Spring Cleaning

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ballerina.jpgAhh [tag]Spring cleaning[/tag] in my mind. A clutter-free existence is something I always look forward to all the time. This time I have the perfect reason to nag family members to get their butt moving because we’re transferring to our new home by the second week of March. Whatever junk they choose to pack will be carried over to their new rooms. It’s their problem. The Lady cat in our home is flustered as she sees stressed-out-old me clearing up the junk and what not. It’s difficult for me to let go of memories as I held the girl’s ballerina tutus in front of me. I decide “This goes to the “For Keeps” corner”. Lady , the cat lies down on the tutu and observes my “Goodbye Gulo” activity. Even if you’re not moving homes, it’s best for everyone to have some semblance of a clutter-free existence. Clutter causes stress, the feeling of not being in control or the absence of peace of mind due to panic searching for needed items. What about dust that settles on useless items.

So what have I tossed out?

1. Old Magazines and newspapers , of course. The only ones I kept are issues of “Real Living” and other Home decor magazines for the obvious reason that we’re trying to “decorate our new home” the amateur way.

2. Aging medicine , makeup, cosmetics which have expiration dates anyway.

3. Damaged items. Naturally if it’s broken, I can survive without it.

4. Out of style clothes or shoes. My husband thinks that his old clothes “will come back in style”. I think it’s not worth hanging on to for such fearless forecast. I can’t believe the junk he has in his closet. My space for clothes are 1/4 his closet space.

5. Party souvenirs. The kids have a lot of these stacked around in corners of their rooms. It’s collecting dust mites. Ugh.

6. Random Decorative items or gifts. I can get sentimental over gifts given by special friends or family members. Reality sinks in when the gift does not go with the rest of the decor. Should I feel obligated to keep those gifts or to let them go? It’s best to keep the love and the warmth that went with the gift but I can dare throw away the symbol. (the gift).

7. Fiction books. The books in our home are just too much. If I had to bring all the books in the house, we will have to let go of one room. So bye bye half of the books at home.

It can be a difficult choice to let go . When faced with an item that I can’t use, I often just give it away, even if it was given as a gift, or I paid lots of money for it. At least someone can benefit from the item and money paid for it is not wasted. I feel so liberated seeing all the junk piled up at the garage . I feel lighter and more energized as I will have lesser things to pack up . Less is really more.