Photo Hunt: Emotion(s)- Feeling Young on my 51st Birthday

What a timely theme for Photo Hunt today which is also my 51st birthday. Emotion (s). The photo was taken last saturday as bloggers took the time out to enjoy the massive quarry at Porac, Pampanga. I love being with bloggers because my age seems suspended in time. (That’s why I insist in being called by my first name sans Tita , Ate, Maam).

I always feel young despite the fact I could not balance my way to the top of the piles of gravel, sand and lahar. I feel like I’m on top of the world, nevertheless. I guess that’s the secret to aging gracefully. Just try to enjoy. Have fun. Blog. Think young. Relax. Think positive.

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FamPics: Learning

dina and noemiOnce again, it’s the first Monday of March Over at PinoyMomsNetwork, it is the day to publish FamPics. For March, the theme is LEARNING.

Dine is almost unrecognizable without her sleeveless tops but you know, we were invited to speak in front of local women leaders from different local government units nationwide such as mayors, vice-mayors, vice-governors, Board members etc. Business suit seemed like a suitable attire for this event and not our casual “blogger” wear during blogger or new media events. Dine and I laughed because staff barely recognized her.

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Photo Hunt: Narrow

mount pinatuboPhoto Hunt theme is Narrow. This is the narrow path when one treks to the crater of Mount Pinatubo Volcano. Actually, this is a photo taken by Lauren, my daughter when she travelled with a few bloggers to the crater of Mount Pinatubo. Lauren was only four years old when the Pinatubo Volcano erupted so violently that more than 5 billion cubic meters of ash and pyroclastic debris were ejected from its fiery bowels. The volume of ash was enormous that it went as far as Manila. I wrapped a face mask on my kids’ noses and mouth to avoid dust inhalation whenever they frolicked around the neighborhood streets. And now she traversed that narrow path to swim on the crater’s lake.

According to my daughter, the photos of Mt.Pinatubo Volcano don’t do justice. One has to be there to bask in the beauty of Mt. Pinatubo. When she finally reached the crater, it was filled with deep blue waters:

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Thursday Thirteen 129th Edition: 13 Things On My Table

Thirteen Things On My Work Station

I am quite a minimalist. I abhor clutter and like to keep most of my envelopes and papers inside the drawers but it’s impossible to clear my work station totally. Here are the 13 things lying on on my table right now:

1. My desktop 21 inch monitor, of course.

2. My PLDT telephone

3. My Web Awards

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Photo Hunt: Important

Photo Hunters theme this week is Important. I chose this photo of my daughter resting on a hammock by the beach during a recent trip to Boracay. Before this photo was taken, I was using the hammock. I called my daughter to try it out because the swaying motion of the hammock brought me to lala-land. It felt so good. The photo shows the Importance of Rest and Relaxation.

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Photo Hunt: Red

What a timely theme for this week’s Photo Hunt, RED. It’s my favorite color of the Holiday Season. That’s Lauren, my daughter showing off her RED wordpress t-shirt. I am raffling off three red shirts for those who have linked entries. Your old Filipina themed entries will do as long as you link them to I am giving away three shirts and the deadline is December 5. If you haven’t joined yet, sign up here.

For some of you who feel left out of the red wordpress shirt, here’s another red photo of Lady, my daughter’s pet cat.

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