Upon receipt of their new EMV card, RCBC clients can proceed to the nearest RCBC or RCBC Savings Bank ATM to activate their card.

Starting November 16, 2017, all remaining RCBC magstripe cards will be automatically deactivated and can no longer be used in any transactions.

Drop by soon so you can make the shift before the deadline to enjoy more secure card transactions.

“We believe in you” is not just a tagline for RCBC. “We Believe in you” is “a battle cry to show our unwavering support and trust to the indomitable Filipino spirit. 

I believe in many things. I believe in dreams. I believe in the power of love. I believe affirmations fill my life with abundance.  I believe balance is not something I find, rather it is in something I create.

My husband and I believe in being together on dates every weekend. This is the balance I create. I look forward to Saturdays as it is our usual lunch date or a time to visit Salcedo market to buy our regular stock of organic vegetables and fruits. One Saturday, I needed to drop by the RCBC ATM machine to withdraw some cash before proceeding to the market. That’s when I spotted the new RCBC logo behind the closed doors of the bank.

RCBC rebranding

I nudged at my husband to point out the new logo with the tagline “We believe in you”.  Its previous dark blue color is now replaced with a light refreshing sky blue that lifts my spirit . It is interesting to see the traditional elements remain, particularly the prominent hexagon which distinguishes the Yuchengco Group of Companies. My husband and I know this too well because RCBC has been our bank for many years now.

It was a few days later at the launch of the RCBC rebranding that I got to understand that “We believe in you” is not just a tagline for RCBC.

RCBC we believe in you

RCBC President and CEO Gil A. Buenaventura stressed that “We Believe in you” is “a battle cry to show our unwavering support and trust to the indomitable Filipino spirit. At the same time, this new corporate thrust is meant to encourage Filipinos not only to dream, but to pursue their passions and dreams, and turn them into reality – whether it’s traveling to your dream destination, venturing into a new business, or purchasing a new home or car”.

RCBC we believe in you

I like RCBC’s positive tagline because it is an affirmation.   Dreams give me something to hold on to, while I work towards them. “We believe in you” sparked a light inside our head and got us thinking about our financial future during our lunch date.

My husband and I took a fresh look at our dreams and even dared to dream big. The challenging part is transforming those dreams into financial goals.

What do I want to happen in our financial future? What financial problems would I like to solve? What bills would I like to be rid of? What would I like to be earning at the end of this year? The end of next year? Five years from now? Ten years from now?

My husband and I dream to continue working with a passion till we croak ; save enough and continue building our health fund . But most importantly, we envision travelling and visiting our two daughters who are working abroad.  It is one reason we are planning to embark on a Camino de Santiago tour in 2018 and meet up with my daughters in Europe.   All of this will entail a lot of planning but our bank believes in us and will be our partner to help us succeed.

RCBC we believe in you

The tagline, “We Believe In You”, is not just a positive and personalized message to bank clients like myself. The message resonates to a wider and more diverse audience, particularly millennials who now comprise a third of the Philippine population and about 25% of the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). This tech-savvy generation is also financially knowledgeable and expect varied and individually-tailored banking products and services which RCBC is poised to deliver.  With its new logo and tagline, RCBC wants to show that it offers an easier, more accessible and rewarding banking experience for its present and future clients.

Start believing today.

RCBC we believe in you


Who would have thought that my passion for blogging would lead me to earning income?   Earning from my blog was farthest from my mind. I was blogging for an advocacy, to offer hope to parents that walked the same journey as I did. Little did I know,  opportunities came in the form of being a social media resource speaker, an editor and contributor . Blogging also paved the way to the awareness of new products and services. How timely that Security Bank gathered bloggers together and affirm that we can pursue our passion without going broke.


Two bloggers, Monica Manzano and Christine Dychiao, shared their stories on how they pursued their passion yet are able to invest part of it for the future. Christine Dychiao, a fashion entrepreneur , says that one must make it a habit to save a portion of our income. Monica not only shared her dreams and passion but the eight steps to manifest anything:

  1. Meditate
  2. Write goals: then tick them off one by one
  3. Collaborate with like-minded people
  4. Time management
  5. Have a Plan A, B, C, and D,
  6. Protect your own life missions and boundaries
  7. Learn how to flow with change
  8. Failing is part of the process.

