Ahh [tag]Spring cleaning[/tag] in my mind. A clutter-free existence is something I always look forward to all the time. This time I have the perfect reason to nag family members to get their butt moving because we’re transferring to our new home by the second week of March. Whatever junk they choose to pack will Read More →

I was so utterly busy so forgive me for the delay on the Blog Parteeh Aftermath ([tag]blogparteeh07[/tag]). Thanks to the Steering Committee. It was well organized considering we had barely two weeks to put it all together. This means we can really pull a party together in few weeks notice. I heard the next party Read More →

M and I visited the kennel yesterday to reserve the [tag]boxer[/tag] pup that M discovered through the Dog Tracker forums . There were 4 cute pups to choose from. On the photo above, the female pup is to the leftmost while the rest were male boxer pups. They were only 2 weeks old but they Read More →

If you remember my New Year Goals, you will note that my first two goals were 1. Start the construction of our new home by February. 2. Move in to our new home before the year 2007 ends. Unfortunate circumstances can turn into blessings. I posted my New Year Goals entry on January 2, 2007 Read More →

Now that my 10 week [tag]weight management[/tag] program is over, I reflect with a slight disppointment over my [tag]weight loss[/tag]. I expected to lose more than 10 pounds in that 10 week period. I guess my age and the Holidays made it extremely difficult to follow the weight management regimen. I lost a total of Read More →

Pyro died. Another child left too soon. I only found out today about Pyro’s death. I wished I had been there for his wake. For the past 11 months since I discovered Mec’s blog on her pain over Pyro’s illness, I longed for a miracle, hoping against hope that Pyro would make it. It reminds Read More →

My sister in San Francisco greeted me a Happy New Year then asked me “so what are your [tag]New Year goals[/tag]?”. My goals are etched somewhere in the crevices of my brain but I hadn’t written it down in paper. I realize now that I needed to write down my goals, as an affirmation of Read More →