Christmas in Our Hearts

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christmas_kitty1.jpgEven the kitties at our home feel the Christmas Spirit. It’s as if they know it’s Christmas and play “cutesy” poses to blend with our Christmas decors. Like the song goes in “Christmas in Our Hearts” by Jose Mari Chan, I believe Christmas lies in our hearts. Everyone at home feels the Christmas spirit in their hearts.

So let me share Christmas in Our Hearts (as sang by my two girls and the 1999 Manila Children’s Choir) so the message rings all throughout the year:

christmas_kitty3.jpgWhenever I see girls and boys
selling lanterns on the streets
i remember the Child
in the manger as He sleeps
wherever there are people
giving gifts, exchanging cards
i believe that Christmas
is truly in their hearts

Let’s light our Christmas trees
for a bright tomorrow
where nations are at peace
and all are one in God

Let’s sing Merry Christmas
and a happy holiday
this season, may we never forget
the love we have for Jesus
let Him be the One to guide us
as another new year starts
and may the spirit of Christmas
be always in our hearts

In every prayer and every song
the community unites
celebrating the birth
of our Savior, Jesus Christ

let love, like that starlight
on that first Christmas morn
lead us back to the manger
where Christ the Child was born

gummy_bears.jpgSo, come let us rejoice
come and sing a Christmas carol
with one big joyful voice
proclaim the name of the Lord!

[repeat chorus 2x]

Be always in our hearts

Though my son is no longer around, memories of past Christmas seasons with him are tucked in our hearts. I remember with bittersweet feelings his toys, his loving hugs, his impish smiles and laughter, the books I read to him, his favorite gummy bear candies. These gifts of memories are invaluable because they are mine and mine alone…no one can ever take those priceless memories away.

Luijoe would want me, as all of our children would want us, to be gentle with ourselves and to take care of our tender hearts. That gift we give ourselves is also a gift we give to them what they would want for us: for us to find as much peace in whatever way that we possibly can. If I could give each of you a gift I would want to give you the gift of peace, as much peace as you can possibly find.

To all the Christians, may the spirit of Christmas be always in your hearts. And to all, happy Holidays!

With love, peace and gentle thoughts this holiday season,

Yours truly