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Holiday Gift Giving Tradition

Why are there so many pillows on our bed? , my husband asks as he slips himself into our satin bedcovers.

I don’t understand. He shakes his head.

I started to count the pillows. one …two…three…THIRTEEN!

Oops, I didn’t realize there were so many pillows strewn on our beds , I thought. Um, I teased, so we never ran out of pillows when we have a fight?

Butch throws one small pillow at me. Okay, I think our bed designer over did the execution., as I told him about Timmy.

giftA few weeks ago, Timmy, our bed/window designer begged for work, “Ma’am, I really need money this coming Christmas”. With his talent, he should be earning more than the 6,000 pesos that his current employer pays him every month. I couldn’t believe he earns just slightly more than our household helper. He suggested a new set of custom-made quilted bedcovers. I thought it was a splendid idea to add another set in my room and the two girls’ room. At the same time, I am helping someone without giving dole outs. I normally don’t give cash gifts just like that. I’d rather they offer services and then give a bonus if the work turned out quite exceptional.

Timmy did more than just sew quilted satin sheets for my bed. He added decorative pillows in all shapes and colors to complement the elegant covers. Though impressed with his exquisite taste (I allowed him to choose all the colors to suit our bedroom), it was his attitude of making me happy that floored me over. Timmy often tells me that I cannot stop my work until I get it right. I paint a picture in my mind on how your bed will look like.

philippine pesoI like the attitude of this person. He has passion and drive to produce quality work that makes both of us happy. With that, I gave him a bonus. It’s the same gift-giving tradition to all the persons employed under me. Workers with a positive disposition, healthy work attitude and drive deserve to get more than usual 13 month pay. They deserve cash bonus and special gifts. I believe in sharing my blessings to those who contributed to the success of my business.

As I lie in bed enveloped by the soothing bedcovers and pillows, I share this story with my husband who agrees with me that it was money well spent. Our bedroom is our sanctuary, a place that reflects all that make us happy and also soothes our frayed nerves.

We all gained from giving and receiving.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Giving Tradition”

  1. I don’t know with you but even messengers are begging for christmas bonus in the form of envelopes. They are supposed to be under the employ to someone else. I don’t understand why I have to be beholden to their bonus.

  2. you’re right, Noemi, instead of just giving money–give with the thought of having the other person’s dignity intact. times are indeed difficult nowadays, such that there are a lot of people who are helpless. no matter how they work so hard, still, they do not get what they are worth.


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