It’s about time we take your Eye Angiogram to determine if there are any bleeding of the blood vessels, my opthalmologist told me.

That had me worried at first. I usually know when I have elevated blood sugar whenever my eyes feel heavy. When this happens, I exercise at my stationary bicycle to burn off some excess sugar in my system.

It pays to be careful because diabetes can cause blindness.

So I went to Medical City for the procedure.

An eye angiogram uses a yellow dye (fluorescein) and a camera to take pictures and evaluate the blood flow through the vessels in the back of the eye (retina). My god, the procedure was so uncomfortable. You had to force your eyes open when a bright light is focused. If you can’t open your lids, the tech guy pries it open for you. After everything is over, the room is like a disco place gleaming in red light or rather a dark room for a photographer. Then the room beams to yellow. Maybe this is how it is when one is on drug trip.

Riding home was torturous. I wore two pairs of sunglasses. The sunlight had turned me to an overnight vampire. Since my pupils were dilated, my eyes received too much light.

a week later, a lovely photo of my eye


The impression got me worried:

OS: RPE window defects
OD: Normal Angiographic Study

The window defect is normal. Many people have it.
says the opthalmologist.

What a relief. Now to nurture my ischemic heart.

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