March 2006

On Eload business & Cashless Transactions

Woe me, the hazards of an eload or auto load business or for cash transactions for that matter.

I have a small SMART Eload and Globe Auto Load Max business in the village. It doesn’t really yield significant profits since one only gets 14% profit. But hey, 14% of anything is still something. You can’t even get 14% a year in bank time deposits. You can just imagine how much money our telecom giants like GLOBE and SMART make a month.

Having an eload business pays for half the helper’s salaries. With a profit sharing scheme, the helpers are happy. And happy helpers generate better work attitude. It also offers them a chance to socialize in our neighborhood.

Today, when I deposited some of the earnings for my SMART MONEY at the Banco de Oro, the bank teller immediately spotted a fake 100 peso bill.

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My First TV interview

I woke up in tears this morning.

I dreamt that I was kissing and embracing my son, Luijoe. In my dream, he smiled and smirked as I smacked him on the lips and cheeks. Waves of happiness filled me. Joy lifted my heart. I felt like a white balloon, floating in bliss.

Then “POP POP”

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28 years together

March 7 is our 28th year anniversary. We ‘ve always celebrated it ever since we became steadies on March 7, 1978, way back during our carefree college days. I know steadies is such an obsolete word. What do kids call it these days?

And so 28 years ago, we looked like this:

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Exercise and Aging

fitness firstI enjoyed my daily workout this afternoon. Since my daughter was with me, I just stayed for an hour and a half. I like to take my time in the gym if I am on my own. (methinks I have too much time on my hands. ) Later at home, hubby showed me the February 20 Newsweek edition on, “Exercise and Aging- How to Stay Fit Longer” . After reading the article , it truly affirmed the Fitness First expenses and the stationary bicycle recently purchased last month.

“A century ago the world’s major scourges were infectious and childhood diseases. Today it’s coronary-artery illness, diabetes and cancer. These are lifestyle disorders that have everything to do with poor diets and sedentarism,” says Holden MacRae, a sports medicine professor at California’s Pepperdine University. “With our cars, computers, electronic games and cell phones, we’ve engineered movement out of our lives.”

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Lessons Learned From the ULTRA stampede tragedy

Wowowee will be aired again but there were lessons learned from the ULTRA tragedy. For one:

Now there will be separate entrances for senior citizens and children, who should be accompanied by adults. A blood pressure check is also mandatory for studio contestants, according to Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN vice president for entertainment. ““Blood pressure rises with the excitement,” she explained. ““We want to make sure they can take this kind of excitement.”

Though I believe that the show promotes “mendicancy and dependency”, I am glad to know that they are having separate entrances for the children and the elderly.

coffin.jpgThere was one child victim from this tragedy and I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the bereaved family. This is my story that I wrote for The Compassionate Friends. (written on the day of her burial)….

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On having an eye angiogram

It’s about time we take your Eye Angiogram to determine if there are any bleeding of the blood vessels, my opthalmologist told me.

That had me worried at first. I usually know when I have elevated blood sugar whenever my eyes feel heavy. When this happens, I exercise at my stationary bicycle to burn off some excess sugar in my system.

It pays to be careful because diabetes can cause blindness.

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