Vee Press to launch the ebook version of my blog on Sept 17 at the Book Fair

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It has been ten years since my beloved Luijoe was taken away too soon. The positive resolution of my grief reached its peak just this year as we established closure with our past, never forgetting the love and memories of our son. The pain will always be a part of me because grief is the price we pay for love.

It surprised me one day when Vee Press , the digital publishing division of Vibal Foundation approached me if they could convert the grief category of my blog in to an ebook. I agreed only because this is not just about my story. It is a story of love, hope and the courage to let life go on. It was not easy re-writing the blog entries and the past events. Vibal Foundation hired Triccie Cantero, a free-lance editor to check on my entries. I was appalled at all the grammatical errors in the first two years of my blog. It discouraged me to continue on but I thought this was my way of giving back the blessings in my life. I am full of gratitude. It was the thought of giving hope to those who have lost someone that encouraged me to finish it on time before the launch. It was also difficult because tears would fall as I recalled some incidents in the past. (oh yes tears, a proof of love and that love lives on.)

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Mini Blogging via Twitter

I poked Sexy Mom via Google Talk early this morning to start using her Twitter. You’ve probably seen a few of my trivial Twitter Updates (using the wordpress plugin, twitter tools) and my Twitter badge on the right sidebar of this blog. Twitter is an update service or similar to a social networking site that lets you ““micro-blog” or write short (140 characters) quips on what you’re currently doing. It’s a nifty tool for people like me who work most of the time on the internet. All twitter.com does is ask: “What are you doing?” What I like about Twitter is that I can write the most irrelevant and mundane things without worrying if it’s blog-worthy or not. In short, Twitter is a mini-blogging tool. JAngelo wrote that someone said it can replace full-fledged blogging.

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