The Year 2007 has been good to me and I attribute it to the setting of goals. I am grateful that I laid down my New Year Goals in this blog and even listed them in my Starbucks Planner. I normally don’t use a Planner since my smart phone is adequate enough to store appointments Read More →

Even the kitties at our home feel the Christmas Spirit. It’s as if they know it’s Christmas and play “cutesy” poses to blend with our Christmas decors. Like the song goes in “Christmas in Our Hearts” by Jose Mari Chan, I believe Christmas lies in our hearts. Everyone at home feels the Christmas spirit in Read More →

I always like to discover the person behind a family business. Who are the people running it? What makes it tick? What sustained the family business to continue on? I had the opportunity to chat with the charming and amiable Cristiano Barbazza the global president of Rudy Project and son of Rudy, the founder over Read More →

Christmas shopping is never complete without a visit to Divisoria to buy wholesale prices on Christmas wrappers, ribbons, and christmas decors. The sights and sounds are quite an experience. I also love the bargains on gift items especially bought on wholessale prices. This time around, my husband wasn’t too comfortable with me shopping alone after Read More →

At 7:00 PM, The Compassionate Friends held the 11th Worldwide Candle Lighting event at the Ateneo Loyola Schools. Our Candle Lighting Service is done with love, A tribute to our children who have gone on above. We light our candles so others will know, We remember our children and we still love them so. We Read More →