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Fire in MC Home Depot , Makati

IMG_0550.jpgMy daughter and I had a wonderful mother-daughter time at Fitness First in The Fort. I love sweating it out in the gym after all the parties I went to this weekend. Gym time enables me to have small talk with my daughter whom I will not see next weekend. On our way home at 5:00 PM, the dark clouds looked like there was a fire near our house. I hope it’s not in our village. I didn’t think it was because Butch didn’t give me a call. The fire was at that MC Home Depot (sells construction materials) at Chino Roces Avenue beside San Lorenzo Village . The smoke was so thick I thought it would swallow our car in darkness. Hopefully the brave firemen of Makati can bring it under control. (read more?)

*EDIT (July 3) – The cause of the fire was due to an overheated computer. Read Blaze caused by ‘overheated’ compute


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The Mystery of the Poisoned Water Jug

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““[tag]Poisoning[/tag] shocks best, brightest in science high school”. Upon reading the news, I could only shake my head at the cruelty of this sick joke. Kids create pranks now and then but this is just too much. My friend Cathy Babao-Guballa aka Nancy Drew , blogged about The Mystery of the Poisoned Water Jug , an inside story.

Now it can be told…”“J” was not the first victim, mind you, she was the fourth, but the worst hit, in a string of poisoning cases that had been plaguing this high school for brilliant minds over the last few months. It was only when ““J” finally hovered between life and death, did the pieces of the puzzle finally fit.

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Lessons Learned From the ULTRA stampede tragedy

Wowowee will be aired again but there were lessons learned from the ULTRA tragedy. For one:

Now there will be separate entrances for senior citizens and children, who should be accompanied by adults. A blood pressure check is also mandatory for studio contestants, according to Cory Vidanes, ABS-CBN vice president for entertainment. ““Blood pressure rises with the excitement,” she explained. ““We want to make sure they can take this kind of excitement.”

Though I believe that the show promotes “mendicancy and dependency”, I am glad to know that they are having separate entrances for the children and the elderly.

coffin.jpgThere was one child victim from this tragedy and I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with the bereaved family. This is my story that I wrote for The Compassionate Friends. (written on the day of her burial)….

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20th EDSA I People Power Anniversary

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Today marks the 20th anniversary of People Power but there is no celebration. Thanks to the state of national emergency. Twenty years ago, I was 8 months pregnant with my eldest daughter, Lauren. There was no way for me to join my husband and brother in EDSA. My huge belly would be squashed with the millions of people. I felt so left out. During my student years, I was quite active in lightning rallies against the Marcos rule.
So on that fateful day of February 25, 1986, I was left at home, listening to Radio Veritas.

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State of national emergency in the Philippines

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The Philippines is in a state of emergency. From what I gathered , the state can take over utilities or media and has banned rallies.

I hope that our grief support group meeting with The Compassionate Friends will still push through tomorrow. After being under martial law rule for more than 20 years, I get this deja vu feeling like it’s happening all over again.

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