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Photo Hunt: Furry

Photo Hunt’s theme is Furry. Kylee is best suited for this week’s theme. A few days ago, Kylee turned 10 years old (in human years) or 70 years old (in cat years). Lauren is the master of this neurotic Apple Head Siamese Cat. I bought Kylee from a pet shop sometime mid-February 1999. There were two kittens to choose from. Based on what I read, try to play with the kitten to check on the cat’s personality. From the looks of it, the frail-looking Kylee looked as if he was going to die. He looked lifeless but when I held out a piece of string, his eyes perked up and started to paw the string. This is the cat for Lauren. I held Kylee on the top of my palms and petted his furry little Apple Head, “You’re going to be Lauren’s pet”.

This sleek and sassy Siamese cat may now have failing eyesight, and slightly obese but he is so much part of our family. He loves to snuggle in Lauren’s comforter and talks incessantly in that sing-song meowing if he needs to be in her room. I never expected him to live this long, or even outlive my son. My Siamese kitten is now her new playmate. That makes two Siamese cats in our small cozy home.

Life at home is never dull with a sleek and sassy Siamese feline by your side. In fact, it’s a bit like having a built-in entertainment unit in your home – with every day being ““show-time” !

The popular song lyrics, ““We are Siamese if you please,
We are Siamese if you don’t please” pretty well sums up their outlook on life.

Photo Credit To my daughter Lauren. Kylee is attracted to the sound of the printer as Lauren took this photo.

15 thoughts on “Photo Hunt: Furry”

  1. Trust that Kylee can be naughty and bratty, too. It was December 2004 when I was sitting on the couch, watching TV. I was wearing my eyeglasses. All of a sudden, Kylee jumped into the couch’s back, passing by my head, and toppling my eyeglassess off my head… Although I screamed at Kylee, I couldn’t help thinking that this cat would do anything to reach a goal!

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