September 2007

Lauren, A Young Internet User in 1996

youngblogger.jpgLauren told me to scrounge around for her photo as a 10 year old using the computer because it was needed for a magazine article. As some of you might know, Lauren started an online journal (not called blogs then) on December 1996 so the photo had to be around that time. Oh no! It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. For days, I poured over stacks of photos because I have not been organizing them for the past 12 years. I finally found the photos of her in various poses with the computer. My geeky little Lauren.

Lauren was 9 years old while M was 8 years old when I had an internet connection at home. Between the 2 girls, Lauren used the internet a lot more than M. My internet service provider in 1995 was Virtual Asia. For 500 pesos a month, I had 15 internet hours. Geesh, it was terribly expensive to get wired during those days. The internet at home was mainly used for email purposes as I wanted to save my precious internet hours. One summer day in 1996 , 9 year old Lauren got bored and demanded to go online to search for penpals. I foresaw the need to strike a balance for the wonders of the internet with the responsibility for accountability, self-discipline, and safety. The best defense I had was to make exploring the online world a family affair. Together, we surfed and discovered two kid sites , the and What caught their interest in kidscom was the graffiti wall that served as a chat room but it wasn’t in real time. The kidspub was a fun place to submit writings. Lauren was raring to get her creative juices started with the kidspub. The thing was they wanted her to submit the articles in HTML.

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Fam Pics: The Ceramic Fondue Pot

ceramic fondueFor the month of September, the theme for the Pinoy Moms Network Fam Pics is Potted (anything in a pot). My entry is about my Ceramic Fondue Pot. I gave it as a Christmas present last year to my husband since he is such a cheese lover. The first time I encountered Cheese Fondue was at a Swiss restaurant in Lucerne. While my sister and I dipped and swirled our bread into the cheese in the pot, a group of yodellers went a yodelling in the background. For me the yodelling sounded like nonsense but I guess it was used as a method of communication between mountain peaks, and later became a part of the traditional music of the region.

Tonight called for the Cheese Fondue pot again since it’s my daughter’s birthday and she’s just as crazy over cheese.

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Boycott Manila Standard Today!

I am joining Nick ‘s Renewed Boycott Against Manila Standard Today.

Here it is, our stand, because [tag]Manila Standard[/tag] Today has chosen to hide behind their term ““protocol” and issue a pardon to their most beloved columnist for all The Filipinos to see. This is a call to boycott, for the irresponsible behavior of Manila Standard Today, they have chosen to pass up the option of doing the right thing, and essentially show their true colors and the standards they are upholding.

Do not go to their website, do not buy their paper, and anything that they write. Unless it is a declaration of firing [tag]Malu Fernandez[/tag], it will fall on deaf ears.

Incidentally, Daily Inquirer wrote about this latest boycott campaign including Anton de Leon’s entry on Malu Fernandez who is based in Dubai. Apparently, the Filipino Channel will interview him today about the renewed boycott campaign and the OFWs sentiments.

Yes I know that we should move on to other important issues like Justice for Cris Mendez but sadly, I still see a lot of hits coming into my blog because of the Malu Fernandez article. The Malu Fernandez issue refuses to die because she was not sincere in her apologies. The mere fact that she is still with Manila Standard speaks for itself.

If you want to participate in this renewed boycott against Manila Standard, just read this entry and grab the badge for the boycott campaign.

Hope you can join us.

Edit – September 6, 2007- ABC 5 Jove Francisco featured some blogs in “Sidetracked”

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My Type of Guy

I thought I’d go down memory lane and reminisce the days just before I fell in love with my ex-boyfriend (read our love story) .In this day and age, my husband is the so-called brooding artist, emo-ish guy (Think of my daughter, Lauren). I mean he is my total opposite. So why did I fall for him anyway?

Jane posted this meme on her blog and it alsogot me thinking if hubby is really MY type of guy. Not that I doubt if he is MY guy but it’d be fun to see the score at the end of this meme.

So here goes:

1. Suplado = I like suplado guys. There is an air of mystery around them. Butch is suplado.

2. Mr. Shades = Oh yes, groovy. Like that.

3. Masculado = Not too many muscles. Those rippling muscles look scary.

4. Guys who give flowers = Flowers given without any occasion is the best surprise.

5. Smiling face = Of course, a smiling face is way better than scowling face

6. Hiphop = Being a “good dancer” during the late seventies was a must. I thought Butch could dance because everytime a dance music played, he’d dance and wiggle on his chair. Oh dear, but that’s all he could do. Dance while seated. Haaay.

7. Guys who ask permission before courting = I would have loved that but nooo…Butch was unconventional.

8. Has earring/s = Though it wasn’t the fad then and if it were in this day and age, I’d say NO WAY.

9. Used to chew bubblegum =
Definitely a turn-off!

10. Long-hair = Okay as long as it is kept neat , clean and tidy.

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Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel

Sometimes you never know where friendships lead you to. My friendship with Pia started when my husband and I went on a date with Pia and her then boyfriend/future husband, Butch (now legally separated), who happened to be my husband’s best friend during their Law school days. I never dreamed that the four of us would sit down literally under the mango tree and conceptualize the law office of Sebastian , Dado, Cruz and Batalla (now CASElaw). I was their first accountant while Pia was the Office Manager during the first months of operation as our husbands struggled to make ends meet. Our husbands were busy being the lawyers , of course.

Though we were not exactly as close as our two husbands were, Pia consoled me during the wake of my son and gave me grief reading resources. You know, there were not many people who were tactful and compassionate during those days. I felt comforted by her words. Who would have thought that two years later, our husbands would now share a maddening experience of losing an only son? And both us would have two surviving daughters. Gabriel, Pia and Butch’s son had a rare chromosomal disorder called trisomy 13.

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