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Father Blogger Needs Help

I just came from Western Union to send a little something to Angel Cuala ( . Angel is asking for financial help—his wife, Mylene is currently confined at CP Reyes Hospital in Tanauan City, Batangas. She has been diagnosed for dengue, and is in immediate need of blood transfusion: 4 packs of fresh frozen plasma which costs P9,700. (16,000 pesos more). The Father blogger is a regular reader of this blog.

Dengue is a serious illness. I have parent-members in my support group who have lost a loved one because of Dengue Fever complications.

On details on how to help the Father Blogger, there are 3 ways:

1. Western Union. Read Dine’s post HELP Needed by Father Blogger–blood transfusion urgently needed for his wife, diagnosed with dengue fever.

2. Bank Deposit. Please email me if you want to deposit through his friend’s BPI account. I will send you the account name and number.

3. Via paypal through my account at [email protected]. I will advance proceeds, transaction fee and deposit it to the the BPI account in number 3. I will also furnish copy of your paypal donation to Angel.

Sending via paypal maybe the most convenient option but it’s your choice.

You may call up Angel personally or send him a text message in case you want to help, at: 0919 320 8296.

The hospital’s phone number is: (043) 7781119.

I have to thank Itot for placing a comment on my blog. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to read his comment right away. Janette Toral did and mobilized bloggers to contact Angel.

Angel will update me on his wife’s medical tests as it comes along.

Update 5:00 PM January 23

Angel said that Mylene’s recent platelet count is 57. Normal is 120 but if her platelet reaches 100, that will do for now. He thanks all the bloggers for bring in 14,000 pesos. However he is still short of 16,000 pesos to pay for the hospitalization of both his wife and daughter. To make it easier for you to donate, his friend offered his bank account. Please email me if you want to deposit through his BPI account

Update January 24 at 7:00 AM

Paypal Donation is now $150. Angel needs around $350 or 16,000 pesos or even more.

Update January 24 at 5:00 PM

Paypal Donation is now $174.40. Angel just informed me that the platelet count of Mylene went down from 58 to 53. He is going to Manila to buy 4 bags of platelet from the Red Cross.

Update January 27 at 9:40 AM

Paypal Donation as of today, is now $ 424.40. Yesterday, I have sent him equivalent of $174.40 or 7,720 pesos (net of paypal deductions) to his friend’s BPI account. Angel is forever grateful.

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30 thoughts on “Father Blogger Needs Help”

  1. My prayers and best wishes are with Angel and his family. I hope his wife has a quick and full recovery.

    Btw, I’ve sent a small amount to your PayPal account Ate Noemi. Please let me know if you received it.

  2. Having dengue is really difficult. My father once helped a family friend about their child having the same. It was the time when lots of kids are dying because of it. The child I’m mentioning did not resort to blood transfusion. She survived while the others who were confined at the same time all died. Angel may also try non-blood alternatives (like plasma blood expanders. There are others) as this is more efficient and with less side effects. It is the modern way of treating patients as transfusion can cause major side effects, even if you survive after the treatment. The recovery is also faster. I hope the info helps a little as I can not donate because my wife is also sick at the moment and my kid just recovered from last week’s digestive ailment that is viral.

  3. Hi everyone,

    As of this moment, my wife has been a bit better after the Plasma transfusion through all your help – fellow Pinoy bloggers. I would like to take this chance to thank you Noemi, Janet, and all to the wonderful bloggers who helped in cash and in prayers.

    This afternoon, another test will be done to get the result of the transfusion and hopefully, it will be a success. But for now, she still can hardly eat and drink.

    My daughter’s condition is still under observation, but her fever still rises abruptly. She can eat a few soft foods, and she shows no signs of dengue on her skin and face.

    Again, thanks to all and who are still willing to help through money or prayers.


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  4. napakahirap talaga ng may sakit sa family… di bale na lang malaki ang gastos basta ma-save ang life nya.. i lost my sister last november because of typhoid fever. they got it from eating outside.. my two sisters were confined in two separate private hospitals in the city. the elder died after five days and the younger survived.. i think it was doctor’s fault…

    that’s why we should avoid eating outside even in fastfood chains.. we’re not sure of the way they prepare foods.. or if they prepared the foods properly, hindi naman tayo sigurado kung gaano kalinis ang utensils na ating ginagamit because many people used it before you did. to be safe, always ask for disposable utensils (spoon, fork and cup) even if you dine-in…

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