UPDATE (December 7, 2008) Youtube Video of Manny Pacquiao versus Golden Boy Oscar de la Hoya

I did not watch the Pacquaio-Diaz fight. I couldn’t bear to watch either one get hurt. In fact, I’ve never watched a single boxing match in full. I cringe every time a jab is aimed at either one of the boxers. For me a boxing fight is like watching a horror show. You know the kind where I cover my eyes fearing a bloody mess will unfold before me.

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Greed led the owner of the MV Princess of the Stars to allow it to proceed on its final journey despite Typhoon Frank warnings. This is the same corporation which owned the even more ill-fated Dona Paz, a ship whose loss on December 20, 1987 killed nearly three times as many as the famous Titanic.

The manner by which Sulpicio Lines handled the terrible tragedy is most deplorable. However, there is yet another tragedy that has not been written about much, which has befallen the town of San Fernando in Sibuyan Island. San Fernando is the town closest to where the sunken ship lies.

This quaint fishing town of some 22,000 residents is also struggling against an equally daunting devastation away from media glare that is focused on the capsized MV Princess of the Stars just a few kilometers from the shore. Majority of the families have lost their homes and been displaced. There is hardly food and shelter available. The children are in dire straits. They have lost all their books, toys, clothing and are very much in need of basic necessities. Government agencies, owing to a lack of resources, just cannot be depended on to address all the tragedy surrounding us today. In today’s Philippine Inquirer report, Dr. Ted Esguerra of the Philippine Coast Guard mentioned that attention should be given to the children of this island.

As private citizens, and as human beings, we can do our part. My friend, Cathy Babao-Guballa is initiating a campaign to help the Children of San Fernando, Sibuyan Island.

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Lauren dragged me to watch a special viewing of Bunso (The Youngest) last saturday. Bunso is a poignant documentary film by Filmmakers Ditsi Carolino and Nana Buxani about three boys – Tony, 13, Diosel and Bunso, 11 – struggling to survive in a crowded Cebu jail alongside adult rapists and murderers. The two streetsmart boys paint us a picture into the surreal world of children caught between extreme poverty and the law.

These boys talked about their hunger and how they resorted to stealing just to survive. One boy stole from a sari-sari store because he could not bear the hunger pangs any longer. The owner did not press charges but the father wanted to teach his son a lesson by sending him to jail.

The boys are in prison for petty theft and robbery. Anthony claimed that he stole huge amounts of money to feed his family when his mother neglected his siblings. Bunso was on the streets because his mother did not “send him to school or care for him”. He resorted to begging for money at first, but when he couldn’t get any money, he stole. Then he started sniffing glue and needed more money to fund his addiction.

“I’d sniff first then eat,” he said in the film.

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It’s not the pale moon that excites me
That thrills and delights me, oh no
It’s just the nearness of you

It isn’t your sweet conversation
That brings this sensation, oh no
It’s just the nearness of you

When you’re in my arms and I feel you so close to me
All my wildest dreams came true

I need no soft lights to enchant me
If you’ll only grant me the right
To hold you ever so tight
And to feel in the night the nearness of you

The “Nearness of You” is 1940’s song probably meant to be a love song but I chose it as a lullaby for my 2 girls from the time they were babies till around 4 years old. Instead of singing the usual baby songs, I chose a slow and soul-soothing song as my way to calm my fussy babies. My pitchy song helped lull them to sleep and surprisingly calmned me at the same time. There is just no substitute for these quiet moments of connection — time spent nurturing my little loves.

Last night, I sang this song upon the request of my husband to tease the girls. When they were much older (6 years old), they used to sob when I sang this song. Perhaps they became nostalgic?. After sobbing, they slept soundly. I never had sleeping problems with any of my children because of this lullaby.

Right after my tone-deaf rendition of the song, Butch asked the girls “Are you crying now?


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It was 5:00 AM when Lauren knocked on our room . The loud noise outside her window woke her up almost the same time as the brownout hit our home. “Don’t worry the MERALCO wires have a ground wire now” I told her to sleep with us if she was still scared with the noise. Thinking it was just the rattling roof in our neighbor’s house, I didn’t think much of it. It was still too dark to investigate.

At around 9:00 AM, we discovered the remnants of a roof lying a few meters away from our house , narrowly missing my daughters’  bedroom window. The roof came from the fourth floor of this ongoing construction across our home then , probably flew off and landed right smack along some cables and electric wires in the house beside us. No wonder we have no Globelines broadband and Skycable connection.

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Blogging made me vain. Not directly though. With a blog that focused on an advocacy, it caught the fancy of a few TV shows and magazines. Before I emerged out of my 5 year recluse, I avoided cameras and people like a plague. I didn’t like how I looked. When I saw myself for the first time on TV, I was appalled to see myself 10 pounds heavier.

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For those searching about Danvil Plans, my post on this is in the middle. Read also the comments section to know more about Danvil Plans Scam or How to Cancel your Danvil Plans Policy.

What is it with freebies or raffle prizes? Sure, a freebie or raffle prize is exciting to receive if there are no strings attached or pressure to buy another product or service. Scammers or near-scammers use this time tested innovative marketing strategy to get what they want: MONEY.

This morning, I received the following text message from +639266957989

Globe 3g congrats for winning a Nokia N95 in our network to claim ur prize pls call toll free #09266957989 per dti ncr permit, #2838 series of 2008. God Bless.

I am sure a lot of you receive this type of text message but what caught my attention was no prize money was mentioned. Just a Nokia N95. It piqued my curiosity so much that I wanted to know their modus operandi. I called the number:

Man: Hello, Globe 3g.

(Hmm, the con man is trying to sound official and important)

Me: Hello, I called because I received a text message that I won a Nokia N95. Is this true?

Man: (who sounded defensive) If you see in the text message, there is a (Department of Trade Inc) DTI permit. You won 200,000 pesos and a free Nokia N95. Didn’t you see your cellphone number flashed in ABS-CBN show last night? (All this time, I just listened to his defensive explanation because I was raring to get information on their scam strategy).

Me: Talaga? I didn’t watch TV last night. Paano ko makuha yung nanalo kong Nokia N95? (How will I get my free Nokia N95?)

Man: To get your prize, you need to submit requirements before 10:30 AM

Me: So what are the requirements?

His response shocked my virgin ears.

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I enjoy reading stories of unknown singers making it big in the Music industry. It’s one reason I have an American Idol blog and Pinoy Idol blog where I can see their rise to possible stardom. I am sure a lot of you know Arnel Pineda, the front man for the 80’s Journey band. I first learned about Arnel Pineda’s journey last December but I had no idea about this Journey Band. What is simply amazing is the journey that Arnel had to travel to reach this dream. I knew all about the following:

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