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Our Boxer Pup

boxer pups
M and I visited the kennel yesterday to reserve the [tag]boxer[/tag] pup that M discovered through the Dog Tracker forums . There were 4 cute pups to choose from. On the photo above, the female pup is to the leftmost while the rest were male boxer pups. They were only 2 weeks old but they have grown so much. It’s a comforting fact to know that the kennel owner’s Persian cat and his boxer live in peace. We believe the boxer is [tag]right dog breed[/tag] for our family and two felines. We were able to haggle the price a bit lower because I offered more than 50% downpayment. This boxer pup will be a family dog and not a show dog but it’s nice to know that the pups have good genes as they were sired by Philippine Boxer Champion, Solo.

And from among the 4 adorable pups, we chose….

The male boxer pup in the middle.

M gleefully holds Humphrey for his first photo. My husband will be “disappointed” as he wanted to name the pup in honor of our Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao . hee-haw!

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