• Lauren isn’t up yet and she should be preparing for her housewarming party menu. Waiting for M’s text on her Manila arrival from Baguio. #
  • Am back from gym. Lauren panics as she has to submit her MA Creative Writing requirements next week at UP. And she’s leaving for Singapore! #
  • I am going to Ateneo so Lauren can request a transcript and recommendation letter. #
  • Lauren’s friends are in her room. Seems like her housewarming party will start early. I will check the food now. #
  • Never really turned the airconditioning system that went with this house until today because of Lauren’s visitors. Need my curtains now. #
  • I feel like I’m IN a rock concert. #
  • I love that the previous owners of this house left behind their airconditioning system. It does come in handy when one has guests. #
  • watching American Idol. It’s Latin night. #
  • Lauren housewarming party is over. Isn’t she glad that she lives near Eastwood? They moved over there. Now just waiting for Butch. #
  • i still have a bad cold. I hope I get well in time for Iblog 3 summit #
  • i woke up because of sneezing spells. Butch had to sleep in the other room so now I am by lonesome self. #
  • I had to drop M at the UP campus. Summer class registration starts today. Why would she want to take 9 units for summer? #
  • My online work always starts at 7:00 AM after breakfast. Then I work 4 hours straight then leave for gym. #

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