One of the [tag]Christmas presents[/tag] I gave the two girls is a BLESSING BOX, an idea I got from Darcie Sims’ The Blessing Box tip. And no, I don’t think it’s Oprah’s original idea. Inside this little box, are tiny messages and reminders of the joys and blessings of my life. Instead of keeping a Read More →

(Luijoe’s last Christmas in 1999, Baguio City) Christmas is a special time of year. Although shiny decorations and twinkling lights are the window dressing for this exciting festivity, it is the warmth and love of family and friends that make the holiday season so memorable. However, it can be a painful time for those experiencing Read More →

It’s December 22, 1996. My 10 year old Lauren sick with asthma comforted herself by writing her first journal entry at personal website at the project. Inspired by an online friend, Hayley , she started “Lauren’s Journal”. It continues to be shown at the because the domain owners believe it is a lifetime Read More →

[tag]Time Magazine’s Person of the Year[/tag] issue is coming out on Monday, and guess who that person is? It’s me. Well yeah, it’s me, it’s you, and apparently, everyone else in the internet.Read Time Cover story. Every year Time Magazine recognizes one person, or persons, that, through ability, invention, accomplishment, or otherwise, has significantly influenced Read More →

I just had to laugh when I saw one of my blog’s referrers “photo of a stressed Christmas Shopper”. Haha. Why would anyone want to check out on the faces of [tag]stressed out Christmas shoppers[/tag]? This [tag]Christmas season[/tag] has been stressful because of the failed attempts to close the purchase of a real estate property. Read More →

What exactly is the mommy look? Is there a fashion style for forty-something moms who have college kids? Often my girls tell me “but please don’t dress too young. You’re a mommy”. Then they also adviced me, “No mommy jeans look” as I shopped for new jeans. These kids can’t make up their mind. Should Read More →

There was a glow at the UP Sunken Garden Sunday evening as friends and family members of the Compassionate Friends Philippines gathered to light candles in memory of our beloved children. Despite the stormy weather, it did not stop the members from going to the event. About 30 people, attended the 10th annual Worldwide Candle Read More →

UPDATED: Visit the new Pinoy Idol blog. December 11, 2006– Results Night Mau Marcelo is the First Philippine Idol! Congrats Mau! You deserve it. Your fans made it possible for you to win. View Photos of the First Philippine Idol Results Night and blog entry Mau Marcelo, A Philippine Idol Cinderella Story.