Lauren started driving at 18 years old, rather I enrolled her at a driving school when she turned 18. I figured that she’d learn to drive a car using stick-shift just like I did at her age, instead of an automatic. We didn’t own an automatic car that time. I pride myself in being a teacher to my kids in (practically any topic) ever since they were babies but not driving. No, no….no

I want you to watch this youtube video of Happy Slip and Kevin as the latter learns to drive a stick-shift car. View it till the end because that’s the way I felt after I went on a practice driving session with Lauren the first time.

Put it in Purse

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Every Good Friday was just like any other day for me. The streets are empty. Everything is still. At 3:00 PM, I’d bow my head in prayer and reflect on Jesus’ death. That is before the death of my son. I never knew what it felt to be the mother of Jesus, losing a son until of course, I lost my precious son 8 years ago. Even if Mother Mary knew that Jesus died to save us, she was just as inconsolable as any mother who lost a child. My son was “clinically dead” when I got to him and I did not see him suffer. Not that I am diminishing my own pain but I bet Mother Mary suffered one thousand times more than I did for every nail and insult given to her beloved son.

How does this pain feel? Imagine…

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Some blogosphere news… no gossip here. 🙂

blog awards 2008

The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards is still very much alive. The committee is moving the event to July 2008 because of two things: the first is because we’re still looking for an available venue that can accommodate a lot of people at a good price and second, because we’re waiting for the incorporation papers. The incorporation is crucial because receipts are needed for our sponsors. Also, a new set of officers will take place because of the incorporation. Hopefully, all the legal papers will be ready by end of April. *cross fingers*

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

When my ex-boyfriend swept me off my feet 30 years ago, it happened at the UP sunken garden just before sunset. I screamed in delight as Butch kept twirling me around and around. Put me down now. I wanted it to last forever but a crowd of onlookers oogling at us from a distance brought us back to reality. We had no shame. Truly, madly, deeply in love. We were optimistic that whatever flaws we had could easily be worked out. Such an idealistic thought. A friend told me that the thing I loved most from my boyfriend is the thing that I’d hate about him when I get married.

Is it true?

This conversion chart for dating is meant as a joke but in reality, there is some truth about it.


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Listen/Download the Podcast of Butch Dalisay’s Talk
butch dalisay

At a press conference for a food event, the Singapore-based president of this events company handed over his calling card to me. After introducing himself, he asked the food publication that I belonged to. I smiled and without hesitation, informed him I’m a blogger.

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