Photo Hunt’s theme is Furry. Kylee is best suited for this week’s theme. A few days ago, Kylee turned 10 years old (in human years) or 70 years old (in cat years). Lauren is the master of this neurotic Apple Head Siamese Cat. I bought Kylee from a pet shop sometime mid-February 1999. There were two kittens to choose from. Based on what I read, try to play with the kitten to check on the cat’s personality. From the looks of it, the frail-looking Kylee looked as if he was going to die. He looked lifeless but when I held out a piece of string, his eyes perked up and started to paw the string. This is the cat for Lauren. I held Kylee on the top of my palms and petted his furry little Apple Head, “You’re going to be Lauren’s pet”.

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A year ago, I held a Love Struck Writing Contest for my blog anniversary . One of the contestants, Mr Z got a place in the runner-up division. I first became aware of Mr. Z when Annalyn was unable to join us for a Boracay tour. Annalyn got stranded in Batanes for 8 days. Asian Spirit refused to fly over with the slightest hint of weather disturbance. I thought it was a perfect opportunity for them to discover more of each other as they wrap themselves in the beauty of Batanes.

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January 26 for the past 30 years always called for some sort of celebration. It is the day that I met my ex-boyfriend at the Shopping Center in UP Diliman. Yes, my college sweetheart and now my partner for life. I can’t believe we have been together for so long. My daughters cannot imagine that we were steadies at an age much younger than they are now. He was 18 and I was only 20. Was it just yesterday that I fell in love with his “bad-boy looks”?

I rumple my husband’s gray hair and tease him that he hasn’t really gained that much weight. I have gained 40 more pounds yet Butch manages to lift my spirits up even at my most “ugly moments”. I cannot tell if he is just flattering me or he means it. I have gotten used to his flowery words for the past 31 years.

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From the Light for Life

On January 25
Light 1 candle
Offer 2 minutes of silence
And raise 5 fingers for peace!

We may not agree with other people’s stands on the war.
Perhaps the one thing we all acknowledge
is the fact that there has been unnecessary bloodshed on both sides,
blood of women, of children, and of those who fought in the war.

Join us on Sunday, January 25 at 8:00pm your local time
as we remember the victims of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian War.

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I just came from Western Union to send a little something to Angel Cuala ( . Angel is asking for financial help—his wife, Mylene is currently confined at CP Reyes Hospital in Tanauan City, Batangas. She has been diagnosed for dengue, and is in immediate need of blood transfusion: 4 packs of fresh frozen plasma which costs P9,700. (16,000 pesos more). The Father blogger is a regular reader of this blog.

Dengue is a serious illness. I have parent-members in my support group who have lost a loved one because of Dengue Fever complications.

On details on how to help the Father Blogger, there are 3 ways:

1. Western Union. Read Dine’s post HELP Needed by Father Blogger–blood transfusion urgently needed for his wife, diagnosed with dengue fever.

2. Bank Deposit. Please email me if you want to deposit through his friend’s BPI account. I will send you the account name and number.

3. Via paypal through my account at [email protected]. I will advance proceeds, transaction fee and deposit it to the the BPI account in number 3. I will also furnish copy of your paypal donation to Angel.

Sending via paypal maybe the most convenient option but it’s your choice.

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I told myself that I should take a break from blogging. Just when I thought the waters are calm, Mike Abundo reveals that a hearing on a proposal by the Philippines’ National Telecommunications Commission that will require licenses for online content developers will be held today. The public hearing is set at 2pm Thursay GMT+8 (meeting got cancelled) at the NTC Executive Conference Room, 3rd Floor, NTC Building, BIR Road, East Triangle, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The proposal is called the GUIDELINES ON THE PROVISION OF CONTENTS, INFORMATION, APPLICATIONS, AND ELECTRONIC GAMES. Content definition is not quite clear but I hope that can get threshed out. Is the memo applicable to commercial sites? And are personal sites exempted from this definition? Imagine paying 6,000 pesos annually for licenses when people create and post content online. Just the same, I asked my husband to read the memorandum so I don’t miss any fine print.

