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Media in Focus feature on the Valley Golf Brawl and blogging had guests Carlos Conde, Danilo Araña Arao (Assistant Professor of Journalism in UP), Atty JJ Disini, Councilor JC de los Reyes (Ang Kapatiran Party) and myself.

Questions revolved along bloggers vs journalists, legal issues like libel, blog ethics and Credibility in blogging.

Just some notes on my portion of the interview (View this segment):

In all honesty, I did not realize that I had to disclose editing a word in my entry. (I just found out that one can use the code strikethrough for edits). You can speculate all you want or put malice in my actions. The truth is I edit my blog entry every so often because oftentimes, I don’t like the adjectives or words I choose. I try to be a good writer and continue to improve on my writing skills as I go along.

My last word on Credibility in blogging. I don’t care if I have credibility or not outside my blog’s community. What matters is that my community of readers believe in me. I can stop blogging today and still continue on with my goals in life.

(edit – January 17: I don’t have a problem with credibility per se. The thing is I didn’t think I was important or credible to people outside my community.)

(edit- January 16: added DJB’s comments in his entry
Kudos to the Mom Blogger because he is more articulate than me and says it all.)

I recall the exchange. Noemi was being quite candid about a common experience of many bloggers: they don’t blog to maintain some kind of journalistic stature like ABSCBN or PDI or DZMM. They are in some sense just opinionators, but different even than MSM pundits.

When she said she didn’t care about ““credibility” that was when she was being a ““Mom Blogger” as she said, writing about things she is an expert on: her husband, her children, herself.

Then when she got embroiled in the golf fracas, suddenly all the credibility she had built up as a Mom Blogger was put to to the test in a completely unfamiliar situation. But of course, being a basically honest blogger, she did just ““shoot her mouth off” — but with the normal consciousness that her comment thread and other bloggers would see her published stuff and it would stand as a statement of her opinion or feeling at that point in time.

I think most bloggers–honest bloggers anyway–just assume that if they are speaking their mind with candor and openness so why do they need some editor to watch own for the owners interests in THEIR thoughts?

It really goes back to the fundamental cost of doing business in the MSM vs. blogging. It COSTS a ton of money to publish or broadcast anything, which is part of the reason for the ““vetting” which is sold as journalistic integrity.

What a laugh. The MSM is just as full of it as the Blogosphere, except our B.S. costs the economy and the environment far less. That very low cost of transacting memes is revolutionary. It has silenced the Voice of Omniscience that used to belong exclusively to the MSM.

No more! No more! Ordinary citizens will be heard. We’ll pay for pros to gather the news, but our views can and will stand in competition with any commercial pundit. Any day. Any night. Anywhere.

The Blogosphere is a meritocracy of ideas, an aristocracy of meme-makers

I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I am a work in progress.

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