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My stage mother years is one of my most treasured moments with my little girls. Those were the days when the mother in me dreamt of their future. The stage mother years span from the time Lauren was a precocious 4 year old painist till her early teens. From then on, my role was relegated Read More →

To my visitors who watched the blogging episode of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, welcome to my blog. I already wrote about the taping of this episode…but I want to clarify portions of the show.

My daughter used to tell me that I am so boring. I don’t take risks. I am not adventurous. Have some fun, Mom. Loosen a bit. Enjoy Life. Laugh more. This conversation happened four years ago. I didn’t know any better then. Our children teach us so many valuable insights, right? Right, this is life. Read More →

The last few days took my breath away. Nothing can ever prepare me whenever triggers of my loved ones’ memories hit me. I have never spoken of the 5 deaths in my family in a span of one hour. Truly, the death of my loved ones shifted the whole foundation of my life. Nothing is Read More →

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Edit – April 26- I am not happy that the segment producer did not ask permission for a reenactment of Luijoe’s death in a swimming pool. They even got a kid that had a similar face to Luijoe. Dramatic effect pa kasi…eh blogging in a cemetery was enough for me to satisfy their production values. Read More →

It’s a glorious sunday morning. The empty nest will be back to a full house. Marielle will soon fly in from a vacation in Singapore. Lauren is expected to be back from an overnight beach trip from Zambales. So it’s just me and my hubby. Butch and I enjoyed our quiet morning with a hearty Read More →

You think any pain is worse than the pain of losing a child? Whatever words you hurl at me mean nothing to me. Be grateful, you are alive…that your family is intact. Don’t waste your energy on me. Life is so beautiful to waste it on negative energies.

The 2008 Philippine Blog Awards is now open for nominations. A few changes to this year’s awards. Three (3) awards divisions and a total of THIRTY-SIX (36) award categories will be open for nomination. This reflects the growing richness and diversity of the Philippine Blogging Community. This year’s organizing committee is composed of Juned Sonido, Read More →

Bloggers seem to be in the news lately such as the sensationalized Beware of the Blog story carried by Korina Sanchez. Let’s not get discouraged by that. Let’s empower ourselves and have fun at the same time. To all my readers, this is the perfect opportunity to meet up! Take for instance the 4th Iblog Read More →

I gathered data on children’s mortality rate in the Philippines for a proposal on a Children’s Memorial Day. The statistics are alarming. 32 out of every 1000 Filipino children die before their 5th birthday.

Edit (April 24)- Our Batanes ticket raffle got 396 comments posted before the 8 p.m. deadline last Sunday, April 20, 2008. Members of the SEAIR Adventure Club met Tuesday to draw the winning comment. To do this, each comment was numbered 001 to 396. The draw was done lotto style. Three piles of numbers were Read More →

Note: If you received questionable or hate comments from me or my monicker, my husband or daughter, that isn’t me or my family. I am a busy person and I don’t even have time to blog hop. My husband is a busy lawyer who doesn’t even comment in his favorite blogs. Same with my daughter. Read More →

Have you ever been in denial? Of course, we face denial now and then. It’s not necessarily bad. It’s a way of protecting ourselves from pain, at least temporarily.

I can’t help but be happy for my cousin, Margot. Last Friday, she walked down the aisle in her lovely beaded gown with Dwight, the love of her life. I have often wondered why my beautiful, kind and smart cousin-doctor was still single at 30 something. I often dismissed it as not finding the right Read More →

If a Tim Cumper alias Ellumbra or otherwise known as Timothy Ellis Cumper or Grabbadabba via Twitter talks about me and other bloggers in a negative light, this is the story. Tim Cumper believes that he was scammed, fooled by Mayen, Tierra Maria Estates and a group of people since October 2007. It is almost Read More →

I just watched Korina Today’s feature called “Beware of the Blog”. I guess bloggers are a hot topic these days because of the phenomenon of Brian Gorrel’s blog. The topic reminds me of a personal experience with two bloggers based on the questions and issues raised by Korina Sanchez as follows: 1. Bloggers are the Read More →

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