(edit -updated at 7:00 PM: My husband’s opinion below and read this Business Mirror article that explains the memorandum. Thanks Scrufus for the link. )

The definition of Content Developer is too vague and broad although it would appear to regulate content provided ““for compensation”. It could be dangerous as it could be used to stifle the blogosphere…

Bloggers should question this measure.

It’s not the money, although 6k is a lot. It’s using government policy to control and regulate content online. It’s a freedom of expression issue. It infringes on the constitutional right of free speech and expression.

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Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe. It is not enough that a thing be possible for it to be believed. ~Voltaire

Justice over my son’s death has not been realized yet. In time, God will reveal his plan. In HIS time. We have adequate resources to file a case in court but we have yet to see the justice system move to the next step. Can you imagine what it must be like to other families whose kids died from violent deaths and don’t have the energy or resources to fight for justice? I know there are far more important cases pending in court far more important than our own that deserves the judges’ attention. I will be patient.

When my brother died from complications of Hepatitis A due to contaminated water supply that affected our neighborhood, our family sued the Cebu Water District, a semi-government agency for damages. It took 12 years for the court’s decision and fortunately it was mostly in our favor. The family members that survived the Hepatitis A contamination (including my daughter, Lauren) were awarded damages but none for my brother because he was dead and in effect, not a customer anymore. Did my 27 year old brother get the justice he deserved? Yes and No. No, because there was no monetary compensation awarded to his wife and children. Yes, because the water supply in Cebu is now cleaner and safer than it was in 1990.

Maybe I will not get the justice here on Earth. I have faith that justice will be served in HIS time. Faith is all I need.

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(thank you Adrian Jeric for the video)

Continuation…Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Media in Focus feature on the Valley Golf Brawl and blogging had guests Carlos Conde, Danilo Araña Arao (Assistant Professor of Journalism in UP), Atty JJ Disini, Councilor JC de los Reyes (Ang Kapatiran Party) and myself.

Questions revolved along bloggers vs journalists, legal issues like libel, blog ethics and Credibility in blogging.

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Disclosure on Political Affiliations: I do not work for Mar Roxas or any other politician. Neither am I affiliated with a political party. I am close to Senator Pia Cayetano and Senator Alan Cayetano . Our relationship ties date back even before they became senators. Former President Fidel V. Ramos is a family friend due to ties from my father-in-law. I used to be a student activist in my UP Diliman days. My political views range from conservative to liberal. I don’t have plans to run for public office.

Thought I’d write a disclosure before you read the entry below.

What happened to my blog? I am not a political blogger. I hate politics. My blog’s advocacy focuses on parenting, wellness and recovery. Look at the events that have transpired towards the end of 2008 and early weeks of January 2009? I cannot help but blog on these current events especially since they create an impact in the future of my children and the Philippines.

Making a stand also opens door to criticisms and the usual ad hominem from the same old, same old critics who jump on any news about me. I do not lose focus on my blog’s goal and I continue to achieve all of these goals and gain social impact by writing about it in my blog and participating in events and activities relevant to this blog’s advocacy.

So why did I find myself once again with Mar Roxas and other political bloggers last friday night at the Balai Ni Mar in Cubao’s Araneta Center? Certainly not to make idle chat. Like I told you, I hate politics yet I can’t remain apathetic.

It’s so easy to rant and rave about politicians from the comfort of home. It’s easy to plop down on our computer chair, blog away and idealize what the Philippines need. I feel quite helpless really, just typing away my thoughts in this blog when I know I can do more. I care about my children who will inherit the country’s future. One way to understand the future of our country is to talk up close and personal to the 2010 Presidentiables. It is almost common knowledge that Mar Roxas will run in 2010. He said he will announce it eventually.

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