Light for Life, A Candle-Light Event for Peace on the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian War

From the Light for Life

On January 25
Light 1 candle
Offer 2 minutes of silence
And raise 5 fingers for peace!

We may not agree with other people’s stands on the war.
Perhaps the one thing we all acknowledge
is the fact that there has been unnecessary bloodshed on both sides,
blood of women, of children, and of those who fought in the war.

Join us on Sunday, January 25 at 8:00pm your local time
as we remember the victims of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian War.

Here are some suggestions on how to make Light for Life an even more meaningful event:

1. Have a Light for Life dinner with family or friends.

2. Invite people over for movie night. You can play a movie with the theme of peace or positive change.

3. Organize people in your neighborhood to do Light for Life in an open space (like a park or by the street) where passers-by can see and join you.

4. Create a venue for open discussion. Before you do Light for Life, you can have an open forum on war and conflict and how they affect us. Or you can talk about other things you can do for peace.

5. Plan a Light for Life spin off activity. Use Light for Life as an inspiration to spark other creative, non-violent means of bringing about positive change.

Photo Credits to Yahoo News

Save the Children, Women, Innocent civilians from this war.