There are many great lessons in failing. One gains new insight and confidence after having been there and done that. One can create a revised model at pursuing bigger and better dreams after your experiences. My exposure to investments has always been real estate which I learned from my dad. Thanks to blogging I got exposed to other ways of investing money like the offerings from Security Bank.


Security Bank encourages us to make investment a habit as you pursue your passions. There are no excuses because it is easy to invest. The best time to invest was YESTERDAY and the next best time is TODAY. Since the long term trend of the market is to go higher, the sooner money is invested, the sooner it can grow. There is no need to time the market. Investments made over time will earn and will be reinvested over and over again to generate greater earnings.  This is a good mantra to remember. Invest today. Now na.


I got  introduced to the Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs). A UITF is a curated investment fund that is managed by experts to ensure high yield and quality returns. I get to enjoy the profits of a diversified portfolio by purchasing units of participation in the fund. It’s the perfect investment option for me since I am not an expert in actual stock trading. Experts will manage my  investments through securities, bonds, equities, and other best-in-class instruments.


Security Bank offers UITFs with options for every risk appetite. I started  investing with just PHP 10,000 for the money market . This is the short “Investment and Risk Profile” questionnaire I took. Though the results show I am moderately aggressive, I chose to be conservative considering I am nearly 60 years old. I may not be as productive in my golden years as I am today.


So why invest? I was shown this infographic below on the results of investing 10,000 each month for 5 years . There is a potential return of 10% in an investment fund . Well , this is comparably bigger than the 0.25 % per annum in the savings account.  The inflation rate is usually higher than prevailing deposit rates and it decreases the value of your money. By investing in a UITF,  I will be able to invest in assets that offer higher rates than ordinary bank deposits. Investing in UITFs gives me a better chance of beating the inflation rate. I still do the same with my investments in real estate but the latter is not liquid. Diversified investment is the key.


With just a  minimum of Php 10,000, I will have diversified portfolio of assets. Diversification lessens the risk in any investment portfolio. I like this option. This is the way to pursue my passion without getting broke.

Make investment a habit as you pursue your passion. Are you ready to invest?

Security Bank introduces the Human Switch Kit, a personalized banking service that gives clients ease and flexibility in account opening. With this service, you can now request for a dedicated sales associate to open your account right in the comforts of your home or office. To get started, just visit www.securitybank.com and select your preferred branch, and a sales associate will set an appointment with you.

I am no stranger to death and dying. Let me count the ways:

  • 1976– My mother, succumbed to breast cancer
  • 1990– My 28 year old brother, Reuben died from Fulminant, Hepatitis A
  • 1999Oscar, my 40 year old brother died of leukemia (AML- 6)
  • 2000– My beloved son, Luijoe died
  • 2003– Dad died of diabetes complications, after being bedridden for 4 years.

Two of the above deaths were quite sudden without grief preparation of inevitable death unlike an illness where there is time to weep. Every death is not an ending . It offers new beginnings, an opportunity, to seek the meaning and purpose of the death.

family photo in the seventies

We all must face death. Perhaps we can even find grace in it. If it is our time to move on , we need not fear death. If it is nearing the time to say goodbye to a loved one, then pray that their transition be graceful and peaceful.

The ones left behind are those that feel this tremendous loss. I always pray that God gives me a long and healthy life so I can still be around for my family. Sure it  is everyone’s dream to live a full life specially with our loved ones but  I never know for sure what the future holds for me.

family photo

What is something that I want to end in order to begin?

With so many deaths in my family, it took time to struggle with my new normal. I could not help but reflect on the losses in my life.  The five deaths in my family  left me so devastated that I often found myself saying “Bahala na” to my future.

No to “Bahala na”. Bahala na (come what may), is something that may not  END to most of us. Yes, it is okay to pray and lift our burdens to God. I know God is with me all the time and when HE is with me , HE wants me to help myself. All I think is an increase and abundance in my life. It is time to create a meaningful yet comfortable life and live purposefully.

This is the advice I learned from a good friend:

Let go of the pain. Do something different today and welcome happiness back into your life.


Questions to ask “Who will take care of my family if , something unfortunate happens to me?” “How will I meet my basic needs when I can no longer work?”

My preparations include health maintenance program , life insurance and mutual fund investment. I even have a notebook that lists all the things that need to be done in the event of my death.   Preparing my family is the least I can do to minimize the pain of losing a loved one.  I talked to my children that I may not be around forever but I can at least prepare them for life without a parent. Though they are done with school, they dream of a comfortable life too. Leaving life insurance is one way that sufficient money is left behind to meet basic living needs or prepare them for future goals. I believe that a life Insurance plan ensures that my family is financially secure even if tomorrow I am no longer around to care for them. It is one legacy that will live forever in those I leave behind.

