Who knows what your blog or blogging can bring you? When I started out my blog in February 24, 2006, the main goal was to promote my advocacy, grief support in the Philippines. Along the way, I met bloggers who generously shared their wisdom and other possibilities in blogging. The benefits of blogging indeed spread the word on my advocacy and brought me new friendships and adventure beyond my wildest imagination. I often say this “The rest is icing on the cake”. Blogging also started my career as an independent problogger and lately [tag]new media[/tag] publishing which works alongside being a problogger.

In a way, I can look at blogging as my part of my new life, this new normal that bereaved parents often seek. In recovery, I learned to live, to enjoy my life and handle situations as they come. What blessings! What joy to live in this new and exciting life. It’s one big adventure.

My adventure into new media publishing started with Jayvee when I introduced myself as having a special niche to be qualified for that Globe-Innove meet with Bloggers. Yes, how “thick skinned” I was. But in life, if you don’t ask, you won’t get an answer. Jayvee could have said “No, you’re not. You’re ….blah blah” but well, he invited me. The first PR practitioner to build buzz marketing through blogs is Blooey Singson when she convinced Krispy Kreme to give doughnuts to bloggers. But Amor Maclang of of GeiserMaclang raised the bar further by inviting bloggers to PR events alongside traditional media during the Wagyu Beef Fest at the Diamond Hotel. Was it Annalyn or Jayvee who told me that Amor’s PR events are always crowded because of the fantastic production ? Her PR events are more like a show. My idea of a PR event is that media watch a video presentation, clap, eat, and run. Not until I attended the Wagyu Beef Fest anyway.

bloggersI was not disappointed with a second and third invite from Amor. This time , it was for CLEAR Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Product Launch held yesterday at the Renaissance Hotel (formerly New World Hotel) and tonight’s Diamond Indulgence Privilege Card of Diamond Hotel . Both launches were fabulous. Amor (and GeiserMaclang staff) produced a launch party for CLEAR complemented with a sumptuous buffet lunch . Jayvee, Aileen, Sasha, Juned and Dine attended this glamorous affair. Another opportunity to be together again!

Can you tell the difference between these two photos? (Enlarge by clicking on the photos if you need to)


The production effort clearly shows the concept of the product features. “Feel the difference after being inside the bubble”

How nifty! It felt like a children’s party with all those surprises at stake.

Fashion took center stage with the black wear collection of of Folded and Hung, Viktor, Kate Torralba and Puey Quinones. Black is NOT out as this fashion show illustrates because the CLEAR shampoo can eliminate that embarrassment of white flakes falling all over your black top or so Unilever claims. Huddled in a cold bubble (bubble shaped tent) , Dine and I giggled like high school girls as we compared our “sexy” bodies to the fashionably thin figures of the models. It was nice to see male models with their awesome abs as they sashayed the ramp.
fashion show

The question that went through my mind and probably most of you would be “Why is there a need to launch another anti-dandruff shampoo?”

Find the answer in my Shopping Finds Blog entry, Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Product Launch

What is a party without a give-away? or rather a press kit with the samples.
press kitshampoo

Now what about the Diamond Indulgence?
diamond indulgence
The Diamond Indulgence is a privilege card of Diamond Hotel where one can enjoy discounts and privileges at Diamond Hotel’s distinguished restaurants, room accommodations, social and corporate functions, and Hotel spa. The Launch was just as spectacular as CLEAR launch but too crowded for my taste. I could barely eat with the crowd inside . Food from the four restaurants of Diamond Hotel was practically overflowing in the ballroom. I think I prefer small PR events as I can get to talk with my blogmates or get the chance to meet new friends. I was fortunate enough to talk with Amor, Ajay and Dine despite the loud music.

diamond indulegence

I don’t know if I can keep up with PR events scheduled for the rest of the month. My PR policy is select the event wisely, enjoy and establish disclosure to my readers. But I do know one thing . It’s a respite from sitting down on my computer chair. I get to relax, banter, laugh and pamper myself with my blogmates.

Yes, enjoy, have fun. Get out of your comfort zone.

Life is not to be endured. Life is to be enjoyed and embraced. I chose this new mode of living because it allows me to be alive and enjoy the adventure.

View Photos of the CLEAR anti-dandruff shampoo Product Launch.

View photos of Diamond Indulgence Privilege Card of Diamond Hotel launch

EDIT- 10:24 PM July 28
Added the Diamond Indulgence Launch at Diamond Hotel

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