Monthly Archives: September 2006

Customer is (still) King

Share List I believe that customer service and satisfaction is critical in my webhosting business. In fact, I offer money-back guarantee and refunds for unused months. That’s how confident I… Read more »

BlogCon on September 25

Share List Calling all bloggers in Metro Manila. There will be a BlogCon event on Monday, September 25, 2006. Here are the details from Abe and Pinoy Tech Blog What:… Read more »

Christmas Bazaars

Share List UPDATE Read Christmas Bazaars Schedules in the Philippines – 2007 While strolling Market! Market! this afternoon, Christmas songs blasted away from the mall’s pipe-in music. Ah, as always,… Read more »

Slander in Blog Comments

Share List After reading Involved In A Landmark Blog Case – Slander In Comments, I got reminded of the subpoena sent to my sister in San Francisco to provide… Read more »