Another plan is having enough to tide me over during my golden years of over 50 and above. I do not expect my children to be burdened. I often remind myself that health is wealth and  I need to prepare for accidents, complications, if ever, on my diabetes.

I can’t leave my fate to a “Bahala na” attitude.  Taking responsibility for my finances enable me to take focus off money. It frees me to do my work and live the life I want. I have choices. We have choices, more choices than we let ourselves see. I learned through my painful experiences . It takes courage to let go of the past , things and people that hinder my growth. What I can control is doing something today and achieving a new normal.

As Mahatma Gandhi tell us, “learn to live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

mahatma ghandi


It’s that stage in my life where I am an empty nester. My two girls are now financially independent and not living in the family home anymore. It is that stage in my life when I am preparing for my golden years…not retirement because  I will never retire. Life is so much fun being a blogger. These days, one can still continue work and yet enjoy life at the same time using online opportunities.  My goals are income, wealth and protection.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Who doesn’t want money for life? I know I do. It does not mean I want to covet luxurious items. When I say wealth, I want money for life to take care of my basic needs: food, shelter , (still paying for my house loan), utilities, health needs and clothing .

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

My retirement plan revolves around sudden illness. Health is wealth but I need to prepare for accidents, complications, if ever, on my diabetes.  The best care is preventive health care. I do that now by walking daily (at least 10,000) steps and removing beef, pork, and chicken from my diet.


Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

I cannot imagine my children supporting me in my old age especially if they have families already which is one reason that I stopped giving them financial support once they started work so I could rebuild my savings. My kids often say that they will help us in our old age but I don’t want them to think that is our plan. If they want to give us gifts, well and good. It is not an imposition but more out of love.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

What do I want my legacy to be?

Leaving a legacy means different things to different people. But what is leaving a financial legacy?  Each of us today, has a financial future.  My next goal is now leaving a legacy but not necessarily for my children…Yes, I do want to preserve my estate but most importantly, I want to have enough money to tide us over during our golden years of over 50 and above.

The  Money for life eplanner at moneyforlife.com.ph is a good start , which guides me on achieving this legacy.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

My desired goal is staying protected from sickness and accidents.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

The next step is identifying my needs and the amount of my goal.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

I have options to explore that I can now talk to my Sunlife advisor, Kendrick Chua. He has been my advisor since 2011.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

Image via moneyforlife.com.ph . Some rights reserved.

I will update you soon on how I have been achieving my “money for life” goals.

You can get a headstart by joining the Bus to the Future

To help inspire the public to create their own Money for Life plan with a financial advisor, Sun Life created a 360-degree visual reality (VR) video, transporting them to different scenarios based on their chosen life stage. This will enable the viewer to live the dream for a minute and be encouraged to start planning for their future through Money for Life and Sun Life’s life insurance and investment products. 

Bus to the Future_web

Viewable with a VR headset, the video can be experienced in a customized bus called “Bus to the Future,” which will be making its way to different malls and campuses nationwide. Among the stops are:

Bonifacio Global City High Street June 11
Eastwood June 19
SM City Cebu June 25
Solenad, Nuvali July 2


MAPUA Institute of Technology June 2
Ateneo Graduate School of Business June 12
De La Salle University June 16
University of the Philippines Diliman June 16
San Sebastian College June 20
University of San Carlos Cebu June 24
Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila June 29
University of the Philippines Los Banos June 30

In all these stops, Sun Life financial advisors will also be on hand to accommodate inquiries.



