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Twelve- year old Lauren and a couple of her keypal friends started an advice column for their club members (Keypals Club) in 1997. I was looking at the now defunct site because Lauren told me to plug her new blog. I am sure that gives a clue to her new site. Before I plug it Read More →

If you’re a Filipino, you might have watched in amusement , This Youtube video of 1,500+ Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) inmates dancing to Thriller . When I asked my daughter if she’d seen it , her reply was “It’s so Pinoy”. Lorna, my sister thinks “Only in the Philippines” (read her entry Read More →

I am not Plastic. How dare I make such a bold statement when I just wrote about dedmahan in my last entry! It’s true though, I am not plastic. My two daughters taught me about biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste segregation when they were about 4 years old. Remember how Marielle cried when her ball rolled Read More →

“Do you have rose petals?” The florist sounded a bit too excited when he asked “For your bed?”. I could have smacked the nosy florist but I took everything in stride. “No, it’s for my daughter’s hoity-toity grown-up party”. The nosy florist continued ” Oh she is scattering petals on the stairs”. Maybe this florist Read More →

I have not read [tag]Harry Potter Book 7[/tag] ( [tag]Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows[/tag] ). There are rumors suggesting that one or more main characters will die. A grief counsellor claims that these deaths could cause a serious impact on children. a “certified grief counselor” is using the release of Harry Potter’s final book Read More →

I promised Marielle that I would get her the [tag]Harry Potter Book 7[/tag] ( [tag]Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows[/tag] ) at 7:00 AM on July 21, 2007 which is the same opening time as UK’s midnight release. The problem was I didn’t reserve the book. See, I never reserved Book 5 and Book 6 Read More →

They kept referring to him as “the child”. I wanted to scream at them that “hey, the child has a name!” That beautiful child’s name is Luijoe. But I did not yell at them because…

Who knows what your blog or blogging can bring you? When I started out my blog in February 24, 2006, the main goal was to promote my advocacy, grief support in the Philippines. Along the way, I met bloggers who generously shared their wisdom and other possibilities in blogging. The benefits of blogging indeed spread Read More →

Is it true that life has to be hard and difficult? The belief that life has to be hard and difficult is the belief that makes a martyr. Using each problems that cross our paths to prove that life is hard and we are helpless is being a codependent. It’s the victim trap. We do Read More →

“Hmmm, so this is what sensual means…”. I could hear his voice . okay fine …I didn’t torture my husband by blindfolding him as he ate his lunch. You see, we both underwent a sensual experience with eight utlimate mouth-watering dishes from Serye Restaurant.

One of my fondest memory of Luijoe are the wild flowers he gathered from the park . With eyes twinkling as he held out the flowers, he scrambled up to my lap , gave me a hug and smacked a wet kiss on my cheek while uttering I love you so very much, Mama. Today Read More →

Photo Hunters theme this week is Shadow (s)

A few days ago, Lauren asked me “mom, were you invited to the Bloggers Breakfast at Portico 1771?” I checked my email and found the invite at my abandoned Yahoo email address. I thought it must have been Jayvee‘s idea. But no, he had no idea who invited us. New media as a path to Read More →

Hear Ye, All Ye bloggers. We have a new look over at the Pinoy Moms Network (PMN) which officially launched its ezine format at 12 midnight . With the new look comes new content. As I write this entry, the section editors are still awake at this unholy hour tweaking their entries . This just Read More →

Oh what an adventure watching the Christina Aguilera concert at the Global City last night. My heart refused to calm down after the one and a half hour concert. I had to lie down in bed and relax a bit before sleeping. Those loud thumping amps are bad for my heart. Anyway, thanks to Jenny Read More →

Who could ever match the abundance of food, drinks, and gimmick at the Taste Asia Food Fest of SM Hypermarket , SM Mall of Asia ,? It was a huge success in terms of attendance, fun and food. I didn’t expect that all registrants would arrive. In fact, I forgot to sign up my daughter Read More →

How will I know He is the One?, laments Aileen. What a common question to most of the single people out there. And I am going to give the same reply that Lauren whined about : You just Know Before Aileen starts to throw apples at me. Ooops. Let me finish this first. I will Read More →

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