A Sensual Experience

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“Hmmm, so this is what sensual means…”. I could hear his voice .

okay fine …I didn’t torture my husband by blindfolding him as he ate his lunch. You see, we both underwent a sensual experience with eight utlimate mouth-watering dishes from Serye Restaurant.

I was blindfolded myself when I took a photo of my husband as he participated in the first ever Food Writing Class at Serye Restaurant.

Poor Sexy Mom is in a dilemma as she contemplates on the food she just tasted.


and so with the other foodie bloggers.


So why did I subject myself to such torture?

The truth is my Food Photo Blog lacks creativity and excitement. I started this food blog a year ago because my photo gallery receives so much hits and well, Google adsense income. Thanks to organic search hits from Filipino-Americans , my food blog ranks well in most keywords. It embarasses me that I don’t come up with quality writing. I just place photos and short captions. To make matters worse, I get invited to food events. I don’t need to write about these events but I want to because it means more quality content for my food blog. The problem is I don’t know how to do a food review.

Thanks to Jayvee’s intiative, the first blogger food writing and photography class was launched yesterday.

I dragged my husband to the workshop so he could co-write in my Food Blog. Was it torture for him?

Go read my husband’s review on his sensual experience , at the Food Writing Class at Serye Restaurant