I am truly grateful for the recognition once again. Last year, I also won First runner-up, #SINAG Financial Literacy Digital Journalism Awards . The SINAG 2015 Financial Literacy Journalism Awards seeks to encourage Filipinos to become more financially prepared through well-written stories.

sinag sunlife financial literarcy award

The theme this year was “How can financial literacy help people live life to the fullest?” Topics could range from savings and spending tips, to proper attitude towards finance. Basically, anything to get people thinking about how they manage their wealth. Here are the three articles I wrote about financial literacy this year:

Teaching your kids how to handle money

Retirement planning: do I want to happen in our financial future

Each of us today has a financial future

sun life sinag award

The main winner for the digital category are Lace Llanora while the other co-winner was Abraham Lee. In Lace’s blog, she writes about her experience learning about money saving tips so she can ensure a future for her boy. Abraham learned from the challenges his family encountered while growing up. There is a wealth of knowledge from their blogs.

sunlife sinag winners

Along with the trophy and the recognition was a cash prize and a starter fund which Lace and I immediately invested at Sun Life Financial. (Disclosure: I already invested in Sun Life Financial in 2011). If not Kendrick Chua, a good friend (center), I would have not known about the Prosperity Fund.

financial advisor

More than anything else, this recognition reminds me to write more about money management tips or financial literacy. If there is anything I can share, it is that preparing for a financially secure future requires taking action today:

1.Increase your cash flow;

2. Reduce or eliminate debt;

3. Take baby steps in savings and investing;

4. Review your finances periodically;

5. Communicate with your family.

Once upon a time….

You have a stockholder’s meeting on June 29 at the Mandarin Hotel. I placed the invitation on my daughter’s tables.

Both girls suddenly got interested. “a whaat?“. I started to explain.

Remember the college funds that you invested a year ago?

We will probably be the youngest in there. They chorused.

Though M. college tuition from 2005-2009 at UP averaged only 5,800 pesos ($109.00) while Lauren’s tuition from 2003-2007 Ateneo was 10 times or 52,227.00 pesos ($1,000), each girl invested equal amounts. Their college tuition funds were placed under their names to make them financially responsible. I remember when I was still the breadwinner during the first year of our marriage. An officemate urged me to purchase a college plan for Lauren who was not even a year old. I just didn’t believe in a college plan at that time. My financial reality focused on making ends meet. Butch was still at Law school and we had two little girls. I figured that my financial status would be similar to my dad. By the time the kids are in college, our financial situation should be much improved. I was very optimistic.


Everything we had dreamed off materialized. My husband predicted that by the time the girls reached high school, he will have his own law office and we will have two homes. Life was good. I was a full time home maker never having to worry about finances. But nothing prepared us for the loss of our son . To cut the story short, by year 2004, our financial situation was at its deepest pit.  With Lauren’s help, we started a small web hosting reseller account in December 2002 by investing part of the award money given to her by the Cebu Civil court (see here). Only 16 years old, she had a popular online community to support her endeavor. Seeing that it had huge income potential, I offered to help her out. We became business partners. She covered the marketing aspect while I assisted in the management and technical aspect. By the time she was in college, she had significant savings which I invested for her.

Lauren ‘s entreprenurial initiative kept us afloat during those bleak months in 2004. I promised to repay her double the loaned amounts once I recouped our financial losses. By God’s grace, I was able to repay Lauren after a year. Since she was busy in college, I took control of her webhosting and expanded the services. The modest income helped pay for the college tuition including allowance. To provide educational funds is a parental responsibility not the child. I felt that our children shouldn’t have to face that financial burden . But she also worried that if she didn’t help out, she won’t be able to finish in Ateneo, When she travelled to the states on her own last year, she felt so guilty for using up part of her savings. I told her “Treat it as an educational trip. You deserve it”

my children

I love my children for learning to adapt to our family crisis. My second daughter helped out by reluctantly studying in UP Diliman. Her first choice was Ateneo. I felt bad at first that we could not provide the tuition money for her first year in Ateneo. Today, she is full of gratitude that she chose UP over Ateneo. See, there is always a silver lining.

Back at the family room, I lectured them on the advantages of attending this meeting, even at a young age.

Yes, we will go for the food“, the girls chimed in.

financial future

I was too complacent during those grieving years. I left all the financial burden to my husband. Today, taking responsibility for our financial affairs improved my self-esteem and lessened anxiety. Each of us today, has a financial future. There are few future aspects of my life I can control, but one part I can play to assist our family’s future is setting goals. I don’t have to obsess about my goals. I don’t have to constantly watch and mark our progress toward them. But it is beneficial to think about my goals and write them down. What do I want to happen in our financial future? What financial problems would I like to solve? What bills would I like to be rid of? What would I like to be earning at the end of this year? The end of next year? Five years from now? I know I am willing to work for these goals and trust God to guide me.

Taking responsibility for my finances enable me to take focus off money. It frees me to do my work and live the life I want. I deserve to have the self-esteem and peace that accompanies financial responsibility.