The girls are now in their twenties and they have their own gimmicks these days. I can’t even schedule a photo shoot for a family portrait because their schedules always conflict with the date. The only occasion for us to be together is when we dine out or shop. Yesterday afternoon was one of those Read More →

My first reaction was disappointment at our President when she granted absolute pardon to Erap. What happened to all that government money spent on his trial? By giving Erap that absolute pardon, our president restored all his civil and political rights, which were automatically removed by his conviction of atrocious crimes involving illegally amassing billions Read More →

Photo Hunters theme this week is Smelly. I chose our family’s Shoe Cabinet which is nestled in the far corner of the second floor. Some of the shoes in there are smelly whenever I pass by. It’s one reason I place a deodorizer inside the cabinet. I know when it’s time to replace the deodorizer Read More →

If I didn’t know what the Nintendo Wii Games Console was all about, I’d think Jayvee, AJ, Juned including my daughter are loonies waving their “wands” about in front of my TV set. Jayvee brought along his Nintendo Wii and lots of party games to amuse the bloggers. The gathering was intended to be a Read More →

Just looking at the images of monks marching against the vicious military junta in Myanmar, joined by crowds of civilian sympathizers, brings back memories of Philippine-style People Power. It raises hope that perhaps Burmese democracy may have a chance. Let’s help [tag]Free Burma[/tag] by joining the Support Burma: International Bloggers’ Day. How can you help?

I have a surprise for all of you readers and visitors ….but before anything else, I want to show my gratitude for the many wonderful things that have happened in my life Everyday , I face interruptions, delays, changes and challenges. I have learned an important concept to get me through this stressful time and Read More →