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The day Lauren wrote her essay on “Generation Next, Generation Net” 11 years ago, I had no idea I’d end up being a blogger just like her. During those days, diarist or online journallers were relegated to the twenty something and below. Moms did not blog. Our kids must have been so influential in inspiring Read More →

The green landscape just took my breath away as we drove on to the countryside. The gust of wind sent a shiver down my spine. I love this place, I thought as we inspected the Sta. Rosa property in Laguna. The fresh countryside air is the best gift that I can ever give my family. Read More →

Traffic was unusually light that Friday Morning. Maningning reached the Far Eastern University from Diliman in less than an hour. Maningning plucked a stem of bougainvillea at the trellis and carried it with her as she greeted the clerk seated at the office on the ground floor of the Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts. Read More →

ui Read More →

This photo was two months after Luijoe’s death. Here are my two daughters in their early teens about to release balloons on Luijoe’s 7th birth Anniversary. The sunny skies greeted us as we celebrated that day with balloons, his favorite gummy bear, flowers , candles and incense sticks. All of us signed something on the Read More →

Please join the survey on Filipino Bloggers (this is the last one, promise!) My daughter, Marielle and her groupmates are a group of Psychology undergraduate students from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. For their final study in Psychology 118 class (Field Methods in Psychology), they would like to explore the blogging phenomenon in the Read More →

Yesterday, I caught up with Loida Nicolas Lewis at her condo somewhere in Makati just before her flight to New York. I have heard so much about her as an industrialist and philanthropist. It was my task to interview her for a University of the Philippines’ (UP) centennial book project to be launched next year Read More →

Photo Hunters theme this week is Plastic. I know I should be posting a photo of a thing that is made of Plastic. Instead , I chose an I am not Plastic canvas bag from the Not Plastic Project Launch I attended two months ago. I often use my “I am not Plastic” bag, an Read More →

I felt sad for the former president, [tag]Joseph Estrada[/tag] (Erap) when it was announced that Erap was guilty of the plunder case. It’s not easy to be locked behind bars. I don’t know enough of the case to talk about it but I suppose the Sandiganbayan examined the evidence given during the past six years. Read More →

I don’t know about you but I just adore cats. They are the most huggable pets ever. It’s sad but I don’t have my own pet. Lady is Marielle’s pet and oftentimes sleeps in front of my monitor when her master is away. Kylee (see the Siamese kitty photo below) is Lauren’s pet since she Read More →

In my last post, Manolo Quezon mentioned that “Everything is political, and it all begins with sex.”. I don’t claim to be an eloquent writer as the great Manolo but due to the recent issues on BoyBastos.Com allegedly owned by [tag]Mark Verzo[/tag], I feel I need to say a statement or two. Sorry folks, but Read More →

Blogging has been so good to me. Blogging has brought me so much, more than I ever imagined it to be that I want to give back to the blogging community. It doesn’t matter what the sour grapes say about certain bloggers (including myself) in the blogging community but chilling with bloggers is really fun! Read More →

Lauren told me to scrounge around for her photo as a 10 year old using the computer because it was needed for a magazine article. As some of you might know, Lauren started an online journal (not called blogs then) on December 1996 so the photo had to be around that time. Oh no! It’s Read More →

For the month of September, the theme for the Pinoy Moms Network Fam Pics is Potted (anything in a pot). My entry is about my Ceramic Fondue Pot. I gave it as a Christmas present last year to my husband since he is such a cheese lover. The first time I encountered Cheese Fondue was Read More →

Every birthday that Marielle enjoys is extra ordinarily special to me. Doctors warned me that my miracle baby might not last till her 7th birthday. But what do they know anyway? Today, my lovely, feisty and smart girl turns TWENTY YEARS OLD. Can you imagine that? I am a mother to two adult daughters. Now Read More →

I am joining Nick ‘s Renewed Boycott Against Manila Standard Today. Here it is, our stand, because [tag]Manila Standard[/tag] Today has chosen to hide behind their term ““protocol” and issue a pardon to their most beloved columnist for all The Filipinos to see. This is a call to boycott, for the irresponsible behavior of Manila Read More →

I thought I’d go down memory lane and reminisce the days just before I fell in love with my ex-boyfriend (read our love story) .In this day and age, my husband is the so-called brooding artist, emo-ish guy (Think of my daughter, Lauren). I mean he is my total opposite. So why did I fall Read More →

Sometimes you never know where friendships lead you to. My friendship with Pia started when my husband and I went on a date with Pia and her then boyfriend/future husband, Butch (now legally separated), who happened to be my husband’s best friend during their Law school days. I never dreamed that the four of us Read More →

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